5 blunt truths about blogging no one tells you

5 truths about blogging

5 blunt truth about blogging no one tells you is my 8 month of blogging blog report. Well not directly, but this is a post of all I have learnt and what I am still learning the hard way with a very low budget. This is a very different approach to any post on blogging you have come across. I will go straight to the point.

truth no1

No 1 Truth about blogging

 Blogging is not a days job

I know you have come across hundreds of post mostly on Pinterest of bloggers telling you, you can have a blog in 5 minutes. Yes you can get your domain name, host your blog and even install your CMS script in few minutes. But that is just a 0.0005 percent of what blogging is all about.

When done with all of that, you need to work on your blog appearance, you need to create at least one blog content of 2000 words every week for a good SEO . How about keeping up with the subscribers you promise a 5 days free email course or marketing your blog to draw more visitors.

Lets not forget monetizing the blog, affiliate marketing or keeping up with comments so that your readers will get a good relationship with you. I almost forgot about social media, yes you create pages on facebook, instagram, twitter, pinterest, tumblr, google+  pheww! I’m worked up just mentioning the few but important places you have to make your presence known. You have to create time to learn some skills like SEO. We have a few number of people who started blogging with skills in web design, grahics, HTML don’t be surprised I mentioned it you have to put some code in your blogs html sometimes to make it work better.

I didn’t know all of this myself until I started blogging. I started blogging from the scratch, the last time I wrote this much was when I was in school, a project which I had a lot of time to write. But in the blogging world everything happens fast, you have to keep up with the competition. Don’t go anywhere yet!

truth no3

No 2 Truth about blogging

  Blogging is time taking

With truth number one, you should have figured out that having a blog is one thing maintaining it is another thing. When it comes to blogging you need to invest your time also. Create a schedule, when to write, when to promote blog and pages, when to create campaign, when to reply emails and I can go on and on of all the things you are to do.

All this can be over whelming that you might consider getting a scheduler. I know this blog doesn’t look as good as most of the blogs you’ve come across, the reason is I am doing everything myself from the scratch, I don’t outsource.  It’s a way to learn better and save money, but as amateur as this blog might look I put in nothing less than 4 hours of work everyday well some days and I’m not a full time blogger. Meaning I got a job I go to everyday.

Enough with all the story if you are a blogger reading this you know already, if your are considering blogging and you stumbled upon this get your mind prepared you need to invest your time. About investment lets move to the next truth it is one of my favorite facts about blogging, because I am yet to see a blog post that talks about it. If you have come this far reading, don’t go anywhere.


when you are on any social media, be creating pages, communities, promoting contents, growing your followers and keeping your followers engaged. Make sure you can access your blog and everything you do online with your phone. Sometimes you might find yourself waiting longer than expected for something or someone, while on the wait get busy. It might not get a lot done but trust me when it comes to blogging no little work is not important, you would be glad you did.

truth about blogging

NO 3 Truth about blogging

 Blogging needs some money investment too. Just like any business you want to start, some monetary capital is needed. You need to plan for this, how much are you willing to put into your blog. You have hosting to pay for which is necessary, you have themes you would love to purchase and courses you might want to sign up for to get better at blogging.

I am yet to see a blog post telling you about the expenditures of blogging because it is a strategy. So there is this new ice cream shop that got open and for the opening day they are giving out free ice cream and everyone including you is excited. You start eating your ice cream and just when you start enjoying it, it’s finished. What you didn’t realize was that the free ice cream were mini cups. However, you want more, the good news is there is more but you have to buy it.

Like wise you come across this fantastic blog post about making money as a blogger, you love it and you get more excited about blogging. But this blog post ends with just the solution, for the how there is a special course created just for you. To cut this long story short you need to invest money into your blog no matter how little just make sure it’s the important things and don’t get too carried away. You want some tips on how to blog with a low budget? read this cheap ways to run a blog with a very low budget .


5 blunt truths about blogging no one will tell you.

