5 Unique Things You Need For Your Mental Health

things you need for your mental care

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In a time like this when nothing seems to be going well and doors are getting shut down. You really need to take your mental health seriously. There are things you need for your mental health. These are not wants or needs but necessities.

I need this, you need this, we all need this. Just last week I had a breakdown. A week to the world shutting down, I was going to start a new job which was almost triple my old job paycheck. The money from this new job could have supported the small side business I started and everything just stopped. No job and business can’t go on due to lockdown. Many of us can relate to this. I asked myself some questions and the answers inspired this post.

You know me, I am all about bringing the best to you in a cheap way. Today we will be looking at 5 unique things you need for your mental health.

unique things you need for your mental health

Why should you take your mental health seriously?

Your mind or brain is the center of your thoughts, consciousness, and ability to be productive. It is the powerhouse for everything you are able to do.

Hence, when it is not healthy you lose the ability to do a lot of things which will directly affect your existence.

Therefore, you have a thousand and one reasons to take your mental health seriously. Or else you be ready to not function well.

Good Company

Keeping good company comes in different forms. If you live with your family thank God and if you are alone, now is the time to go to where everyone is, which is social media.

Loneliness is terrible and being idle is insane your mental health needs non of that. If friends and family can’t come to you and you to them. Find a meeting point and social media is the best option for now. Build a relationship that can go on when all this is over.

I’m on a WhatsApp group that is usually silent and all of a sudden it is filled with laughter. Please don’t miss out on all the online craziness, for now, you need it for your mental health.

5 unique things you need for your mental health

Mental games are things you need for your mental health

These could just be a daily routine like rituals or meditation. Something that could take a good amount of your time.

I stumbled upon a mind card with lots of activities that are healthy and can get you hooked for some hours. Since I know nobody is making much money at this time except for some few of course. These cards are cheap.

Let me introduce you to the LSW Mind Cards. These cards come with activities for kindness, gratitude, journaling, daily rituals, reflection and relaxation. For a cheap amount of 9.99 pounds.

Other products with this card are and e-book getting to know you for 3.95 pounds. What better time than now for you to discover your authentic self.

Plan for the future

The world will come back to normal and there will be an end to all that’s happening. If your life has to be crazy all this while. You just got time to think it through.

Personally I love to set goals and plan how to achieve them. Like this year my goal is to boost my income. Though the pandemic is slowing things down, I am still on the right track.

Hence, set those goals and be on the set to go.

things you need for mental health


A daily dose of you being positive to yourself. Tell yourself you will survive the hard times and everything will pass.

Listen to the songs that makes you happy and put them on replay. It’s your life and you have the power to make it feel good. You can’t wait for affirmation from people it is not good for your mental health. All things positive are the things you need for your mental health.

In conclusion…

Your mental health matters and if you did not know that yesterday you know it now. Hence, do the right things that will keep you mentally stable very day.

Keep good company, affirm yourself daily to stay motivated, get excited about planning for your future. And just like how our body needs some exercise and game time so does our mind.

Therefore, do these unique things for your mental health.

things you need for your mental health
things you need for your mental health

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