Blog Post Topics That Go Viral on Pinterest

Blog post topics that go viral on Pinterest

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There are a lot of things that make a pin go viral on Pinterest and one is your blog post topic. However, on a pin, it is called headlines. There is also a lot of factors that make a headline click-worthy.

If you have been on Pinterest for a while now you might have noticed for yourself. However, if you are new on Pinterest or just never cared to, this post is created to enlighten you.

I have been on Pinterest for some while now and I successfully grow my views by 100k every week. You can learn how I do it here. Therefore I know the kind of pins that go viral. These are not just my assumptions but facts, with so much time put into research and observation.

But before I start listing let me help you out with some guidelines to writing a good headline.

My simple guide to writing a good headline

I am not a design expert and I will not be telling you some difficult things. Some of my pins or most are designed by me and I use Stencil because it is easy to use for beginners. You can learn how to use Stencil to create pins for Pinterest here.

  • Make your fonts bold. 80% of Pinterest users are actively pinning with their mobile device (cell phone) Hence, make your fonts bold enough for a small screen,
  • Your headlines must not be the exact topic of your pin. For SEO sake your post headline is meant to be short so all can show on Google. It does not apply to your pins. Go ahead and make it descriptive the best you can.
  • The fewer the colors the better. Too many colors are not the best you might end up mixing colors that do not compliment. Talking more on colors Pinterest loves bright colors like red, pink, and orange when used well.
  • Feel free to copy designs. As I said I am not a design expert so most times I see a design I like and I imitate it. You can also get these cheap viral pin Canva templates to save you time.

A cheap resource that can help you with your headlines

I always recommend cheap blogging resources that help bloggers see results because I believe blogging cheap is possible. Hence, here is a Pinterest title traffic hacks by Carly a Pinterest expert. It goes for $27 but if you buy it now it goes for $17.

Let us go to the main purpose why you are here.

Pin titles that go viral on Pinterest

50 pin headlines that go viral on Pinterest

I will be breaking the post topics into categories. I will cover every miche possible if by any means you do not see topics that relates to what you blog about. Please let me know, just drop a comment.

Do not change your niche just to go with what is trending remember this is just one of the many factors that make a pin go viral.

Here are the blog post topics that goes viral on Pinterest in categories…

Passive Income topics go viral on Pinterest

  1. 30, 50 or 100 passive income ideas
  2. How to make money on autopilot
  3. Passive income ideas for millionaires
  4. How to make $10k (any amount) every month with passive income
  5. Make money online with this passive income ideas
  6. How to make passive income with a blog
  7. How this stay at home mom makes $5k in passive income
  8. 30, 50 or hundred work from home jobs to make you passive income.

The list can go on and it never finishes, as long as you would be showing your viewers how to make money your pin will get lots of saves which will lead to traffic.

Income Report topics go viral on Pinterest.

Pinners will pin any pin that talks about income and read it to see how it happened for the person. Here we go…

  1. How I made $1000 proofreading last month
  2. How I made $500 bookkeeping every month
  3. My dropshipping business made me $10k in 3 months
  4. Learn how I make $100 freelancing every week

Think of whatever may be an income report, it will go viral on Pinterest even if the pin design is crappy.

Affiliate Marketing: topics that go viral on Pinterest

Learning how to make money with affiliate marketing is a hot cake all over the online market not only Pinterest. Hence, pins about it or making money through it goes viral

  1. How to make money with affiliate marketing
  2. learn how to make massive sales with affiliate links
  3. The best affiliate marketing strategies for bloggers that can make you thousands
  4. How I made my first affiliate sales in 2 days
  5. The best affiliate marketing strategies for bloggers
  6. 10 high paying affiliate network every blogger must join

Pinterest Strategies topics go viral on Pinterest

I am sure you are not surprised this category is here. It is Pinterest we are talking about right? So everyone on it wants to know how it works. Hence, sharing Pinterest strategies with the right headline always go viral.