No 4 Truth

 Blogging is not a get money fast scheme but it is a good source for passive income. I see a lot of post about bloggers saying they quit their jobs to go full time blogging. who won’t? I am yet to see a boss who would increase you pay up to a hundred percent just because you are very hard working, excuse me! you are not the only hardworking staff. With blogging your hard work can give you a 200% increase in your pay check.

For instance if you made $260 this month blogging you can make $1000 the following month and it keeps increasing with more hard work put into it.

But this will take a while, Don’t get carried away by those sweet finger licking blog post about bloggers making money first day blogging or a week or a month those are just strategy to get you reading. I’m not saying it’s not possible or calling such post a lie. I want you to understand is, it’s not always fast and that easy. You see a great list of affiliate programs and the money you could make from them and it sounds so sweet. No one tells you, you could be rejected if your blog traffic is low or some token is needed before processing.


  • keep trying to grow your blog
  • keep creating great content and promoting your blog on social media to grow your blog traffic
  • build your email list they will be your most valuable costumer

As you can see none of this tip is money related, this is because if you can get all of that done monetizing your blog come easy. Some of the best ad networks out there that can give you a daily income of $400 or even more only approves blogs with tens of thousand blog visitors monthly. Even if you get accepted into an affiliate program, the customers who are most likely to buy from you are does who trust your recommendation and you will find them in your email list.You could become financially free and stable just from blogging there is no doubt about that. Good job if you read this far, but don’t go away please. The last truth is on its way and it might break you or make you, you have to read it first to find out.


Truth No 5

Not everyone is doing it by themselves

A lot of those amazing blogs you are aspiring for yours to grow and be like have a team working on them. They have graphic designers making those amazing photos, they have writers, they have social media experts e.t.c.

For this reason don’t despise your little beginning. All you need do is remain focused and keep becoming better.

You should know this too

 Blogging is not for everyone

We are not all born to blog, take it from a blogger. The only reason I am blogging is because I have a lot to share from past experience. Like many people out there, I have saved, invested and started small business just to see my income grow. Despite not finding blogging easy as I thought it would be. The only thing keeping me going is I still have a lot to share and I’m not afraid to share even my failures.

Some of us are designers, business owners, photographers, chefs, restaurant owners, stylist, make up artist, DIY craft makers  and the list won’t end. what you need to make your presence known in the online world is not a blog. It could be a space on youtube to show  videos of amazing things you could create or a space on large e-commerce platforms like  shopify and Etsy to show case your products. Put your stuff out there and see how bloggers will promote it for you without hesitation haha!

This post is just to prepare your mind about blogging, the start is not all rosy rosy. You have to keep trying hard and be patient ’cause the day your paycheck will arrive you would be glad you chose blogging.


I am offering you something special which is a one on one chat with me. This won’t be easy on my side because it means me creating more time. You deserve it for reading this post to the end. connect@brokegirlsgetfixed.com here is my email if you need personal help straight to your inbox. This is how it will work you ask a question and you get a direct answer straight to your inbox.


 Forget about the disclaimer it’s just a necessity, there are no affiliate links in this post. Meaning I make no cent from this post. This is just an honest write up from a blogger to aspiring bloggers. But there is something I would love you to do. Share this post on every social media you find yourself on. This could help a friend. Leave a comment if you want to.


  • Blogging is not as simple as drinking tea
  • You need to invest you time into blogging
  • It needs your money too
  • It’s a source of passive income we all know that by now
  • We all don’t have to be bloggers

If after reading all of this you still want to start a blog and start your journey to financial freedom? You are in the right place. Click here to get my free e-book and it will guide you through starting your own blog.

5 blunt truths about blogging I will tell you

Cheap ways to run a blog with a very low budget

cheap ways to run a blog with a low budget

If you started your blog as a side hustle, then it shouldn’t be consuming your income. Because a side hustle is meant to give you extra income. I started my blog a year and some months now and I am running it cheap. In cheap ways to run a blog on a very low budget. You will learn how to be frugal about blogging too.

However if you started your blog as a business or as part of your business and you have a lot of money to put into it. Then maybe this post is not for you. But come to think of it, won’t saving some extra box help you out in your business?

