How To Live A Happy Life With A Low Income

Having a low income is not a sentence to living a sad life. You can be happy and no one would know how low your pay check is. However, living a happy life comes with you allowing yourself to be happy no matter how everything is not ok 🙂

As the name of this blog implies, I am here to help you make meaning with little and help you see the opportunity for the big ones.

Being sad about your low income not only makes you unhappy but blinds you from seeing greater days and opportunity. Life is all about making the most of what you have and this post is going to help you out on that.

The Things Money can’t Buy

Money can’t buy you happiness

I also don’t know who said it 😉

I truly don’t know who said it LOL but it is very true. Happiness comes from within, from the things that can’t be touched. From the things money can’t buy. So if you are not happy with less today even when you are having much you won’t be happy. Because the truth about money is this, it comes to pay bills not to be a friend you can cry to.

The only way you could be happy is by being thankful for that which you have. Because there are a lot of things money can’t buy and first on the list is

  • Life
  • Family
  • True Friends
  • Faithful partners
  • Joy
  • Sound mind

How to be Happy

Here is how you can be happy with a low income. These are things you can start putting into practice right away

  1. Live according to your means. Spend according to your income, make a budget and plan. In this two articles How I live a debt free life and 5 easy ways to live a debt free life, I talked about a lot of practices I adopted which got me out of debt and kept me debt free.
  2. Change your perspective about money. Learn how to spend it or you will end up wasting it.
  3. Plan for better days a head. I mean if you don’t plan or see a better future for yourself then you can’t be happy.
  4. There is this joy I get when I keep money away no matter how little. It gives me a little sense of relief because I kinda have a backup. Why don’t you give it a try?

This is why you Should be Happy with your Low Income

  • At least you got an income, it might not pay every bill but it gets to pay some. Can you Imagine not having an income at all ? That’s terrifying.
  • You get to grow your income. See you can only grow when you have something. You could save read THIS and know how to save money , you could start a small business and make small investment.
  • A lot of people which the have your job and could earn a little something. Try quitting and in the next hour that vacancy becomes an answered prayer to another.
  • In light of growing, your small job boost your resume for a bigger job which in turn means a better pay check.

In the end of it all I just want you to see is that your income( financial level) is better than a lot out there. However it is a good thing you are not comfortable with it which means you want a better life.

How to live a happy life with a low income

1 Instagram Growth Mistake You Should Avoid

This year, this week to be precise I decided my blog and everything that comes along with it needs to be rebranded. And the number one was my Instagram page.

It has being asleep for a while and it was time it woke up and helped me achieve my goals. Then I realized a lot of things wrong with the page which didn’t help me grow.

We all know that in any business we need help to grow. Be it on social media or in the blogging community or offline where physical transactions take place. There is need for help so growth can take place.

Instagram is Full of Itself

But you see instagram doesn’t work that way. You know where there are tons of free tools for blog growth and hundreds of bloggers giving very helpful freebies that work. Well instagram is full of itself. There are no free help there. Every help comes with a price tag. I have nothing against that but this is only a build up to what you would be learning today.

The big guns on instagram don’t follow back which could actually help you grow if only they did. Unlike twitter where there is a lot of humility. You see Instagramers if there is any word like that, loves to keep gaining followers and not follow back

Which is the mistake I made and I am sure you are also making that same mistake.

The one Instagram mistake you must avoid

Is you following high profiled pages, with hundreds of thousand following just because those pages are big. Please don’t get me wrong, I follow some myself. However, at the beginning I was doing it all wrong. I decided to do the right thing and unfollow over 200 pages.

This is how you are doing it wrong, perhaps, you should start fixing it now.

You created this brand new page, you want to grow it and you think the best way is to start following people or pages. You end up following lots of people and your page will be like 10 followers 300 following. But you see Instagram gives you the tools to grow your followers and following lots of high profile pages is not one of them.

What I didn’t check was if these pages I am following are in my niche. And if I would find content ideas from them. And if I could repost their post and eventually grow my page.

Just like me you would be following a lot of good pages which can’t be useful to you neither are you to them.

