Blog income report for the month of September

Blog income report for the month of September

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This is my first blog income report ever since I started this blog one year six months ago.

Starting a blog was one of the most exciting things I decided to do last year. So in April last year, I decided to create broke girls get fixed. A personal finance blog, which I would share my experience on savings and starting a business.

The blog was intended to be a side hustle because of the many ways I could monetize it. Running ads, affiliate marketing, sponsored posts, selling products just to mention a few ways.

Over time it didn’t appear so rosy again. I struggled to be focused as there were so many distractions online on making money aside blogging. I also struggle with creating time for my blog as I am not a full-time blogger.

Every resource that could help with making money on a blog was expensive. Don’t forget this blog was created to make me some money so I didn’t have plans to spend too much on it. The truth is I haven’t spent much on it. If you want to know how I do it read this. Also, head over to my resource page and see the free tools I use.

This could be the worst income report you ever read.

This is what I wasn’t doing right all this while which cost me a lot.

1. I wasn’t consistent. Even though my contents are original. They were not consistent and every blog needs consistency.

2. I was trying too many things at the same time. Instead of growing my blog, I wanted to grow other irrelevant things.

3. My monetization skills was poor. However, I’ve fixed it.

This is what I’m about to do to improve my income for October.

I just finished a 5 days free affiliate accelerator course by Aby the owner of Mamapreneur. A blog dedicated to mom bloggers. I’m not a mum but I learned a lot and I am ready to take my income to the next level.

Hence, I will be more consistent. I will write more blog posts to promote my affiliate products. Step up my SEO, I will promote my content more on social media. I will work hard towards getting more email subscribers. Trust me the next time you see another income report from me it will be amazing.

Lets get to the main event of the day

Here is my blog income report for the month of September after 18 months of blogging.

  • Ad Income: 0$
  • Affiliate income: 0$
  • Products: 0$
  • Sponsored post: 0$

There you have it, after all this while blogging I haven’t made a cent. Unbelievable right? If you were following you would see that I wasn’t doing much.

My next income report will have more figures other than zero I promise. Just watch me grow.

My blog income report for the month of September

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Hi, I am Rachael. I started broke girls get fixed to share my journey to financial freedom. To freely talk about the ups and downs of starting a small business and how to succeed. With my experience, I hope to help young bosses like myself achieve success.

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