You don’t have to answer me just read on

Cheap way to Hosting

Every very successful blog out there is self hosted. When it comes to hosting I am not going to tell you free hosting is the best, however I’ll tell you how to go about hosting your blog that will save you money.

As you can see my blog is not free hosted and it’s about the only thing I spend money on. It doesn’t cost me much either and I’ll tell you how.

The secret to spending less on hosting plans

Is by hosting for more months. This simply means that hosting for 12 months which is a year is cheaper than hosting monthly. Hosting for 24 months( 2 years) is cheaper than hosting for 12 months and hosting for 36 months( 3 years) is way cheaper than hosting for 24 months.

This is how it works and it is done by every hosting company I know. These companies gives more discount for more months when you are buying a plan. If for instance hosting monthly with them is $4, when you decide to go for a 1 year plan which is 12 months. You can get a dollar discount making it $3 every month. If you would be going for a 3 years plan, 36 months you could get up to two dollars or more for discount. So you would be paying $2 every month.

Why you should choose at least a 12 months plan and more

  • Hosting doesn’t make you money as fast as it’s portrayed out there. So by the time you have paid for 3 years of hosting plan. That expenditure is out of the way for 36 months and you can take your time and grow your blog without worrying about paying for hosting anytime soon.
  • A lot of benefits comes with paying for more months with any company. You enjoy a lot of benefits. Like how I got a free domain name for one of my blogs because I paid for a 1 year plan (12 months).
  • Hosting monthly is risky, if you don’t pay on time your blog can be taken off the web. And that’s bad for business.

Here are some few hosting companies I know gives very good offers and discounts. If you make any purchase Yes I will get a commission but at no extra cost to you. Hey! but are you concern about what I will be making or what you would be benefiting?

If you really want to start a blog, Hosting is the first step. So I created an e-book to put you through it. Get my free e-book HERE. Also getting the book means you get added to my mail list. Which means you would be getting awesome updates on how to spend less on your blog.

Cheap ways of getting good graphics

Having good Images on your blog is as important as the quality of your writing. Your Images are the perfect way of getting you the attention you need on social media.

If you came across this post on Pinterest or Instagram or twitter or Facebook. Then it was the image that attracted you. It might not be the best or finest but it got you clicking on it. Now I have to share this with you

The characteristics of a good blog post image.

Be it a blog banner, or a pinterest image or a squared social media image, for Instagram and Facebook. It should have the following;

  • Bold writings: Your fonts size don’t have to be huge but bold enough to be seen clearly. whether on a phone or a computer
  • Good fonts: There are so many fonts types or styles to pick from. However choose the ones with an easy to understand alphabets. I struggle with this all the time
  • Good background Image: If possible let your background Image have a similar message you your text. I know getting good stock photos comes with a cost. I will soon tell you how I go about it.
  • Your color matters too, as they can affect how clear or dull your image can be .
  • Clear message: Or better said straight to the point text. You remember your English class work, which you were asked to summarize a paragraph in one sentence? Well this time you get to summarize your 2000 words blog post in not more than two sentences. Just be straight to the point.

Make your Image a whole package. where a reader would click to read your content.

You can get affordable Images the way I do.

When I started my blog I knew creating good images will need some good money. But I had no good money LOL! so I decided to browse where I could get free stock photos. Then I came across this blog that gave me 10 free beautiful stock photos for subscribing to their email list.

But we all don’t get so lucky to bump into such offers. However there is a way.

As clearly stated from the beginning this post is to help you blog a frugal way. I will try my best and show you how.

The picture below was created on my phone with a free app and that’s why it looks like crap. But guess what? People still clicked on it because it will show them how to blog cheap.

blogging made easy

I use Canva a phone app to create my images for social media and my blog too.

Then I use Stencil to create Images right here on my blog while writing every post. I can show you how HERE

Stencil has a free plan but you get to create only 10 Images every month and that’s really small. However as a new blogger, still finding his/her way and investing less on a side hustle. This is perfect for you.

But get this stencil is very affordable, except if you wanna be a cheap skate.

