Hi, I’m Rachael Tanze.

The brain behind Broke Girls Gets fixed. A teacher by profession and an online entrepreneur by passion.

Broke Girls Get Fixed (BGGF) is aimed at capturing my journey through trying to fix my finances and personal growth. Over the years I have started small businesses, made little investments, saved money, and changed a lot of lifestyle habits just to get by.

Since I am no hoarder of knowledge I will share my success and failures. I know a broke person out there trying really hard to fix their life will find the contents I create helpful.

Not only will I capture my journey but show you how to make it work for yourself and in the future live a life of financial stability, growth and satisfaction. If you struggled with debts I did too but not anymore.

If you struggled with not having enough money to solve all your problems? You are not alone at this table. And if you are struggling with finding yourself and living life to the fullest I got you covered.

Hence, this blog is dedicated to helping you and me find a way out. To create opportunities not just for ourselves but for others too.

Let us have some fun on this journey, why don’t you hang out with me on Instagram and Pinterest. Also, you can work with me, there is so much we can achieve together.

Or on a personal level sign up for my weekly newsletter where you get direct help from me and I share my growth and success on this journey to financial freedom.

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