31 Easy DIY home projects to cut down expenses

DIY home projects to cut down expenses

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Taking out time to do a DIY project is often rewarding. You get to engage your creativity and skills. Above all, you get to save lots of money if that is your major motivation. Hence, here are easy DIY home projects to try.

These projects range in difficulty and cost, but they’re all relatively simple and affordable DIY options to enhance your home.

  1. Paint an Accent Wall: Brighten up a room by painting one wall with a contrasting color.
  2. Create a Gallery Wall: Gather some frames and artwork to make a personalized gallery wall.
  3. Make Your Wall Art: Get creative with canvas, paint, or even recycled materials to make your artwork.
  4. Install Floating Shelves: Add extra storage or display space with floating shelves.
  5. Make a Rope Shelf: Use rope and wood to create a rustic and stylish shelf.
  6. Revamp Old Furniture: Give new life to old furniture with a fresh coat of paint or new hardware.
  7. Make a Headboard: Create a customized headboard using wood, fabric, or even old doors.
  8. Create a Terrarium: Build a miniature indoor garden in a glass container.
  9. Make Throw Pillows: Sew your throw pillows using fabric scraps or old clothes.
  10. Install Cabinet Organizers: Maximize storage space in your kitchen or bathroom with DIY cabinet organizers.
  11. Build a Bookshelf: Construct a simple bookshelf using plywood and brackets.
  12. Make a Plant Hanger: Use macramé techniques to craft a stylish plant hanger for your indoor plants.
  13. Create a Memory Board: Make a bulletin board or corkboard to display photos, notes, and mementos.
  14. Make a Key Holder: Keep your keys organized with a DIY key holder near the entryway.
  15. Decorate Mason Jars: Use paint, twine, or fabric to decorate mason jars for storage or décor.
  16. Make a Cozy Blanket: Knit or crochet a cozy blanket to add warmth and comfort to your home.
  17. Install a Backsplash: Update your kitchen or bathroom with a DIY tile backsplash.
  18. Make a Wall Hanging: Use yarn, fabric, or driftwood to create a unique wall hanging.
  19. Build a Coffee Table: Construct a simple coffee table using wood and hairpin legs.
  20. Create a Chalkboard Wall: Turn a wall or part of a wall into a chalkboard for notes and doodles.
  21. Make Custom Curtains: Sew your curtains using fabric that matches your décor.
  22. Install Drawer Dividers: Organize drawers in your kitchen, bathroom, or bedroom with DIY dividers.
  23. Make a Serving Tray: Build a serving tray using wood and handles for entertaining guests.
  24. Create a Herb Garden: Plant herbs in pots or containers to grow indoors for cooking.
  25. Make a Decorative Mirror: Use paint, mosaic tiles, or other embellishments to decorate a plain mirror.
  26. Build a Fire Pit: Create an outdoor fire pit using bricks or a metal ring.
  27. Make a Wine Rack: Build a wine rack to store and display your wine collection.
  28. Create a Faux Brick Wall: Use faux brick panels to create an accent wall with texture.
  29. Make a Photo Collage: Create a collage of your favorite photos to hang on the wall.
  30. Build a Vertical Garden: Construct a vertical garden using pallets or hanging planters to save space and add greenery indoors.
  31. Pallet furniture: Repurpose wooden pallets to make outdoor furniture like benches, tables, or even vertical gardens.

These projects range in difficulty and cost, but they’re all relatively simple and affordable DIY options to enhance your home.

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