  1. ways to increase your Pinterest traffic
  2. How to drive traffic to your blog on Pinterest
  3. Learn how to go from 200k Pinterest views to 1 Million in 6 weeks
  4. How to use Tailwind tribes to boost your blog traffic
  5. 10 ways to make a pin go viral on Pinterest
  6. How I went from 500 followers to 10k followers on Pinterest
  7. A simple guide to make $100 every day on Pinterest
  8. How to make money on Pinterest with or without a blog.

To be sincere the titles are always similar however, they are different people talking about how they succeeded. Hence, people keep reading to get different perspectives. Personally I have read tons of posts on Pinterest strategy.

Personal Finance

Personal finance is one of the broadest blogging niche because a lot of things like saving, budgeting, investing, income growth and living frugal falls under it. Just for this category alone I can give you examples of over 50 pin titles that go viral but I will just give a good number.

  1. What food to buy when broke
  2. How to budget and save tons of money
  3. The best budgeting tips for one income earner
  4. 30 tips to live on one income
  5. How to budget with irregular income
  6. ways to cut your groceries bill into half
  7. 21 steps you can take to live below your means
  8. How to easily save $200 a month
  9. what to do when frugal does not come easy
  10. How we ate for $37 a week for a year
  11. Finance hacks to boost your finances
  12. How to make a budget when you’re terrible with money

Blog income and traffic report(make money blogging)

Pinterest is full of bloggers and they (we) all want to read about others success. It is some sort of reassurance that it is possible to succeed as a blogger

  1. How I made $3,000 my fourth month blogging
  2. This mom blogger made $5000 her second month blogging
  3. How to earn full-time income from blogging and quit your job
  4. I used Pinterest to triple me blog traffic. from 4000 to 20000 in one month
  5. How I made $30000 my first year blogging.
  6. I skyrocket my blog monthly views to 50,000 with tailwind tribes

Headlines with Figures

Just like how you love to see screenshots of chats showing prove of success, so does Pinterest users love figures or numbers. I have seen a pin design that was not the best but had thousands of repinning because of its figures such as

  1. How I made $1875 in my first-month blogging
  2. My traffic went from 300 to 10,000 in 30 days
  3. The Pinterest strategy I used to reach 80,000 monthly page views
  4. I went from $100 blog income to $2,301.99 in two weeks
  5. See how this blogger increased her blog traffic by 1235%
  6. How I went from $0 to $3560 monthly blog income

I do not have to keep listing you understand better with this few examples why and how headlines with figures go viral on Pinterest.

DIY (do it yourself)

Believe me when I say every DIY pin goes viral on Pinterest.

  1. 16 DIY face mask your skin needs
  2. zero waste homemade cleaner
  3. how to make cucumber mint sugar scrub
  4. homemade lush warrior makeup face mask
  5. how to make cream cheese mints
  6. DIY all natural shave lotion
  7. how to make a DIY rose clay face mask
  8. 5 best DIY coconut oil hair mask

Business and Side Hustles

  1. side hustles to help you quit your 9-5
  2. how to make $65,000 per year as a bookkeeper
  3. side jobs for beginners that pays $4000 a month
  4. How to start a proofreading business
  5. types of Facebook posts to grow your business
  6. how to track your business income correctly
  7. 10 high paying online jobs
blog post topics that go viral on Pinterest

Health and Wellness

Health and wellness is one niche on Pinterest that consistently change with whats trending. This week is Keto and the next is intuitive eating. Hence, I will give you the headlines that never go old.

  1. 10 Best health and wellness podcast for women
  2. 10 Bad health habits you have to stop
  3. 5 Simple tips for a healthier lifestyle
  4. How to stop intuitive eating
  5. The best keto salmon recipe
  6. 10 tips for good health at work
  7. Mango detox smoothie
  8. The best vegetable smoothies for weight loss
  9. How to improve your mental health

In Conclusion…

These are ideas for you to build on and as I said earlier there are a lot of other factors that makes a pin go viral on Pinterest. Such as images, keywords, trends and design. Your headlines happens to be one among all the important factors so take it seriously.

You might want to grab Pinterest title traffic hacks for just $17 now by Carly a mom blogger and a Pinterest expert who gets 100k plus traffic every month from Pinterest. Her strategies have helped thousands of bloggers get thousands of monthly traffic.

blog post title that go viral on Pinterest
pinterest titles that go viral

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