Simply Fix the Problem

  1. When you create your page the first thing to do is creating your unique contents. This will give you a unique audience. Don’t just start following a lot of “good” pages
  2. Use the right hashtags. Hashtags are one of the most effective tools on instagram and they are free and easy. Hashtags help you reach more audience and grow your followers.
  3. Follow the right pages, base on your niche. Because when you run out of ideas or content you can get them from this “bigger” pages.
  4. Lastly brand your account because everything branded gains attraction. You should consider having a business account for analytics.

As short as this post might be I hope you found it helpful. Drop a comment if you need better understanding on anything related to this topic( instagram 😉 ) xoxo

Feel free to check my account, to see my content. I have 98 followers which I am proud of because I grew them from zero without help. Also follow if you like my content.

1 Instagram growth mistake you must avoid. Secret Instagram growth tips and hacks.

5 Easy Ways to Live a Debt Free Life

Having lived a debt free life for almost a year now. I picked up some habits that have helped me stay that way.

In 2018 I was in so much debt, I didn’t see a way out. 80% of my income went to settling those debts and 20% couldn’t solve my basic needs. How I cleared the debt is something else and I will share a little on that before I tell you how to live a debt free life yourself.

You can do it, just so you know. Every good thing needs practice and deliberate efforts.

How I cleared my debts

As I mentioned earlier 80% of my income went into settling debts. What I did with the 2O% was what got me out of debt.

I saved from that 20% percent, yes I did and had to cut down some basic needs. The sacrifice was worth it because I knew it would only last for a short while.

Imagine not getting the best hair done or neglecting your pedicure and manicure. Not the best beautiful days of my life. Even my skin care was at stack, oh! and I couldn’t even buy new outfits when I needed them not just for luxury. And the tips I would be sharing won’t ask you to look ugly 😉 .

After getting all the important luxury out of the way then I started using different methods of saving. This where short time saving of huge sums of money. And within six months I was over half way settling my debts. In two months time I was debt free.

Best feeling ever, I can’t explain it.

As soon as I was done clearing my debts and I could start having my pay in full. What I did helped me stay debt free.

5 easy ways to live a debt free live

The best thing about this easy ways is this, I won’t be telling you precisely what to cut down or not. Since what is not important to me might be very important to you. However, this ways are going to direct you towards living your best life.

  1. Don’t go back to your old life: This does not necessarily mean a bad life or bad habit, though it might be. But it means having a different attitude toward spending and money. Do not treat money like what will last forever, rather as what comes and go. Therefore spend it wisely.
  2. Live according to your income: This applies to all your expenditure. Lets look at the basic things like, housing, food, water, light and health care. Have you ever looked keenly into your rent? Like how much does it take from your income monthly? If it’s a lot then your pay check can’t afford that space. Living a debt free life comes with some unlovable/difficult decision. However, there is freedom in living a life of no debt.
  3. Plan your expenditure: If there is anything I learned about making money work for me is planning. When you sit down to make an “income plan” you find yourself able to account for every penny in a good way. When you plan you set your priorities straight and you won’t have to deal with spending on things that wasn’t necessary at a moment. You would see that you could shift some expenditure to the next week or month. So things don’t get chocked up in one month. This is my number one strategy and it helped me save.
  4. Have a budget and stick to it: It might affect the quality of what you get, but be honest to yourself that’s the quality you can afford. Except for exceptional things that quality is the best then you need to plan better for such things and save to get the best. To be honest it is very difficult to stick to the budget but some practice can help out. For instance before I go shopping, I make a list with the prices on it. Then I go with the exact money I need. Well everything has its disadvantages but at least I didn’t end up buying stuff I don’t need because I had extra cash on me.
  5. SAVE: Saving money can never be overrated and I lack the words to over emphasis it. However, it is essential for living a debt free life. It doesn’t have to be huge sums of money but little consistent sum. you could save daily, weekly or monthly. For a project, an appliance or end of year purchase. Or just for rainy days and I will always say my savings helped me live a debt free life. Read how my savings saved me from debt.

Just this past Christmas my savings covered some Christmas expenditure. I had a wonderful time.

Saving are not for rainy days alone but for everyday

Broke Girls Get Fixed

Can we talk a little bit about saving?

Let’s see saving this way. You refused to spend 20 bucks yesterday though you wanted to. That thing was important but you waved it away. Today is a new day, something very very important came up and you were able to solve the problem. The 20 bucks you save on Monday helped you out on Tuesday.

