How to drink water for weight loss and a healthy skin

How to drink

Water has so many purpose and I find drinking water for a healthy skin or weight loss very unique.

However, we don’t know how to go about it. I’ve heard ladies complaining about frequently visiting the toilet for a pee. I was once there then I figured it out.

Don’t just wake up and drink 4 glasses of water in the morning, you will pee it all out within an hour then the aim gets defeated because it haven’t stayed long to circulate your body.

But don’t stress anymore you are about to know how to drink water the right way that will stop you from frequenting the rest room.

How to drink water for a healthy skin.

Before going any further let’s answer this question.

How much water should you drink in a day?

So many opinions are given about this. However in a day you should drink at least 2 liter of water.

how to drink
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Now that you know the quantity, this is how you go about drinking it:

  • Don’t gulp down the two liters of water at once. Or do the 4 glasses of water in the morning therapy. Rather take it in intervals of hours. You know the quantity you need for a day just make sure at the end of the day your doze is complete.
  • Chewing a melon everyday for water can be boring how about you juice it and sip it down. There are many water based fruits and vegetables that won’t only give you a good skin but also keep you entirely healthy. Such fruits like watermelon, orange, pineapple, plums, apricots, blueberries, peaches, and raspberries. Read this to learn more.
  • Take a soak. Yeah that feminine bath you don’t take as often as you should. To you this might sound like not the same thing as drinking water. However, the aim is to get a beautiful skin and soaking yourself is a good way to get water into your skin.

Let’s move to the next interesting part of this post

How to drink water for weight loss

Weight loss is a process that has many ways of achieving it. Water is also a way. Though water is not a diet on it’s own but here is how you take it to aid your weight loss journey.

  • Drink water before meals. Taking water before meals helps you to consume less. It’s simple logic, you take some water and the space for food reduces.
  • Eat nuts. Yes, there are nuts that are good for weight loss. Instead of snacking on cabs you snack with nuts. The thing is nuts makes you thirsty very often. So you find yourself drinking a lot of water. This is a very effective habit for weight loss. Ask an expert if you doubt me.
  • When you exercise, you get thirsty with all the fluid leaving your body as sweat. You need to stay hydrated by taking more water.
  • There are fruits and vegetable over 70% water base. Eat them and drink them. They will give you water and they are quiet filling too. We know fruits and vegetables are always recommended for loosing weight and healthy leaving.

Wait a minute! Are you thinking of starting to loose some weight? Here is a post that could help you out before you start. 3 things to do before you start your weight loss journey

These are my simple but very effective ways of drinking water the best way. It will reduce how often you pee LOL! and it will give you the best result for your skin and weight.

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Know the right way to drink water for a healthy skin and even for weight loss
How to drink water more often and visit the ladies less often

3 things to do before starting your weight loss journey

These 3 hints will help you before, during and after your weight loss journey

Are you struggle with gaining more weight the moment you decided to get a break from your weight loss program? or you are considering loosing weight for healthy living. Well here are three things you could do before you start and will help you after you stop.

Weight loss can be a piece of cake to some and to some a high mountain to climb. Which ever way you need to make certain commitments. Some of the best commitments you make are not during the weight loss journey but before you start. They are as important as loosing weight itself, if you miss it out you never might see progress.

start your weight loss journey once these 3 things are checked

1.What is the cause of your weight gain? Lets get this straight too much food is not the only cause of weight gain. There are a lot of reasons but we will discuss the few you can relate to. I am not a doctor so these are not health advice rather things you could see a doctor for.

  • you are gaining weight probably because you are having poor sleep. We know that there is a healthy amount of sleep we are suppose to have. Well if you are not getting yours, it could be a reason
  • Are you a secret eater? Only you can tell yourself the truth ’cause no one is watching you. Stop that habit of waking up to a heavy midnight snack
  • Being a big eater is not bad but when you are eating the wrong things big it is bad. The worst part of it is if you are not admitting to it.
  • There are some eating habits that are not healthy, like going to bed immediately after a meal. You might have to watch that.
  • skipping meals can lead you to eating too much food at a time. No matter how little make sure you take your three square meals.
  • Is the way you eat attached to an emotion? Like am a happy eater. When I am happy, mostly when something great just happened my way of celebration is food. This means even when I just had a meal and something got me excited, I’ll eat more food.
  •  A person who finds comfort in drug and a person who finds comfort in food are on the same page. The only difference is, you are addicted to different kinds of substance and both could kill you.
  • This will shock you, but you are probably on the wrong diet. Because it worked for Gina doesn’t mean it will work for Lucy. I will talk more about this soon.

2. Watch and Maintain: I love climbing the scale even when I know I will be disappointed with the numbers. The simple reason is to observe, watch and maintain. I hope, you understand how important this stage it. I will try my best to explain it. Simple but important reason why you should watch and maintain:

Since you are not on a diet it means your current meal plan is flexible. You could be having a chocolate cake right now or a pizza.

The next week you could decide to make that nice salad you fell in love with at a friends house. Instead of pancakes for breakfast your taste bud kept saying I want some fruits.

In the week you lost some weight no matter how little you can’t tell because you were not watching therefore it becomes a little bit difficult to maintain.

When you frequently check, you can tell when you’ve added some weight or you’ve dropped a little. At this time you can figure out what you had the past few days. You either keep up with it if your weight went down or you change and watch it if it added to your weight.

You can tell yourself it’s definitely the ice cream, I ate too much of it this week. Once or twice a week will be perfect.

Or you can say wow this salad taste great and I feel light the pass few day. It will fit perfectly in my meal plans.

Therefore before you start loosing weight try watching and maintaining, I know you just want to go ahead and start but why in a hurry? It’s all part of the journey which will give you a better result.

Last and least choose a diet that will work for you in your weight loss journey

Did you know, there are diets that could allow you have some of your favorite meal? Well now you know. It could consist of the type of vegetable, fruits and meat you love. Choosing a diet because it’s trending will definitely be a bad idea. Because it worked for your best friend doesn’t mean it will work for you.

If you love comfort like I do then you should probably go for a diet you could keep up with for a long while that it could actually blend into your eating style.

This is where the pieces of the puzzle come together. By the time you know the reason(s) behind your weight gain, you try watch and maintaining if you could and choose a perfect diet then you are on the right track.

Take finding a diet that will work for you very serious. This will help you not to start gaining weight the moment you give yourself a little break. The reason is because you are enjoying it.

Your diet won’t feel like a twelve weeks medication you need to take for your fat issues but rather an energy boost you enjoy taking everyday. Therefore eating your meals become enjoyable and normal, that you don’t notice the difference.


You will start loosing weight even before you start the main thing just by observing the first two things. Yes even before you start going to the gym three times a week or abiding strictly to a diet.

Let me give you a brief summary of all the things I wrote

  • Firstly get to the root of your weight gain, it might not be food alone.
  • Try watching and maintaining it could be your secret to weight loss before a proper program
  • Lastly do a diet that will work well for you. So what if it’s trending, it could be wrong for you.
Drop a question or share with us how you loss weight doing some easy things no one would think to do.

These 3 things will help you before and after WEIGHT LOSS