4 Unique Reasons Why I Started My Blog

4 Unique Reasons Why I Started My Blog

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Lately, I have been trying to gain focus on my blog because I haven’t done well so far. So I asked myself why did I create this blog in the first place? Like what was the passion behind Broke Girls Get Fixed? It didn’t take too long before I started remembering the reasons why I started this blog.

Hence I will be sharing with you the unique reasons why I created my blog and I hope it helps inspire someone.

To be myself and be real at it

Blogging is a unique privilege to be you and no one else. On your blog, you can talk like you and laugh at your own bad jokes. Hence, I wanted to take advantage of that.

I wanted to share my financial struggles. Talk about all the business I started and failed. Share my debt-free journey and my constant struggle with growing my income.

The plan was not to make it look good but to be real at doing it because I know I’m not alone in my kind of shoes. Someone needs to know they are not alone too.

To help young bosses like me succeed

I might not be a millionaire yet, but I do have some success stories. Someone can learn from it. I have cleared my debts someone can learn from that and I am slowly growing my income someone can learn from that too.

Perhaps you should read about here.

To teach what I am constantly learning

I paid to learn how to blog and I am constantly learning new things. I’m the last person to hoard knowledge. I share even when not asked.

Hence, I created this blog to learn and to teach. A matter of fact I am a

I started my blog to make some money.

This could be the most pushing reason behind the blog to be sincere. However, if I don’t get all others right it won’t be possible.

We have thousands of new bloggers every day because of the money articles about bloggers earning six figures. As someone trying to grow her income, I saw no harm in giving it a try.

Blogging is time-consuming because there is a lot to get done. It will be great if all that time spent is compensated with some income no matter how little. Also owning a blog comes with some expenses. Why not the blog take care of itself if it’s capable of.

I am yet to start making money from it but my traffic is growing and I am making good progress growing my email list. In my next post, I will be sharing my growth with you. You should 2 reasons blogging is the perfect side hustle to start.

In conclusion…

This might not be the most amazing reason behind the creation of a blog. However, it is unique to me and I’m glad I was able to share this. I am able to wake up every day excited to create new contents because of these reasons.

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4 unique reasons why I started my blog

Rachael Tanze

Hi, I am Rachael. I started broke girls get fixed to share my journey to financial freedom. To freely talk about the ups and downs of starting a small business and how to succeed. With my experience, I hope to help young bosses like myself achieve success.

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