13 Blogging Resources That Will Make You Money

13 Blogging Resources That Will Make You Money

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There are two investments you need to make to make money blogging. Number one is time, you need to invest your time in growing your blog. I won’t stop emphasizing on how blogging consumes time because there is a lot that needs to be done and there is no enough time. That’s why companies selling blogging resources and tools for automation are making a good profit from bloggers.

Secondly, you need to invest in resources. Setting up a blog is the easiest part of blogging, mark my words. On platforms like WordPress and Squarespace, it only takes a few minutes. I tell you everyone can do it. But what you just can’t do without a little help along the way is growing and monetizing your blog. This is where getting helpful resources comes in.

This post contains a list of 10 effective resources made by bloggers for bloggers. These bloggers make six figures blogging and no matter how simple a tip they give you see instant results. Their resources have helped my blog grow and I have no doubt it will do same for you.

How to invest in blogging resources

Before I introduce these resources to you, I will like to guide you on how to know what is best for you. Why is this important? It is important because we face different challenges as bloggers and our growth pace varies.

Hence, don’t rush into buying any resource now or in the future without considering some of the questions I’ll mention.

You first have to ask yourself, where you are in your blogging journey. Are you struggling with getting traffic to your blog? is your traffic good but you struggle to make money from it and build an email list? or you are struggling with creating new contents and planning your blog post? perhaps you struggle with time and need help managing the little time you have? There are lots of question I can ask.

Your answer to the above questions should guide you. Don’t be on the side of bloggers complaining about purchasing a resource that wasn’t of help to them. Though it can’t be solely blamed on bad decision making it’s a factor too.

Blogging resources that will make you money

I will be grouping these resources into the problems they solve and how they make you money.

Resources for Traffic Growth

Understand this, good traffic is the number one way of getting people to buy your products, click on your links( affiliate and ad) and sign up for your newsletter. No matter how helpful and amazing your content is if people don’t see it, you can’t make money from it.

1. Pinterest strategies $57: This one is by Carly a mom blogger who makes over $5000 just from ad revenue due to 300,000 monthly page views with her major traffic source from Pinterest. Her tips have also helped me make Pinterest my major source of traffic.

2. Photoshop pin templates library $17: Whether you know much or little about Pinterest. I am sure you know this, Pinterest is a visual search engine and there are pin design that have proven to go viral. If you want your blog post to go viral which mean more traffic to your blog then this is a must have.

3. The viral pin templates pack $34: I have used this templates designs as ideas for mine and yes my pin got over a hundred saves within a day. This one is by Emma a full time blogger with over 40,000 monthly page views, 90% from Pinterest and a six figure blogger.

4. Pinterest title traffic hacks for blogger $17: This is my favorite because it is very cheap and teaches a lot. You get to learn how to write pin titles that convert to clicks. With this course, you learn to write headlines the way Pinterest users find interesting. These hacks will allow you to write titles that will make affiliate sales directly on Pinterest. Read exactly how I made $22 directly on Pinterest without writing a single blog post.

Resources for making money blogging

4. The blogging babe’s guide to building your profitable blog $28: Blogging babe’s guide is a cheap full package blogging resource that will make you money. The money is small and the value is huge. Another one by Emma who is a successful six-figure blogger.

5. 1K Blogger $27: This is by Lidiya a full-time blogger making six figures. Her simple tip landed me my first sponsored post, even though my blog is still small compared to many. Hence, I am confident this resource will make you 1k and more from your blog.

6. Affiliate marketing for bloggers $79: Affiliate marketing is the real deal when it comes to making passive income as a blogger. No matter how small your blog is you can make affiliate sales. I have made $14 in affiliate commission with as little as 100 page views. You know that even with 1000 page views you cannot make that amount with just ads. That’s why it will never stop being a hot cake. This course will show you how to make sales in your post and emails. Another one by Carly will give you results.

7. Financial freedom through blogging $197: Financial is something that a lot of bloggers have achieved. With this course by Lidiya you are already on the part to gaining financial freedom with blogging.

Resources for blog planning

The only way to seeing growth on your blog is by planning and setting up ways to achieve your goals. Not until I started setting goals and planning my blog before I saw it grow in the direction I wanted it and also started making me some money. Blog planners are for productivity. so if you want to see the profit for your investment of time and money, you need a planner.

8. 2020 blog planner printables $19: You can an SEO planner, income tracker, Pinterest planner, blogger planning am many other planning tools.

9. The blogging babe planner $19: You get over 60 printable pages that allow you to plan your contents.

10. 2020 blogging planner $15: You get an SEO checklist in this planner, calendar for blog post planning, tracking your income, expenditures and analytics.

11. Next Level productivity $29: Lidiya has been teaching personal development for quite some time now. This course will show you how to be productive on your journey to financial freedom.

Resources for Audience Engagement

Be it on social media or in your emails you need to keep your audience engaged. That’s how you get them buying your products or accepting your offer.

12. Engaging you audience $47: This is another one from Carly and I can’t over emphasis how much she makes and the results her resources give. Engagement is key when it comes to making money from your subscribers and followers. For instance, Instagram algorithm values engagement. Hence, if you want to grow there and turn followers into customers you need this.

13. Evergreen welcome sequence templates $17: When you start building your email list and you want to start sending emails that will make you money, you need this. If your subscribers love your welcome and build trust in you, they are going to buy your products. This is another one by Emma and I open every email she sends me.

Here is my list of carefully sorted out blogging resources that will make you money as a blogger. It is made by bloggers who started little like you and grew their blog into a profitable business. If they can do it so can you.

A bonus benefit..

Every resource you purchase you get automatically added into the affiliate program. Which mean, if in the future you want to recommend it to fellow bloggers, followers or subscribers. You can earn a commission for it.

In Conclusion..

I only recommend resources that have given me results and will give you results too. I am a frugal blogger hence I believe blogging cheap can be done. However, blogging alone is not possible that is why you need help and resources are created to help. Hence, I only go for resources that are cheap and give results.

To grow as a blogger you need to make some investments by buying resources. The best part is they are created by bloggers who are succeeding for bloggers who want to succeed and will give you results.

If you need a clue on which is my personal favorite I will say $1K blogger and Pinterest title traffic hacks for bloggers. Why because they are extremely cheap for what you will gain. $1K blogger will not only show you how to make your first $1000 blogging but will show you how to grow your traffic, how to get sponsored posts that pay high, and how to become financially free by blogging.

And if you want a cheap investment that will help you get more traffic from Pinterest just by changing how you write your pin titles then Title traffic hacks for bloggers is all you need.

blogging resources that will make you money
blogging resources that will make you money

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