3 Right Steps In Branding Your New Business

branding your new business

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Some days back I was having a conversation with a friend trying to brand his business. Some months back I gave him ideas on how to name his business and this time around the conversation was about the services the business will give. This opened my eyes to the mistakes people make when branding their new business

In my previous post 3 sure ways to grow a failing business and how to grow a small business big we establish the basis of what branding a business is. Hence, today I will be guiding you through the right steps in successfully branding your new business.

This comprises of the background work and checks you need to put in place. This tips are applicable to offline and online business.

Choose a brand name that allows you to grow

When you want to give your business a name give it a name that you don’t need to keep changing just because you want to expand it. This might affect you to just stay in one place even when you want to expand. It will be a whole new process of business name changing and nobody likes such stress.

For instance, don’t say “Canodol wears” rather just “Canodol”. Why because when you want to expand your business to interior designing not only wears you might have to change the name.

Hence, let the name not attach a particular niche to it. So that under your business name you can keep expanding.

If Nike had attached shoes to their names then they might have to find another name when they want to make a bag.

That is your brand can make this and that tomorrow without having to change a name. Also without it looking out of place. So it will be that under the brand Canodol there is fabric design, interior design, style expert and cosmetics. I hope you get this however, drop a comment with your questions.

Narrow down your starting point

In my previous post, I made it clear that branding goes beyond design though design and logo is very important. However, the most important thing is you clearly stating your services and the results your clients will get after using your product.

Here is where the problem comes. You are so excited about starting this new business innovation that you put too much into your services.

If you can’t handle nationwide delivery from the beginning due to some reasons, don’t put it in your services. clearly state out where you can deliver to at the moment. Why? because any little inconsistency can damage your reputation. Don’t forget words of mouth is another way people get to know about you.

Secondly, you want to start expanding from the word go. This will drain you and kill your business quickly. Every business startup is different, making research will stop you from going into this kind of pitfall. Even if in the future you plan on adding lots of other things. For now, keep it aside so you can focus.

Hence, instead of Canodol starting with clothing, cosmetics and interior design all at once. Why don’t it starts with clothing, then cosmetics and along the line interior designing.

This allows you to grow steadily understanding the market and how things work.

Make Consultations when branding your new business

Not only did we talk about names but he also wanted including the services he will offer in the future. I said leave it aside and focus on what you want to build now. If he wasn’t open about discussing his business plans with me, then I might not have helped out with some advice.

Hence, don’t be a lone wolf when starting your business. If you cannot effort an expert advice a little chit chat with a friend knowledgeable in the aspect can help.

Your friends could help you choose a better brand name. Remember “two heads are better than one”. They could point out something important you probably forgot. There is a lot of advantages to sharing when trying to brand your business. This can be your number one on this list of 3 right steps in branding a business.

Now that you know what to do before you brand your business, lets do…

A little branding exercise

You might want to take that book in which you draft all your strategies and answer these questions

1. Do you have a business name?

2. Have you clearly stated out your services?

3. What results will your clients get?

4. Do you have or have considered having a business card?

5. Are your business accounts ready on social media?

6. What about your business contact is it available? This includes email, phone number, address and mailing address. So clients can contact you online or physically.

Did you say YES to all these questions? good job. However, if its a NO, take the actions required.

In Conclusion…

Taking the right steps in branding your new business includes the background work such as choosing a good name, narrowing down your services and goals and not trying to do it all by yourself.

3 right steps to branding your new business
when branding your business big or small there are perfect ways to go about it.
branding your business

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