12 Groups on Facebook For Bloggers To Boost Traffic

Facebook groups for bloggers

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One of the blog growth resolutions I have made about my blog is transparency when writing content about blogging. Finding traffic has not been easy so I resulted in groups on Facebook for bloggers to boost my traffic.

Last year life got in the way of my blogging journey and I went from having some traffic to having zero page views. I was doing good with Pinterest but everything dropped. I went from 360k viewers to 25k viewers. So I started writing this year and no matter how much I shared my contents it got no saves or clicks.

I came across a blog post on boosting blog traffic and there I discovered something new. Though my Pinterest is gradually growing again. I now have 55k monthly views which are still low, my post gets pinned and I’ve gotten 17 clicks still yet my major source of traffic now is Facebook.

Not just Facebook but Facebook groups are my current source of traffic. I went from 4 page views to 300+ page views in one month. It is a small number I know, however, this number got me building my email list little by little. Hence, groups on Facebook for bloggers helped me boost my traffic.

Hence, if you are still struggling to understand Pinterest and SEO/Google Ranking and you need some traffic badly. I took my time to create a list of groups I know with 3000 to 30000 members that will boost your traffic while you wait for when Pinterest will start working for you.

12 groups on Facebook for bloggers

12 Groups on Facebook for bloggers to join for traffic boost

This list comprises of both private and public groups. However, they are prompt in approving request and they do the same job of giving you more traffic.

facebook groups

1. Blog post sharing group

It is a closed group or private group with 10k plus members. It doesn’t have strict rules and you can share your post outside a thread. All you need is approval by an admin and the rate of approval is 95%.

2. Bloggers post promotion a group to boost your traffic

Bloggers post promotion is a public fb group with 12k members. The rules aren’t strict and you are allowed to promote your content anytime.

3. Bloggers world a group to boost your traffic

The group has 76k members and it is a private group. Though you can post your content outside a thread it needs to be approved by an admin. It’s a place you should consider sharing your post as soon as you hit publish.

4. Bloggers spot

It is a public group with 2000 members, but it’s a growing number. The admins don’t hesitate to approve your content and you can post whenever you can. Every group has a rule so be sure you know the rules and keep to it or you get kicked out.

5. Bloggers India

I know the name says bloggers India but you can join because Indians are not the only ones in the group. Besides, it’s good getting the audience from all over the world. It’s a public group with 20.7k members. The engagement is good there.

6. Blog promotion boost your traffic here too

Blog promotion is a private group with 7k members and a prompt admin. You don’t have to follow a thread to post your blog post. Just share and an admin will approve.

7. Bloggers depot

A public group with 4.5k members. Your post needs to be approved by an admin but it happens fast. The engagement is good too

8. Blogging boost

Private groups with as much as 33k members come with a lot of rule. Hence follow the rule and you would love it there because the engagement is very good. You can’t post at will only under a thread.

9. Becoming a blogger

Private groups seem to have lots of members because the owners and admins put in a lot of work. Hence, they do great with engagement and you will surely see results with your traffic and Becoming a blogger is one like that with 20k members

10. Write better, Blog better: Writing support for blogger

This group doesn’t allow a lot of things such as sharing your links in a post only under threads. However, you can as any blogging related question and get the best answers from bloggers who know what they are doing. Write better, blog better has 20.7k members and it’s a private group.

11. Bloggers world Facebook for bloggers group for traffic boost

It’s a public group with 4k members. You can share your post and an admin will approve. You can get many favours there too.

12. Blogging tips and advice for new bloggers

When I requested to join the group I got approved in 5 minutes. Hence, the admins are prompt and will pretty much approve your post ASAP. It’s a private group with 4.7k members.

In Conclusion…

Groups on Facebook for bloggers are countless with different niches.

However, this is a good enough number of groups to be a part of. It is easy traffic as it doesn’t consume your time compared to other blogging tasks.

I will keep you updated when Pinterest starts giving me a reasonable amount of traffic but for now, I won’t let Facebook groups go. I’m holding on LOL!

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How to find Facebook groups

  1. login to Facebook

  2. click on the search icon

  3. type in the type of group you are looking for and add group

    For instance you are finding a relationship group, type single and married group

  4. Click search or press Enter

facebook groups for bloggers to boost traffic

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