Blueprint To Owning And Creating A Successful Blog

blueprint to owning a successful blog

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Creating a successful blog is not an overnight job. Neither is owning a successful blog easy.

When I started my blog, I never had a blueprint on how to be successful at blogging. All I came across, was dozen of blog posts about bloggers talking about the thousands they made blogging.

It was exciting reading all of that and hoping to start making that much too. But, it wasn’t that easy. All the promising posts only gave the free unhelpful tips and the helpful blogging tips didn’t come free. It was a bit frustrating at that time.

Fast forward to today. I have learned a lot and I created this post to show you the easy blueprint to creating a successful blog no one showed me.

What I will be teaching you today are successful blogging tips on how to run a blog successfully. Blogging tips that will give you results if followed.

Most successful blogs did not rise in one day. It had a consistent blogger doing all the right things every day. And by successful we are talking about traffic, engagement, and monetization.

You are going to see exactly what those things are and how putting them in practice will give you results in no distant time.

Firstly, launch your blog the right way

Creating a successful blog starts with the basics. You need to get a resource that will put you in the right way. A good free resource can do that for you.

Through a blogging course, I took. I realized my blog wasn’t launched properly so I had to suffer some difficulties which have affected the success of my blog in some areas.

However, all of that is fixed and my blog is doing OK. Hence, make sure you start your blog on the right blogging platform like WordPress. Use the best hosting providers and install the right plugins.

Your blog’s functionality such as speed can affect things like SEO and how well you rank on Google. So get it right from the beginning and launch a blog ready to succeed.

The second step to creating a successful blog is in your Content.

Most profitable blogs achieve success through their contents.

So your blog is set and live on the world wide web and you have designed it to your taste. The next bold step is creating something great for your audience. However, If you don’t have a blog yet here is a step by step guide on starting one.

Your content is where and how people get to know you and your work.

Therefore, create original and quality content. A matter of fact, one of the Ad-sense criteria for approval is originality and quality.

What is quality content? These are contents that enlighten and solve a problem. While originality simply means you created it yourself without plagiarism.

The blueprint of a quality content for a successful blog

Content can mean a lot of things but in the context of blogging, I am referring to your blog post. So what makes a blog post clickable and sharable?

1. It solves a problem.

No matter how big or little a problem is, as long as your post solves that problem it is quality content. For instance, this post is going to solve a problem which is to help you create a profitable successful blog.

2. Well researched.

Make sure your post is filled with a lot of valuable info. If you are trying to show your audience how to do something, make sure your guide gives them results.

3. Have a catchy headline.

Let it be simple and direct and if possible tell what value the post contains if clicked. See your headline as a summary of your 2000 words blog post. I use CoSchedule Headline Analyzer to make sure my headlines are good.

Here is how to get a catchy headline with Coschedule:

Head over to CoSchedule here

easy blueprint to a catchy headline

Type in your headline and click analyze now and wait for your results.

How your result will look like on CoSchedule

You can see for this headline I scored 71 which is pretty good. However, if you want a higher score keep scrolling down to see a detailed analysis of the headline and where you can boost it.

an easy blueprint to owning a successful blog

Keywords are even suggested for you and you can decide to use them or use better ones.

4. Use subheadings in your post.

Subheadings improve your post readability. Make sure you include keywords in your subheadings.

5. Create images for your content.

Design them to fit the social media you plan on sharing it on. Be it Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter. I use Stencil to create my images. Stencil app is very easy to use.

6. SEO your post.

SEO means Search Engine Optimization. There is a plugin that makes it easy. Search for Yoast in your add new plugin area, install it, and activate it. Yoast, allows you to insert a keyword into your post which could make your content appear on search engines. It also tells you what to put into your post to make good. when you see it green it means you are doing a great job.

7. Proof read

I am not an English guru hence, I use a tool that helps my post be free of grammatical errors. The tool is Grammarly and it is free.

8. Publish

Click publish or you can schedule the post for another day.

Now you have your Quality content, what next?

Promote your Content.

Becoming a successful blogger means you have to put in so much effort into making your online presence known. That is by promoting your content tirelessly.

Organic traffic is not easy to come by and organic traffic simply means the traffic you get directly from search engines. It is not a days job to rank on Google. Hence you can’t wait for traffic to come and find you, you have to go find it. Therefore, share your post on:

a. Pinterest:

Pinterest is the home of bloggers. If you don’t have an account yet open one today. Make sure it is a business account. Keep pinning until your engagement goes high.

b. Facebook:

Facebook is the easiest way to get blog traffic. All you need to do is find blogging groups, join them, and share your content. Always follow the rule in that group though.

c. Instagram:

Instagram is a good place to grow an audience. People who like your work and would click to see your new content. Give it a try.

d. Twitter:

If you’ve been on twitter, then you know it’s a platform you can grow your following very fast. Hence, making it possible for your content to reach many audiences. An easy way to tweet your post to twitter is by installing a “better click to tweet” plugin. It makes it possible for you to create a tweet in your post.

e. Mix:

So StumbleUpon no longer exists but there is a substitute for it. It is called Mix, you can find traffic there too. Give it a try.

Traffic might not be super great from the word go. However, you need to be consistent and deliberate in growing your traffic through social media.

Here are some places you can share your blog post aside social media.

make your first money blogging. Get the $1k blogger and make your first $1000 blogging.

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Creating a successful blog includes monetizing it

creating a successful blog

A successful blog equals to a profitable blog. To qualify a blog as successful aside from a good amount of traffic it needs to be making you money.

To be honest with you I really don’t know where to start from because there are so many ways to make money from a blog and different methods to use.

