10 Unique Plugins Your New Blog Needs

10 Unique Plugins Your New Blog Needs

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Plugins are the backbone of every blog. To get your new blog running well, some plugins need to be installed and activated. However, not just everyone is necessary. When I started blogging, I installed a lot of plugins I ended up not using. Which I had to take out time to delete them.

Hence today I will be giving you a list of 10 unique plugins for your new blog and why you need them. Unlike me, today I will be listing them starting from the most important.

1. Yoast SEO plugin:

Yoast wasn’t the first plugin I installed. As I said, I installed and deleted a lot before I arrived at the best. Yoast SEO is top on the list because as a new blogger the first thing you do is create your blog post. However, it is very important to create quality content from the word go and this plugin helps you achieve that.

This SEO plugin is the perfect guide you need to create a blog post as a newbie. It shows orange for OK and when you score the right points it shows green for GOOD. As long as you insert a key phrase or word Yoast will guide you through the rest.

2. Monster insight analytics:

Knowing your performance is important and what I love about this plugin is this. It displays your report on the dashboard. As soon as you login you see how many page views you are having.

Monster insight shows you what blog post is doing well, the country your traffic is coming from and the traffic source. It guides you in many ways, especially when it comes to making money from your blog.

3. Insert Headers and Footers:

Except if you are a tech person who decides to go into blogging then you don’t need this. However, if you are a normal person like me who knows no tech or coding then you need this.

Blogging comes with some technicalities here and there and to have it fully functional you might need to insert some HTML code. To avoid tampering with anything you can’t fix, simply install this plugin and use it whenever a need arises for a code to be inserted.

4. Shareaholic plugins:

Shareaholic is a social media share button plugin. Once activated you go to the settings and make it how you want it to look like on your blog. It has a lot of features and I love it. Like it shows your social media shares count.

The best part about this plugin is you can monetize it and in a simple way. You might have to register your blog in the account management which doesn’t take too long. Then you turn on monetization in the settings.

5. Stencil Plugins:

Inserting images into a blog post is an essential part of quality content and I use Stencil plugin to get that done. It allows you to create an image while writing your post and inserting it into the post what a time saver.

I use Stencil and I created a post to show you how it works. How to install and use Stencil plugin.

6. Thirsty Affiliates:

As your blog grows and you start monetizing it using affiliate marketing. You will get accepted to many programs, which means you will have a lot of links to make use of.

Thirsty affiliates help you save all your affiliate links on your blog. Hence, when you are writing a post and you need to insert an affiliate link, you can find it on your blog without opening a new tab.

7. Anti Spam Plugins:

I don’t need to say too much about this plugin as it speaks for itself. Trust me you need to protect your site from spam or risk waking up to 100 comments from spambots.

There are a lot of good anti spam to choose from so take a pick and install.

8. Affiliate Disclosure:

By affiliate rules/laws and blogging legality, you need an affiliate disclosure on your site. Affiliate disclosure is you letting your audience know that some products you mentioned are for sale and you get a commission if any purchase is made.

This plugin makes it easy for you to put this on your blog so to avoid any legal penalties.

9. Table of Content:

I find this plugin useful when it comes to epic post. Personally, when I come across an epic post I try to find the table of content to help me navigate to the important stuff.

Hence, when you are writing an epic post, you need a table of content. You can set it to when and how you will like it to be seen in a blog post.

10. Better click to tweet:

I discovered this plugin late but ever since I never let it go. You don’t have to be Twitter savvy or have lots of followers to use this plugin. As long as you have created a post and you want to share it on Twitter, this is your go-to plugin.

How to find, install and activate plugins

Click on “plugins” below “appearance” on the menu by your left .

how to install plugins

Click on “add new”

If you have downloaded your plugin as a zip file from WordPress click “upload plugin” and if you are searching for it using keyword type the name in the “search” box.

10 plugins your new blog needs

once you find the plugin click “install now” then click “activate”

Now you can go to plugins and update your settings.

10 unique plugins your new blog needs.

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