The other day I asked a friend of mine who is a photographer for some stock photos. For free for sure. Call me cheap I don’t care but I got free photos by asking.

My point is try every idea that comes to your mind. I just thought of it and I asked. There is never one specific way to get things done.

SEO the cheap way

I won’t be telling you some crazy amazing SEO trick because I don’t know too many. Just the simple one I know and some few helpful tips.

Yoast SEO is what I use for SEO on my blog. It allows you put in key phrases that could make your post popup when those key-phrase are searched for.

So I just installed the plugin and that was all. Yes just the plugin. Oh! Did I forget to mention plugins? Well they Can get everything done for you on your blog. From technical to the simple things you just can’t figure out.

Here are the must have WordPress Plugins to install.

There are places you could check for what’s trending and the keywords to use to help your blog rank on search engine. Such as;

Do you know what a Search Engine is?

You know google right? With others like Bing and Yahoo? They are examples of search engines. Therefore a search engine is simply where people type in words or sentences to find contents, answers, products and services. Might not be the best definition you’ve heard but I’m sure you understand what a search engine is.

Cheap ways to get blog traffic

When it comes to generating traffic to your blog there are more than one ways to do so. But we are looking for the cheap ways right? So anything paid is out of our list.

My number one on this list is Social Media. Your post can literally go viral with just one share. So all you need to do is create contents that are share worthy.

SEO which means Search Engine Optimization is another perfect way. But it kinda needs a lot of work. This means you getting traffic from search engines. Like imagine your content coming up as number one out of 200000 results on google. That must be one great, top of the chat content.

The above could be possible with the right keywords or trending topics as I have talked about

Guest blogging is a good way. Either you are the guest on the blog or someone is the guest on your blog. However make sure you are inviting influential bloggers to contribute on your blog.

Info graphics are good for traffic too. Use them when necessary.

Update old post if you have been blogging for a while and share them again.

Social media is a free and affordable tool use it well

When I say free and affordable I mean it. I will tell you simple ways to make all the popular social media gain you traffic. I will start with Pinterest because that’s where I get 50% of my traffic so far.


Is the social media for bloggers. You probably came across this post there but if no. How about you quickly open an account here before we proceed.

How to get good results on Pinterest
  • Pin regularly. I read this somewhere, that one should pin at least 5 pins everyday on pinterest. Yes I agree, pining often gets me more viewers, engagement and most importantly followers. Pinterest needs you to be active on it.
  • Pin quality photos. Pinterest is not like other social medias where you get to write long captions with hashtags for people to read. Your Images are what speaks for you. The kinda photos you pin determines the type of followers you get. And the images must be Vertical and long. Stencil allows you choose canvas sizes that is perfect for Pinterest.
  • Join as many group boards as you can. Group boards have a lot of members in it and have rules. One of the rule is that you must pin another pin when you post your pin. My English is failing me on how to explain this but when you find one, read the rules and understand. This rule is what gets your post a lot of impressions, saves and clicks.

Follow me on Pinterest here, send me a message to add you on all the group boards I’m in. This is a favour no one does, so you better take it.

cheap ways to run a blog on a very low budget


Firstly, make sure you blogs URL is on your instagram bio. Because that’s where you will direct your audience to click and read your new post. The link at the bio must be of the page where all your latest post shows on your blog.

Instagram loves quality pictures. Therefore, make sure you are uploading quality photos.

When I opened an Instagram account for this blog. I thought following bloggers a like will get me my right audience it doesn’t really work like that.

Hashtags does that. I just try to use as many related hashtags to the topic and that’s all. The best thing about hashtags it that it gains you more followers.

Use your Instagram stories too. It’s a tool no one says much about.


The secret ingredient in this entire post is my sincerity. When I could be making money by telling you all the good stuff you could buy to make your blog awesome I am here telling you how to spend nothing on your blog.

Therefore with all sincerity I will tell you I don’t use twitter much. Since my niche for this blog is personal finance which is the reason why I’m showing you how to spend less on your blog as a side hustle not social media management. I only know a little about twitter.

