The Best Self-care tips for Women: 33 self-care tips.

the best self-care tips for women

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Life moves so fast that often are times we forget about some things that matter. Such things as practising the best self-care. We get carried away taking care of work, career, business, and family. That we forget to take care of the one person that matters most which is us.

One thing is certain, as women our self-care should matter to us. However, we, most times do not see the need for it. Hence, we neglect it.

You need to know that your well-being affects the well-being of others. Your positive energy shines through you and you need to be in the right state of mind for that to happen.

The one way you can ensure that happens is by taking your self-care seriously. Hence, this self-care advice is for the everyday woman who needs some self-love.

Before we talk more about these self-care tips and tricks. Let’s talk about some important things.

frugal selfcare tips for mother's day

You have to intentionally practise self-care

Self-care tips do not work all by themselves no matter how good they are. You as an individual willing to take your health to the next level need to practice self-care intentionally.

You can have self-care box ideas, where you can pick out new ideas to try every day, weekly and even monthly.

Start with simple self-care ideas. Just so you get familiar with pampering yourself and developing a healthy habit that will last you a lifetime.

You’ll need some sort of self-care routine

Yes, you will need to have some sort of self-care routine. Why? so that you will be able to practice these tips according to your schedule.

A self-care night routine will be perfect if you work early in the morning till the daytime.

And a self-care day routine will be perfect if you will not have time at night.

It is left to you to choose what best fits your activities. So in the end you do not have an excuse as to why you haven’t started giving yourself the love it deserves.

33 of the best self-care tips for women

Self-care is not selfish

These 33 of the best self-care tips for women are not only easy self-care ideas but simple self-care tips you can start right away. I mean like now!

However, these are just tips for women and more self-care suggestions. Pick what can work for you and start practising them.

1. Practice gratitude

Practising gratitude does not have to be a daily routine, it can be a weekly self-care routine. Take out time to think about all that is happening around you but this time focus on only the good stuff. Despite being stressed out you will find a million things to smile about and be grateful for.

This is number one in my self-care routine. Make it yours too.

2. Take care of your body

One of the best ways to take care of yourself as a lady is through your body. We are designed to want to look good and feel good. Not only is this a top self-care tip but a top confidence boost tip.

These are simple self-care tips because there are so many ways to go about it. A good hairdo that fits you, a trip to the nail parlour will work, buying a nice perfume, a body massage, and a little shopping spree for the trending outfits. The list can go on but I know you get the idea.

3. Get plenty of sleep

Self-care comes in many ways and trust me when I say women need sleep. By nature, we are multi-taskers and we need a good amount of rest to do that.

You do not have to sleep so many hours all you need is to know how many hours is enough for your body to get enough rest. It varies for every individual and age group.

This is not just women’s health care tips but a self-care tip you can share with everyone.

4. Use positive language

One of the best self-care tips for women is affirmation. Ladies we love getting compliments it makes us feel good.

However, we cannot wait for it to be said to us. It might take a while. Hence, we are to self affirm ourselves. Use positive words about yourself and others.

Look in the mirror every day and say positive things to yourself. Practice using positive language, rather than calling yourself stupid for making a mistake. Call yourself brave for trying to fix it.

On rough days do not be hard on yourself remember you are a step closer to success.

5. Reward yourself

The same way you feel a friend or hubby needs to be rewarded by you for being kind and supportive. Is the same way you should feel about rewarding yourself, for trying every day and never giving up.

Buy yourself a present too and spend a little on yourself too. You can reward yourself and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. See these as female health tips that focus on mental health.

6. Morning self-care routines

The best self-care tips often revolve around morning routines. It is like that because how you start your mornings have a great effect on how your day will go.

Have a good morning self-care routine that includes you waking up early, praying, meditating, and reading your Bible or a good spiritual book. Do a few minute stretches or exercise, have breakfast, write down your to-do list and start your day.

7. Forgive others

This might not sound like a self-care advise but trust me when I say it is.

If you want to look younger and smile more you need to learn to forgive quickly and very often because people won’t stop hurting you.

You are the one in control of what stays on your mind. Make sure it is not filled with unforgiveness.

8. Worry less

Don’t we just worry too much as women? If it’s not the kids, it is work, it is family or friends.

Women worry about everything. By stressing the problem never gets solved. So how about we worry less. Think of a solution and put it into action.

Consider this the best self-care advice you will ever get.

9. Give compliments

Giving compliments should be a daily self-care routine for every woman.

In the same way we love receiving compliments. Should be the same way we love giving out compliments

I feel good about myself when I am able to tell a fellow lady she looks gorgeous. Try it and see how amazing you would feel.

10. Exercise

exercising is one of the best self-care tips for women.

I consider exercising a simple self-care ritual for an everyday woman. Who wants to live her best life.

Staying healthy is necessary for our well-being and exercise is one easy way to get it done.

Not only easy but a cheap self-care tip because one hour of jogging every day is perfect.

11. Social media break

Some weeks back I took a social media break and it was refreshing. The best part was I didn’t miss it or a thing.

I understand we might be making some extra income or full-time income from there. However, we still need a break from it.

Find a way to do it so that it will not affect your business. Who said practising self-care is all the way easy.

12. Confide in someone

What I have realised about confiding in people is that I am not alone facing the same kind of problems. Plus there is a solution.

Hence, when you feel like the best option is to keep it to yourself, don’t. This could lead to stress and eventually depression.

13. Learn to say no

Saying no is the best self-care tip that is new and trending. It turns a “no” negative response into a positive acceptable thing to do.

Is that not amazing? Learning that for peace of mind and your sanity you need to say no sometimes. Even if it will hurt the other person.

