2 Reasons Blogging Is The Perfect Hustle To Start

2 Reasons Blogging Is The Perfect Hustle To Start

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Any day any time I will tell you blogging is the perfect hustle to start. In this post I will tell you how and show you how to start yours. But before I do so here is a little background of where it all started for me.

Dating back to 2015, a friend in school gave me an idea to start blogging and said would help me set up a blog. Well, he didn’t and since I don’t know how to go about it I lost interest. Fast forward to 2017, I bumped into a WhatsApp group and I still don’t know how I got there. And there was going to be two weeks paid training on how to start a blog from scratch and make money blogging.

I didn’t think twice before jumping in and taking advantage of the opportunity. Why? Because blogging was the perfect side hustle for me to start at the time. There were two reasons for my decision and if you want to start blogging today. They should be yours too.

What you need to start a Blog

First, you need a laptop. Just a laptop that could display photos, videos and access the internet. If you can Facebook with your laptop then it is perfect. Plus people blog with their phones these days so with a phone you can do it.

Second, you need access to an internet connection. It could be WiFi or data purchased from your telecommunication provider.

Owning a blog is an online business. The only hardware you need is your laptop. Every other thing you need is found online. However, these are not the reasons why I started blogging.

2 Solid reasons why blogging is the perfect hustle you should start now

Lots of people who are blogging today but started 10 years ago probably just started as a hobby. Something to write there inspirations and ideas to share with others. However, today, 90% of everyone starting a blog is to make money from it. I am not ashamed to admit I’m one of them.

I didn’t choose blogging only for the money but other factors. Even if it’s a side hustle it is still a business I’ll be investing some of my money into it. Hence, I had to choose wisely because blogging is not the only business you can make money online with. You can read about other online business here.

Here is why blogging is the perfect hustle to start

1. Time: Times make blogging the perfect hustle to start

Blogging is one of those things you can do even when having a full-time job. Simply because it is flexible time-wise.

Listen! To really profit from a blog within a short while you need to put in a lot of work and time. The point here is not that it takes little time but that it works with your own time.

If your free time 3 am in the morning, you can work on your blog at that time and schedule your contents. There is no fixed time to when you can blog and when you can’t.

You might have a tight schedule as long as you can 15 hours weekly to blogging I promise you will see some results.

Over the years lots of tool and resources have being created to help you plan and mange your time as a blogger. Here are some few cheap resources to help you plan your contents as a blogger.

2020 Blog Planner Printables for just $19

2020 Blog Planner for just $15

2. Monetizing: The many ways to monetize a blog makes it the perfect hustle to start.

It is a side hustle hence, it is expected to make you some money. However, that is not the exciting part of it for me.

The second reason why I decided to start blogging is this. It has so many ways you can make money from it. There are over 25 ways to monetize a blog.

However, I would like us to see just the top 5 ways to make money blogging.

a. Affiliate marketing. Apply to affiliate networks and programs, get approved and promote their products. JVZOO is an affiliate network I know which accepts new bloggers.

Before you consider trying out affiliate marketing I advise you take these courses:

1k Blogger for just $27 by Lidiya a blogger making 5k every month. Her course shows you exactly how to make money from scratch.

Affiliate marketing for Bloggers for $79 by Carly a mom blogger making over 10k every month blogging.

b. placing ads. Apply to ads network, get approved and display ads on your blog. AdsTarget is an ad network which accepts new blogs too.

c. Selling your products. This is my favourite. You don’t have to wait for approvals from ads networks or affiliate networks that might be denied before you start making money from your blog. As long as you have a product to sell, your blog is the perfect place to get you, customers. This could be eBooks, online courses, webinars and crafts.

d. Paid for your services. Just like how you sell your own products, you can sell your services too. People could hire you through your blog. You must have seen work with us page on some blogs.

Another unique reason why blogging is perfect

Blogging is a side hustle you can start with little money, then invest more money into it as time goes on. .There are valuable free resources that could help you kick start until you start making some money to go premium. You can read about how to run a blog cheap here.

e. Sponsored content. Where you write for other blogs, company or brands and get paid.

Now you know why blogging is a perfect side hustle. I don’t know why you don’t own one yet. However, if you want to make some money on your own terms here is a step by step guide on how to start your own blog and I am here to put you through all the way.

2 reasons why blogging is a perfect hustle to start

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