My point is this, saving can safe you the moment after you saved. There are so many effective ways to save depending on what you plan to achieve. Read this, three ways to save your income that works.

When it comes to putting money away no amount is too big or small. I mean little drops of rain makes an ocean. Just make it a habit which grows to become a lifestyle.

No one ever regrets saving money. Not only is it your weapon to a debt free life but a sure part to a financially secured future.

Drop a comment if you found this helpful.

5 easy way to live a debt free life

How I got 100 Email Subscribers in 3 days

Building an email list is for pro bloggers. That was my thought until I got some email subscribers then I realized everyone can do it. Even if you’ve just started blogging yesterday. Once you figure it out the list just keeps growing.

What is an email list or subscribers? An email list is a collection of your audience who voluntarily sign up to get your content or product delivered directly to their email. This is as a result of loving your content and having some level of trust in you. However, having a good content is not just enough to get you email subscribers. There are some few things to do and this is what this post will tell you and show you how to go about it.

Why do I need Email Subscribers?

If you have asked yourself this question before, you are on the right track. There is a need to understand the need for and importance of an email list.

Importance of email subscribers :

  • Traffic: As we have understood what email subscribers are. Growing your list will give you a a consistent flow of blog traffic. Because when you have a new blog post you can send it to your email subscribers. Don’t forget they signed up because they love your content and they are looking forward to more from you.
  • Monetization: Do you want your major source of blog income to be from affiliate marketing(which is the best)? If yes, then you need an email list ASAP. You have build a relationship with your subscribers so they will buy products you recommend. When you hear bloggers bragging about earning from a blog with low traffic it is because they have an email list.
  • Product Sales: Be it free or paid products, your email subscribers are your best bet of getting your product out there. Except if you are giving a good product to the wrong audience. I will talk about how to avoid such mistakes in a short while. So when you launch your toolkit for bloggers, or writers, or photographers, you already have a market to sell to an they are in your email list.

Rules of building an email list

  1. Have a targeted audience. For instance my target audience on this blog are bloggers. To narrow it down my sub audience are (not so) new bloggers.
  2. Let your topic go inline with your offer for opt in. If your blog post is about content planning, as your reader to subscribe and get a free planning checklist. With this rule I’m sure you are already having some ideas on how to build your list.
  3. Give a good offer even you can’t say no to.

How I got 100 Email Subsribers

Like most bloggers I saw the need to have an email list and the truth is I failed on my first attempt. I kept trying and trying until I figured it out and now I can boast of a growing email list.

Then I searched for easy and free tools that would help me do that. After finding the perfect tool. I created an opt in even I won’t say no to.

As simple as it might sound it was a lot of work and effort. But I enjoyed all i learned from it, now all I need to do is to keep growing my list.

You can grow your list too, from zero to thousands. There are many easy ways to do that and I have a perfect tool to help you out. SIGNUP for a two days( just two days) email course to grow your list from the scratch. The best part of the offer is this, it will cost you 0 cent.

Two expensive yet free emails that will grow your blog and give you that passive income you’ve always wanted.

This free email course will show you:

  1. How to target your audience
  2. The best email marketing tool out there
  3. Step by step guide on getting subscribers flooding into your list
  4. how to keep your email subscribers engaged and active.
  5. How to turn your email subscribers to satisfied customers, who would love every product you recommend. Here are 4 steps on monetizing your blog.

How to maintain and keep your email subscribers

Now you’ve got your self some subscribers, that’s just the beginning of some serious work. Over time people can decide to unsubscribe or oven stop opening your emails. which is not good. Your audience need to stay and this is how you get that done:

  • Sent relevant emails, which keeps relating to what they signed up for.
  • Don’t always sell stuff. Give free relevant tips from time to time.
  • Make them feel special. I will tell you exactly how to do that in the email course above. Haven’t signed up yet? Do it now
  • Be consistent. Tell me one thing about blogging that doesn’t need you to be consistent. However, don’t spam. Twice a week or once is totally okay.
  • I hate lengthy emails, except if you would be teaching something in the email then your subscribers might be patient. Hence if it’s your weekly news letter keep it simple and direct.
How I got 100 email subscribers in 3 days
How I got 100 email subscribers in 3 days