And that is the use of hashtags. Hashtag is more popular with twitter.

The only reason I don’t use twitter much is that I don’t get fast results like other social media. But others have mastered it so well, it’s their number one source of traffic.


Facebook is where friends and family get to read your content LOL! Just kidding.

You can create a page for you blog and invite people to it. But you are looking for audience whom are interested in your niche right? Not friends who want to read just for support sake. So invite people through your blog to be a part of the group.

Their friends would most likely see it as a suggested page and join. Then you grow.

Or you can make it sound so special like other bloggers do so people could feel like they won a golden ticket to Mr Wankas chocolate factory.

Just so you know, Facebook gets me some good traffic too.

Plugins help you safe money too

Plugins are stress relief, this should have being the subheading.

They help with social media, SEO, affiliate marketing, inserting html codes, Image, cookies, spam e.t.c.

I can create an image for this post directly with the new stencil plugin. If you want to make creating your content easier then read how to install and use stencil on your blog here

There are plugins that will automatically upload your post to any social media of your choice once you hit publish.

I once cracked my brain on how to insert a html code to get Pinterest and google analytics to work well on my blog. Then I did some search and realized there is a plugin that could do that for me. A miracle it was for me.

The best Anti spam services are paid, but let’s not forget we’ve cancelled anything paid on our list today. However, there are plugins that do a really good job. I use a free anti spam and it have being good so far.

Cheap ways to email marketing

Speaking of the truth I almost forgot to write how important email marketing is and why it’s important for you to know how to start it without spending money.

As a new blogger you need an email list. I’m sure you have seen lots of content emphasizing on it’s importance. However the best email marketing service providers are not so cheap.

But you can start cheap till when you can start paying for it.

Growing an email list is not a days job. You need a strategy on how to get them and how to keep them. I am not here to tell you how to get them but how to start on a low key until you start making money from the little list you have to pay for a bigger list.

There are companies that allows you have maximum of 2000 subscribers and 12000 emails. However, you hope to grow bigger than just 2000 subscribers right?

You have to start somewhere though and before you could grow to 2000 subscribers I believe you must have started making some money with your list then you can start paying for more subscribers.

As I told you from the beginning blogging is not a make money fast scheme. On the good side it’s a source for passive income because when the money starts coming it doesn’t stop. Even while you sleep you are making money.

Here are the email service providers I use that allows you to start free without even putting in credit card details.

There are more of them but as I mention you can use this two without putting in credit card details. so you feel it’s really free.

That’s about all when it comes to cheap ways of running your blog. However if you feel there is an area I didn’t touch and it’s important to blogging. Do leave a comment with your questions and I will tell you how to be frugal about it too.

How To Turn Your Hobbies Into Income

hpw to turn your hobbies into income


There is a need to improve your income but every business ideas is taken and you don’t like the options you have to pick from. Why waste your time on google when the answer is right in your hand. Not your phone, not the remote not even you laptop. I’m talking about your hobbies, that skill you learnt for the love of it and never saw it as a money source. Don’t get excited yet, you have some questions to answer.

First step to turning your income into hobbies is when you answer these questions and your answers make you smile.

  • can I monetize my hobby?
  • is there a market for it?
  • have the businesses in line with it thrived or failed? whether small scale or large scale?
  • what will it take to start it as a business?

This is but a few of the 101 questions you could ask yourself.

What next? 

If you are still reading, I am sure you loved the answers you got after some soul searching. What is the next step? By now I am sure we know that anything we put in our money  and time no matter how little in expectation of a return better known as profit is called a business. The next step is you making a survey on how you want to go about it. Let’s also understand that some hobbies only demands you to make people know the type of service you can render. I advice you start small, don’t be carried away by the success of businesses doing the same thing. There is no guaranty people would love what you are doing from the word go. They will get used to it gradually and love it.

