5 blunt truth about blogging no one tells you

5 truths about blogging

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5 blunt truth about blogging no one tell you are my 8 months of blogging report. Well not directly, but this is a post of all I have learned and what I am still learning the hard way with a very low budget. This is a very different approach to any post on blogging you have come across. I will go straight to the point.

truth no1

No 1 Truth about blogging

 Blogging is not a days job

I know you have come across hundreds of post mostly on Pinterest of bloggers telling you, you can have a blog in 5 minutes. Yes, you can get your domain name, host your blog and even install your CMS script in a few minutes. But that is just a 0.0005 per cent of what blogging is all about.

When done with all of that, you need to work on your blog appearance, you need to create at least one blog content of 2000 words every week for a good SEO. How about keeping up with the subscribers you promise a 5 days free email course or marketing your blog to draw more visitors.

Let’s not forget monetizing the blog, affiliate marketing or keeping up with comments so that your readers will get a good relationship with you. I almost forgot about social media, yes you create pages on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, Google+  phew! I’m worked up just mentioning the few but important places you have to make your presence known. You have to create time to learn some skills like SEO. We have a few numbers of people who started blogging with skills in web design, graphics, HTML don’t be surprised I mentioned it you have to put some code in your blogs Html sometimes to make it work better.

I didn’t know all of this myself until I started blogging. I started blogging from scratch, the last time I wrote this much was when I was in school, a project which I had a lot of time to write. But in the blogging world, everything happens fast, you have to keep up with the competition. Don’t go anywhere yet!

truth no3

No 2 Truth about blogging

  Blogging is time taking

With truth number one, you should have figured out that having a blog is one thing maintaining it is another thing. When it comes to blogging you need to invest your time also. Create a schedule, when to write, when to promote blog and pages, when to create a campaign, when to reply emails and I can go on and on of all the things you are to do.

All this can be overwhelming that you might consider getting a planner. I know this blog doesn’t look as good as most of the blogs you’ve come across, the reason is I am doing everything myself from scratch.  It’s a way to learn better and save money, but as amateur as this blog might look I put in nothing less than 4 hours of work every day well some days and I’m not a full-time blogger. Meaning I got a job I go to every day.

Enough with all the story if you are a blogger reading this you know already if you are considering blogging and you stumbled upon this get your mind prepared you to need to invest your time. About investment lets move to the next truth it is one of my favorite facts about blogging, because I am yet to see a blog post that talks about it. If you have come this far reading, don’t go anywhere.


when you are on any social media, be creating pages, communities, promoting contents, growing your followers, and keeping your followers engaged. Make sure you can access your blog and everything you do online with your phone. Sometimes you might find yourself waiting longer than expected for something or someone, while on the wait get busy. It might not get a lot done but trust me when it comes to blogging no little work is not important, you would be glad you did.

truth about blogging

NO 3 Truth about blogging

 Blogging needs some money investment too. Just like any business you want to start, some monetary capital is needed. You need to plan for this, how much are you willing to put into your blog. You have hosting to pay for which is necessary, you have themes you would love to purchase and courses you might want to sign up for to get better at blogging.

I am yet to see a blog post telling you about the expenditures of blogging because it is a strategy. So there is this new ice cream shop that got open and for the opening day they are giving out free ice cream and everyone including you are excited. You start eating your ice cream and just when you start enjoying it, it’s finished. What you didn’t realize was that the free ice cream was mini cups. However, you want more, the good news is there is more but you have to buy it.

Likewise, you come across this fantastic blog post about making money as a blogger, you love it and you get more excited about blogging. But this blog post ends with just the solution, for now, there is a special course created just for you. To cut this long story short you need to invest money into your blog no matter how little just make sure it’s the important things and don’t get too carried away. Do you want some tips on how to blog with a low budget? read this, cheap ways to run a blog with a very low budget.


5 blunt truths about blogging no one will tell you.

No 4 Truth

 Blogging is not a get money fast scheme but it is a good source for passive income. I see a lot of posts about bloggers saying they quit their jobs to go full-time blogging. who won’t? I am yet to see a boss who would increase your payments up to a hundred percent just because you are very hardworking, excuse me! you are not the only hardworking staff. With blogging your hard work can give you a 200% increase in your paycheck.

For instance, if you made $260 this month blogging you can make $1000 the following month and it keeps increasing with more hard work put into it.

But this will take a while, Don’t get carried away by those sweet finger-licking blog post about bloggers making money first-day blogging or a week or a month those are just strategy to get you reading. I’m not saying it’s not possible or calling such post a lie. I want you to understand is, it’s not always fast and that easy. You see a great list of affiliate programs and the money you could make from them and it sounds so sweet. No one tells you, you could be rejected if your blog traffic is low or some token is needed before processing.


keep trying to grow your blog

keep creating great content and promoting your blog on social media to grow your blog traffic

build your email list they will be your most valuable customer

As you can see none of this tip is money related, this is because if you can get all of that done monetizing your blog come easy. Some of the best ad networks out there that can give you a daily income of $400 or even more only approve blogs with tens of thousand blog visitors monthly. Even if you get accepted into an affiliate program, the customers who are most likely to buy from you are those who trust your recommendation and you will find them in your email list. You could become financially free and stable just from blogging there is no doubt about that. Good job if you read this far, but don’t go away, please. The last truth is on its way and it might break you or make you, you have to read it first to find out.


Truth No 5

Not everyone is doing it by themselves

A lot of those amazing blogs you are aspiring for yours to grow and be like have a team working on them. They have graphic designers making those amazing photos, they have writers, they have social media experts e.t.c.

For this reason, don’t despise your little beginning. All you need do is remain focused and keep becoming better.

You should know this too

 Blogging is not for everyone, learn some hidden difficulties which comes with it.

We are not all born to blog, take it from a blogger. The only reason I am blogging is that I have a lot to share from past experience. Like many people out there, I have saved, invested and started a small business just to see my income grow. Despite not finding blogging easy as I thought it would be. The only thing keeping me going is I still have a lot to share and I’m not afraid to share even my failures.

Some of us are designers, business owners, photographers, chefs, restaurant owners, stylist, makeup artist, DIY craft makers  and the list won’t end. what you need to make your presence known in the online world is not a blog. It could be a space on YouTube to show videos of amazing things you could create or a space on large e-commerce platforms like Shopify and Etsy to showcase your products. Put your stuff out there and see how bloggers will promote it for you without hesitation haha!

This post is just to prepare your mind about blogging, the start is not all rosy. You have to keep trying hard and be patient ’cause the day your paycheck will arrive you would be glad you chose to blog.


 Forget about the disclaimer it’s just a necessity, there are no affiliate links in this post. Meaning I make no cent from this post. This is just an honest write up from a blogger to aspiring bloggers. But there is something I would love you to do. Share this post on every social media you find yourself on. This could help a friend. Leave a comment if you have a question.


I just gave you the honest truths about blogging everyone is too busy to share.

Blogging is not as simple as drinking tea

You need to invest your time into blogging

It needs your money too

It’s a source of passive income we all know that by now

We all don’t have to be bloggers to make money online

If after reading all of this you still want to start a blog and start your journey to financial freedom through blogging? You are in the right place. Click here for a step by step tutorials on starting a brand new successful blog.

5 blunt truths about blogging I will tell you
hidden truth about blogging no one talks about
truth about blogging no one tells you.

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