10 good reasons to start a blog right away

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Starting/Owning a blog has been a trendy thing for some years now. Successful bloggers sharing their income reports in six figures. Talking about living the dream life of travel and luxury all thanks to blogging. This is but one of the many reasons to start a blog.

Though this post is not money centered, I couldn’t agree less that blogging can make you your own boss and give you financial freedom. However, these six-figure bloggers didn’t just make it overnight. There was a lot of hard work put into it.

Hence this post is going to tell why you should start a blog and how to make the hard work pay within a short period of well managed time.

Here are 10 good reasons to start a blog right away

These same reasons are why I decided to start a blog and I am sure it will make you start a blog right away. Don’t worry about how to start, I have a free resource made just for you to help you start from scratch.

1. Blogging makes you your own boss

When you own a blog, you own a business. Because you invest some money into it and expect to start making little money or a lot as you grow it.

Also as a business owner, you can make a good statement online by creating a blog for your existing business.

It is like renting an empty space. Then you give it a name, design it to your taste, put in the kind of products you want to sell, and launch it. Only this time around you are doing it online. so you are the owner of a store. Aren’t you a boss then?

Likewise getting a space is called hosting your blog with a hosting company and giving your store a name is called a domain name. Then you go on designing how you want your blog to look like. Which includes selecting themes and installing the right plugins. You write your first blog post and everyone gets to see what you have to offer.

Every content you create and put out there is original and unique because you made it yourself.

2. Starting a blog is very easy

In 20 minutes your blog can be live on the internet. You just need to get a domain name, a hosting company some few installations on your Cpanel and you are good to go. As I have mentioned earlier I have a free resource to put you through every step of the way.

3. Blogging is a perfect side hustle

A side hustle is something you do to make some more or extra income that is not a full-time job. Meaning a side hustle is something that doesn’t affect your full-time job and allows you work when you create time for it.

Smile because you just found the best and perfect side hustle. Blogging is not something that needs you to be at it by 7 am and stop by 3 pm. It just needs few hours of focused work every day.

What I like about blogging is you don’t need to put too much of your money into it. As I mentioned earlier owning a blog is like starting your own business and the truth is your blog will make you money faster when you treat it as a business.

If you think it’s impossible well you are wrong. My blog is a side hustle and I run it cheap. You can see how to do it HERE

4. Flexible Schedule

Like I said blogging doesn’t need you to be at it by seven in the morning as a full-time job. I am writing this post in my pajamas and will soon be going to bed.

As a blogger, you have the advantage of a very flexible schedule. If your free time is at night like me work on your blog, is it in the afternoon before going for shift work on it, or maybe it’s in the early hours of the morning? Work on it.

Make sure you are consistently dedicating time to it and you will definitely see results.

5. No perfect start no perfect blog

There is never a perfect beginning in blogging. There is also no such thing as a perfect blog. All we have are unique blogs owned by individuals putting in a lot of hard work.

When I started this blog it looked like crap, yet I had someone dropping a message telling me they liked how my blog looked. WHAT!

Before I updated my first blog post, it looked like it was written by a 6-year-old who does not know what paragraphs are. I didn’t like how it looked later when I improved in my writing. Trust me you get better at this.

People pay for some of those amazing things you see on their blogs. At this point, you should read Secret Blogging Tips for new bloggers.

6. Increase in Knowledge

Learning is fun but with blogging is a necessity. Like a college test you can’t afford to miss.

Get ready to learn a lot of skills and techniques as a blogger. For your blog to run well you might end up becoming a programmer. LOL! just kidding however I had to learn how to insert HTML codes manually.

What you need to learn is not only in the technical aspect but other things like SEO, email marketing, and traffic generating. I mean you have to be on your toes to learn the new stuff.

You would find yourself up and finding what’s trending and what next you should write about. If you didn’t have a thing for social media you better start loving it. Because it’s an amazing source for traffic and you would find yourself learning how it works.

7. Blogging is a mobile Business.

With your phone sitting at the train station waiting for your train, you can get some things done. Like sharing your content on social media. Many are times I would click publish and not have time to share the content on social media. I don’t worry because I can get that done with my phone while on a lunch break.

Where ever your laptop goes and there is an internet connection(WiFi) there your blog will be. Your blog is not a static building but a movable one. Whatever ends of the world you go. It’s on the internet and you can access it. Let us say it is a mobile office.

8. Your income never remains the same

This is the part everyone wants to know about.

Blogging puts you in control of your income. The more hard work you put into your blog the more your income increase. This month you made $200 and the following you could make $500. No boss can give you such a raise in a short while.

You could be asleep and making money. Yes, that’s how it works when it comes to blogging and that’s the reason it is a means for passive income.

From day one you could monetize your blog because there are affiliate programs that accept new bloggers. Also, some ad networks could approve you with few page views.

9. So many ways to monetize a blog

Not only can you make a lot of money from blogging but there are a lot of ways to monetize your blog

  • Ads
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Sponsored content
  • Product sales
  • e-book sales
  • Online courses

Above are just a few I can remember at the moment. Along the line, you’d discover a lot for yourself. People also make a lot of many from creating blogs and selling them. Sounds like flipping houses. I told you the best way to see good outcomes from your blog is treating it like a business. Which you’ve invested time money and hope to make some profit out of it.

10. You get to be you

Another thing that got me excited about owning a blog is that I get to share my experience, knowledge, and ideas. Putting yourself out there can be scary for sure. You keep thinking if anyone would love what you are writing.

I get that, even after writing so much content, I am still not sure if someone would like this blog post.

The good news is someone if not many will love what you have to offer and ask for more.

Just put in your best, create quality and original content, and stay unique. It is okay to learn from others however, do not be a copy cat.

I consider this one of the best reasons to start a blog.

Now that you are ready to start a blog because you’ve seen the need to, you are only a click away START NOW.

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For all that has been mentioned, I strongly believe you have good enough reasons to start a blog if you never considered it.

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good reasons to start a blog right away
reasons to start a blog and make money blogging.

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