26 Things to Make at Home Instead of Buying

things to make at home instead of buying to save money

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It’s a perfect time to be frugal and do it the right way. When you want to save money you have to be strategic. One way to do it is by cutting down household expenses. You can cut down those expenses by making things rather than buying them. Hence, here is a list of household things to make at home instead of buying.

Food products

1. Yoghurt

You just need milk, and a little bit of yogurt to make yogurt it is that simple. You really don’t have to buy yogurt if you buy milk. So stop buying it and make it.

2. Bread

If toast goes on every breakfast plate and bread at the side of every soup. Then you need to start making it not buying. Get recipes and take them off your grocery list.

3. Broth

Beef, Chicken, or Vegetable broth can all be made at home. So cancel it off your next grocery list.

4. Icecream

Homemade ice cream is just the best. When it’s the summer and you constantly need to cool down make your ice cream and save some money.

5. Granola

You just need some rolled oats, honey or brown sugar, and some dried fruits to make your granola. If you have these ingredients you honestly don’t need to buy them.

6. Candies

The kids love candies and it is really hard to say no. Do you a favor, take it off your shopping list, and make them at home.

7. Dog Food

Dogs eat a lot of food too and you have to feed them too. However, you can save some cost by making those meals yourself.

Cleaning Products

8. Laundry Soap

Laundry soap is always on the list and it is not the cheapest on the list. Why don’t you just make it and cut down the cost?

9. Bath soap (bar/liquid)

Whether it is a bar soap or a liquid bath soap. Homemade is the best because you know exactly what you put in it and you get to save some money by making yours.

10. Air Freshener

Keeping the house smelling good also comes with a cost. But that cost can be cut down if you make your own freshener.

11. Hand Sanitizer

Ever since the pandemic consumption of hand sanitisers has gone high. You don’t have to spend it, just buy it.

Beauty Products

12. Body and Face Scrubs

If you have ingredients like sugar, oatmeal, baking soda and cinnamon at home. Then you don’t need to buy any type of scrubs.

13. Face and Hair Mask

With banana, avocado, honey, aloe vera or oils. You can make a very good mask for your face.

14. Hair Mask

With banana, avocado, honey, aloe vera, or oils. You can make a very good mask for your hair.

15. Lip Balm

There are hundreds of recipes on how to make different types of lip balm for different lip needs. Make them rather than buy them.

16. Hair Conditioner

Like most beauty products making a hair conditioner is easy too. Therefore, make it not buy it.

17. Bath Salt

You see that twice-in-a-week soak, you honestly don’t need to buy the salt for it. Like many other spa products, you can make.

18. Oils

Oil extraction is not rocket science. Hence, if you need some coconut, carrots or olive oil just do the extraction yourself.


19. Candles

Even with electricity candles still light up the house. For your next dinner date make the scented candles to your taste.

20. Pillows

Like any home decor, pillows are easy DIY accessories. Did you know that they are not cheap? Save the cost and make them.

21. Handbags

Carrying the same handbag every day for a long while can be tiring. You can make many to have a variety.

22. Toys

Every time they make a request for a new toy doesn’t mean you have to buy it. You can make it and make it more special and unique. Wooden toys or foam dolls are easy to make.

23. Greeting Cards

You can avoid spending 20 bucks on that fancy greeting cards. A greeting card is one of those crafts you can make at any time.

24. Beaded Jewelry

Beaded pieces of jewellery are unique and beautiful. it is also easy to make bracelets and necklaces with them so save money by making them instead of buying them.

25. Christmas Decor

Christmas is a big holiday and its decor doesn’t come cheap. You can’t make all the decorations but you can make most of them. So save some bucks there.

26. Hair Accessories

It doesn’t necessarily have to be your hair accessories but for your baby girl. Get creative and make them so you don’t have to keep buying them.

In Conclusion…

There are many things you can make instead of buying to save money. Think of everything you consume on a daily bases and start thinking of making the ones that are expensive to cut down your cost.

things to make at home instead of buying

things to make instead of buying to save money and cut down budget.
things to make instead of buying to save money
things to make instead of buying this christmas Pinterest Pin

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