14. Read good books

Read books that will motivate you and help you improve yourself. In every personal development post, I write about, I make sure reading books are included.

This is an important self-care tip for women because we need to take care of ourselves in every aspect. We need to add more intellectual value to ourselves.

Reading books can be relaxing too. So find a good book, sit on a comfortable sofa, and read a chapter every day.

15. Stop taking sugar

Cut down the consumption of sugar by taking little or no soda. I know it is hard because it tastes really good. I love Coca-cola like crazy, but now I can go weeks without taking coke and still feel great.

We already consume a lot of it from the junk we eat so let us cut it down.

16. Be kind to yourself

Do not be hard on yourself, affirm yourself, reward yourself, and give yourself some praise when necessary.

We cannot be perfect all the time but we can applaud ourselves for never giving up and trying every day.

17. Raise your awareness

Invest time in knowing what is happening around you. In your state, country, and even the world.

Be a part of something effective that will bring change. Like I am an activist for gender equality and girl child education. The picture you see of me is for a campaign to end gender-based violence.

There is so much you can do to take care of your physical and mental self. This is just one.

18. Set realistic goals

Learn to set goals that are realistic so you don’t beat yourself when all are not achieved.

I know we have a lot to do as women not even for ourselves but we have o=to set goals that are achievable.

I love these self-care tips and I try to practice them often.

19. Keep a journal

A girl sitting on a floor wearing blue denim writing in a journal.

By now you know a journal is for many things, but most importantly for recording events.

Hence, record the good days and when things are not going smooth. Read and remind yourself of some days that were great.

20. Time with friends

Have a girls’ day out with your friends and even a sleepover.

These will take you out of your daily usual routine and it is refreshing.

I do not practice this self-care tip often but it is one of the best self-care tips for women.

21. Eat breakfast

This falls under the category of women’s health care tips 101. Just kidding though.

However, I know you have heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. This is so true. If you want to start an energetic day have a good breakfast. Even if all you want to do is lose some weight, don’t miss breakfast.

This is another among the best self-care tips for women.

22. Drink lots of water

Water does a lot of things to the body, it has a lot of importance. That is why it should be a self-care routine you practice every day.

You can drink water for healthy skin and even for weight loss. There are so many benefits to taking water every day.

23. Crush simple tasks first

Be it for your daily or weekly goals, make sure you crush the simple ones first.

This helps lower stress because doing the hard ones might take longer, therefore, making you feel like you are not making progress.

Hence, start with the simple ones, this is an easy self-care tip.

24. Remove toxic people

I wrote in my post 5 cheap ways to live a healthy life. That you can cut off family if they are toxic to you.

It might sound brutal but I mean it. Cut off toxic people for your mental self-care. You do not need negative energy around you.

25. Stop procrastinating

Procrastination is the killer of productivity therefore stop it.

As earlier mentioned, start by crushing easy tasks to avoid being stuck in one place and eventually give up.

I have struggled with procrastination in the past but not anymore With the help of this Next level productivity course. I learned how to beat procrastination in an easy way.

26. Pray

Praying is a morning self-care routine. There is a need to draw strength from a source that can keep you doing all day long.

Have a morning devotion, meditate and pray to God.

27. Accept yourself as you are

If there is any good self-care tip for women that I have struggled with, is this. And I know we all struggle with this as women.

We are designed with so many curves and corners that we should learn to embrace.

We don’t have perfect body shapes but unique body shapes. Hence, love your curves.

I hope the picture below gives you a better understanding of what I am saying

Love your curves girl!
Photo credit Elephant Journal

28. Schedule days off

You are a badass hustler and a dedicated solopreneur I know. Or the best employee of the month back to back. You still need to schedule days off.

What I love about self-care is this, the best self-care tips are cheap and easy to do.

Hence, have some no workdays when you can.

29. Automate what you can

This self-care tip is in line with work. Like how you need to have days away from work. You also need to be able to automate some if you can.

This saves time and boosts productivity. You can also get a life planner kit just to be more in control of everything you do.

30. Make time for family

This is self-care advice for busy moms. Being around family and still being busy does not count as making time for family.

For this, to work you have to not work and be in the moment.

31. Reflect on good things happening

Remember I said for you to practice gratitude as a self-care you need to reflect on good things happening in the midst of chaos.

This one is more of you constantly reflecting on good things not for gratitude alone. But so you can always be filled with positive thoughts. This is extremely important for your mental health.

32. Go on a trip

Yes, girl! don’t just take a work break go on a vacation alone or with your girlfriends.

A change of environment for relaxation is a self-care tip for women that works in refreshing the mind.

It must not be an expensive trip, just save a little and travel girl!

33. Eat healthy meals

Self-care is for health and you cannot live a healthy life without eating healthy meals.

Eating healthily does not have to cost you much. Here is a list of 20+ cheap food found everywhere for a healthy diet.

The best self-care tips don’t break your bank

To practice self-care doe not mean you have to be financially buoyant. I am a frugal lady and blogger. I only give tips that the regular girl trying to live her best life on a low budget can.

Personally, I practice all of these tips and they are effective and give results when they should.

Some are weekly routines and are perfect for different times of the day. Choose what will work for you and give no excuse as to why you couldn’t practice these easy self-care routines.

In Conclusion…

Though there are many self-care tips for women. This is a selection of the best self-care tips for women of all age groups.

As women, we need lots of self-love, and the easiest way to get that is through self-care. Therefore let us make it a priority, not an option.

33 of the best self-care tips for women
self-love isn't selfish
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Self care tips for women
self-care tips for women

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