5 Simple Things to do When Starting a Blog


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Starting a blog is the easiest part of blogging.However, the same can’t be said for growing it or maintaining it. Well I am not writing this to tell you what’s easy or not. But rather what will help you start your blogging journey well.

Get a pen and paper right now. This is a checklist you have to follow, so when done with any you check it out. There is no first or last to this things. You would get to understand they are what you might regret not getting them right from the word go.

Let’s get down to business….

Pick a Niche

A niche simply means the area in which you want to create content about. Such as, lifestyle, health, fashion, beauty, social media, craft, blogging, etc.

So before starting a blog pick a niche. This will help you in choosing a prefect domain name that will suit your blog

Create a domain name

A domain name is what your blog would be called and it is could be your URL. For example my blog is called Broke Girls Get Fixed and the domain name is brokegirlsgetfixed.com. It necessarily don’t have to be that way.

However, if your blog title is long and a little bit complicated then you might have to make the domain simple for people to easily remember and search for it.

It would be good for your domain name to say a little about what your blog is all about( your niche)

Now quickly write down possible domain names you would like to use, the pick the best out of them. When you are done with that our next stop is social media whoop whoop!

Social media

Every social media is capable of getting good traffic to your blog. However, mastering all can be a waste of time because growing any social media account needs consistency. By the time you start blogging you would realize time is not your friend.

Hence pick one or two that you would master and grow. My number one is Pinterest, a matter of fact Pinterest is every bloggers top choice. So pinterest is one then choose another. My second social media is Instagram because you see quick result. Though lately Instagram haven’t being fair to its users but what ever is the problem I’m sure they are trying to fix it.

Outline topics

If you’ve chosen a niche then this should be easy because you know what you want to talk about. Take this serious because an active blog increases the chances of your visibility on search engines. At least four blog post monthly will be fine.

Grab a piece of paper, if you haven’t done that from the beginning and outline the topics you want to write out. It’s a outline remember? so it mustn’t be perfect.

There are tools in blogging to help you with a perfect headline. As a new blogger never worry about being perfect when starting a blog, you get better along the way that’s my number one lesson.

Learn more about blogging when starting a blog.

After a long while I realized I had a lot of plugins I didn’t need. I signed up for a lot of affiliate programs I couldn’t keep up with or promote. Like I literally did a lot of useless things that wasted my time with no results.

Take your time and learn how to do a lot of things and what method fits your niche when it comes to blog monetization. Read this simple guide.

The best thing I have learned in my 19 months of blogging is planning. Plan for whatever you want to get done. It could be weekly, monthly or 3 month( 90 days) plan. I sometime make daily plans for easy tasks.

I know there are amazing courses out there to put you through the right. Some free and some paid. whether free or paid make sure you are signing up for what will really help you. What helped me and showed me the way to start earning was the $1k blogger. A simplified blogging course by a six-figure blogger.

Phew! I’ve read tons of blog post on making money blogging and growing blog traffic that I don’t want to read any any more. I won’t even talk about the dozens of courses I signed up for. They all helped me no matter how little or much.

A little something for you

Since you are reading this I know you have the intension of starting a blog. If you are not sure yet this post will help you make up your mind but if you are sure already then start right away HERE

5 things to do when starting a blog
things to do before you start a blog

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