However, I will try my best to make it easy for you to understand. A successful blog doesn’t necessarily mean you are making lots of money within a short while. However, you are taking the right steps towards achieving that.

4 easy ways to monetize your blog

How to build a successful blog also depends on your monetization strategies.

Just to be very clear on this, there are more than four ways to make money from a blog. However, the four we are going to look into are the most common with quick results.

1. Advertising:

Placing ads on a blog seems to be the most common way to make money blogging but I tell you the truth it is not my favorite. Why? Because making good money form adverts demands very high traffic.

The best Ad networks with higher PPC incentive needs you to have over 50000 page views monthly. That’s a lot, right? However, do not panic, getting tons of page views is possible. The key to that is by creating quality content and promoting them as if your life depends on it.

I have good news though, there are Ad networks that accept new bloggers. Examples are PopAds, Propellerads, and Infolinks.

2. Affiliate Marketing:

Affiliate marketing is not the easiest, though not hard, however, the best. You don’t need tons of traffic to make money with affiliate marketing.

With less than 200 page views I made $19 from affiliate sales. Know that such page views will not make you $1 with ads.

However, you need to know what your audience needs.

The best way to make affiliate marketing work for you is through email marketing. How do you do that? By growing your email list with subscribers. I am building mine as well and so far I am doing a good job. Read about it.

How Affiliate Marketing works

However, before you can sell products you have to find products and where do you find products to promote? You find products in affiliate networks or by joining affiliate programs of the products you already enjoy using.

Some affiliate networks are easy to join while some are not. If you are just starting out, one network is good enough so you understand how it works before applying to other networks. JVZOO is easy to signup and to find products, give it a try.

Please, find and promote products in your niche. Don’t be talking about traveling then be selling weight loss products. Your audience won’t buy because they are reading your content to get travel tips. What they will buy are products which your travel tip recommend could help them travel better. I hope you understand.

3. Personal Product sales:

These could be goods or services. If you are an expert in an area, then you can advertise your services on your blog. Simply create a work with me page.

Products also include ebooks, online courses, photos and even craft. I can’t really think of all the things you could sell. However, the list is unlimited.

4. Sponsored Post:

This is when you get paid to publish other people or companies’ work on your blog. If you write quality content and promote your blog well. Then getting a sponsored post will be easy.

Get helpful resources to run a blog successfully

you need help to run a successful blog

Becoming a successful blogger running a successful blog is not a day’s job. You need to make sure you are using helpful resources that give results.

No one successful blogger I know have made it blogging without help.

When it comes to blogging there are so many free resources that can give you results. Which is a good thing.

However, if you want to have a profitable blog you need to get at least one blogging resource that will show you details free resources won’t.

For me, it was the $1K Blogger by Lidiya who makes $5000/month blogging. She broke down everything in detail that in less than two weeks I got back 70% of my investment in the course through her affiliate marketing simple method.

With my special discount code “RACHAELTANZE” you can still get it for the early bird price of $27.

Not only am I able to start making affiliate sales with a small blog but with her easy SEO tips, I started implementing. I went from position 50 in google ranking to 38 in less than a week. Lidiya gets 50,000 page views monthly on her blog all from Google.

Giving more practice I will make it to the top 10 in a month’s time and will have some content ranking #1 as I already have one content at #5.

Hence, the $1k blogger is the course you need if you really want to be a successful blogger running a successful blog without spending much.

Some Background Work for creating a Successful Blog

You should consider doing the following as soon as your blog is up and running.

i. Open a Google analytic account and register your blog there.

This will only take you a few minutes. Google Analytics helps you understand your audience, their demography, and which content of yours gets the most clicks.

ii. Get a Search Console account and register your blog there too.

Registering your blog on Search Console is like listing your website on Google. Google will now know a blog like yours exist.

iii. A successful blog doesn’t happen by mistake.

It takes deliberate actions. Set monthly goals, weekly goals, and daily tasks. I have achieved all my goals for the month of March, so I’m about to set one for April.

iv. Learn and unlearn.

Blogging comes with a lot of trial and error. Hence, You have to be ready to undo what you just did to get a better outcome.

v. Running a successful blog doesn’t have to cost you too much.

Spend on the necessary things like hosting and a few resources(1 or 2) but the rest you can do them cheap or free. Read Cheap Ways to run a Blog.

In Conclusion…

Creating a successful blog is no rocket science. With patience and consistency you will see results in no time.

Simply launch a blog the right way, create profitable contents, promote them effortlessly and chose the best way to monetize it.

With what you just learned, you are on your way to owning a successful blog.

This easy blueprint on owning and creating a successful blog will set you up for success.

If you have any questions feel free to drop a comment. I would love to know the unique way you have created a successful blog for yourself.

An easy blueprint to owning a successful blog
Owning and creating a successful blog does not happen overnight. You need to be guided towards success. Hence, here is an easy blueprint to starting a successful blog.
an easy guide to owning and creating a successful blog

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  1. This was an excellent overview of what’s needed to grow a successful blog. As someone who is just starting out, I agree that much of what you said is terribly important. I haven’t see the tip about Search Console and definitely will look into that. Thanks for the tips!

  2. Lots of great info here! I started my blog at the beginning of December 2019 and after 3 months of working hard I suffered some burn out. I’m now trying to pick it up again but life is crazy and I’m juggling a lot. I have been working on improving with many of these tips, but need more effort towards SEO and adding pictures. So far I’ve only used my own photography in my posts. I need to be more active with promoting my blog too.

    1. Yes, you need to be more active promoting your blog that’s where the bulk of the work lies. Don’t worry about having all the time, just put in the little time you can squeeze out for it and you will definitely see some results.

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