5 cheap ways to run a blog with a very low budget

You are going to know some few hags on cheap ways to run your blog. I will give you tips on how to get everything necessary done on your blog with little or no money. As the name of this blog implies I am on the same journey as you are and i’m no hoarder of knowledge. So take this journey with me as I share all the cheap hags I’ve learnt as a new blogger who started from the scratch with no experience,a very very low budget, 8 months gone and i just keep getting better.I will try my best to cover everything possible and if after all I’ve written you still have some questions go ahead and ask your questions. I will reply asap. lets roll….

1)Hosting : The only thing I’ve spent the highest on this blog is my hosting plan. Having the best companies host you at a good price keeps your blog safe on the world wide web. The reason is, companies love to work with blogs that are self hosted. Having a free hosted blog limits your blog income and i am sure you don’t want that. If i were a company I’ll most likely want to work with a serious business owner who owns an office no matter how small. There are lots of hosting companies out there but I have taken my time to find the affordable ones with flexible payments and user friendly. What I mean by flexible payments is this, it allows you to pay monthly, quarterly, half a year, annually, and some three years and more. It all depends on what you can afford. Here is a list of some of them.

2)Blog appearance or layout: this simply means how you want your blog to look when visitors show up. This magic usually happens with the themes you have and the best are the premium themes. But lets not forget our objectives here, which is to run a blog with less money. How your blog look is important, because people are comfortable with what looks normal meaning comparing your blog with others. As you can see my blog is still under construction, that’s because i keep experimenting with cheap ways and once I’m done I will share it with you. Use the themes that appeal to you, all you have to do is customize. My greatest weapons are plugins I use them to fight any battle concerning my blog. be it appearance or any other necessary thing. choose themes that allow you to change header pictures.You get the chance to put what best describes you. How about widgets those are bullets for my riffle. You can make them work for you too. Just keep updating and there are plugins for whatever you want. Don’t know how to make plugins work for you, head over to this post WordPress plugins: top 7 for new bloggers and learn all the specifics.

3)Graphic: If you are good with corelDRAW or PhotoShop  Good for you. You can create great graphics with them. But I don’t think you know how to, right? Just relax all you need to do is download phone apps like Canva and make any design with it. Very easy to use and all you have to do is download it from your play store. Simply create images on your phone, transfer it to your computer and use. If it sounds like too much work  stencil is a great place to start with, they give you 7days free trails, unlimited number of images, icons and it is affordable. Don’t forget I’m trying to help you maximize your low budget. Yes the images in this post were created on my phone.blogging made easy

4)Traffic: A blog traffic is a very important factor for a blog. Don’t get intimidated  by blogs that already have thousands of visitors, they started with no visitor, then 5 and it kept growing to thousands. There are fast ways of growing your blog, but it means more spending. How about going slow, it gives you time to build your confidence. Pinterest is my number one platform and manual pins go more viral. I have pins that have been saved over 600 times and my followers are yet to be over a hundred. Join group boards and pin manually I repeat. Open accounts with buffer or hoot-suit, they schedule your post on social media, the next thing to do is install the plugins and connect your blog with your account. Once you publish a blog post it uploads it to your social media pages. It’s this simple, you have any question drop a comment I will gladly answer you.

5)Monetizing your blog: If you are broke trying to get fixed, then I’m pretty sure you trying to make some earning from blogging. You are on the right track I assure you. There are over 25 legit way to make money blogging, but today I just want to tell you the major things to do. Firstly have a product and secondly have a mailing list. Having a product simple means join affiliate programs and having a mailing list simply means having customers that trust your recommendations. Once you have this in place what ever way among the numerous ways you choose will definitely make you money.

If you would love to get more simple hags as soon as i learn them, you can subscribe for a weekly email from me, I will gladly share every new thing I learn with you. Drop a comment if you have any question and share it if you feel a friend on this part needs to read this.