Some marketing tips for you

My friend Lina is great with her hands. She could be making gift cards or kneading some beautiful baby sweaters. Allow me to say she is a craft goddess. All she did to market her products, was putting them on her facebook wall. From it is beautiful to can you make this for me. Lina is in business making money and spending little or nothing in marketing her product. Some of our best customers are not far away from us, they are very close in form of family, friends, neighbors and friends on social media. I know those adverts on facebook look beautiful and you want one of them. However trust me on this start with people around because they will sincerely spread the good news around.

Let me help you out a little bit

I tried so hard not to put ideas in your head, at this point you need help. Help with how to go about your hobby which you never saw it as a means of making money and someone which is me just told you you could. Here is what I will do. I will mention a few I know and give you guides on how to go about it.

  • Photography is my first pick because it’s one of the easiest you could make some extra income from. So you just love to take pictures and you are really good at it because friends have told you that. There are platforms online you could put your pictures and whenever anyone uses it, you get some money.  I once had interest on photography, doing my research I discovered all I needed for a start is a camera not a big fancy studio.
  • A very good painter you are, don’t hide yourself. Show the world what you got .Display your painting, there are platforms waiting for you and people that will hang it at home. Advertise your services in simple ways like making portraits. Everyone loves a painting or drawing of themselves, they just don’t know till they see it.
  • You have a thing for writing, be it poetry, short stories, articles on random inspiration. Like you know better. There are people hunting creative minds like yours to write for them. It feels great to be paid for doing what you love. They are doing you the favor right?turn your hobby to your income
  • The internet is like a toy to you. It works so well for you, you wonder why people can’t just figure out the online world. Your fan base is great, Let me put is this way, you are a social media celeb. So what if with all your followers you are not making a dime. People are paying to learn what you understood naturally and there are people making thousands of dollars as social media celebs. Well known as social media infleuncers. It’s about time you monetize that follow.
  • Why are you the only one wearing your designs? Make your friends wear them, force your best friend to rock an outfit you made just for her. Aren’t you confident in your designs? So what’s the timidity about it. Oh OK I understand your worry, the competition out there is crazy. To me that’s the advantage, you get to be unique in your way. That’s what fashion is all about. When you have build your confidence, then you can Register for a local fashion show if available. Perhaps you can take a bolder step put it online, yes you heard me right ONLINE.
  • I love the blanket on the end of the bed, the wool so soft and the pattern is amazing. What about the winter hat from last winter? it look great on you and I’m sure it will look great on every blond. But why isn’t this amazing knitting hobby giving you extra dollars. Some of the fastest selling products out there are hand made crafts. Buyers are constantly amazed with what others could do with their hands.
  • People love to eat and you love to cook. You can make some extra income from that kitchen of yours. I am not even close to being a professional baker, however I have made some extra money from baking. Because it is my hobby, I do it for fun and for cash too. Start a small catering business or service. Not everyone can afford the big names, you could be an angel to them. Constantly have growth in mind.

Hope you never assumed I would mention blogging? Blog post on blogging are strategy for making affiliate sales. Therefore making you believe blogging is the only way to make money online. I hate to break this to you but it’s just one of the thousands ways you can make money online. Mark Zuckerberg is a billionaire, he is not a blogger he is an app developer. He created the world famous facebook. Don’t get me wrong you could make good money from blogging. But don’t waste your time doing what everyone is doing when you could be the next Gordon Ramsay or Buddy Valastro


No panic yet

You read this far and I didn’t mention your hobby or how to go about it. That’s because it is rare, unique and little number of people are into it as a business or an income source. The good news is, you can be the first. First to start something new, unique and rare. Still not sure if your hobby can bring you money, drop a comment to ask any question. If you are an attention seeker like me, you can go directly to my inbox and get special attention.  Here it is girlhustle@brokegirlsgetfixed.com

your passion your money


Like the name of the blog, I try my best to give tips that will cost you little or nothing to implement. However you can gain from some or most of it. I know some online courses that are free that can boost you digital skills and grow your business.

  • Futurelearn futurelearn.com
  • coursera coursera.org
  • EDX edx.org

One more thing list your business on google business listing because it’s easy to find you online that way.

Another thing you can put your business out there in places like shopify.