7 easy DIY Self-care activities for moms to try

DIY self-care activities for moms

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DIY activities are always for you to be adventurous, try new things, and save money for our frugal moms. However, these self-care activities are solely to make you relax and have a great time. To stop mommying for a while and have a breath of fresh air still in the comfort of your home. Hence, a list of DIY self-care activities for moms to try this weekend or any day you feel like taking a break.

Low-Stress DIY self-care activities to refresh yourself

As much as everything here is suggested you make it yourself from scratch. You don’t have to, it’s about you relaxing at home without going anywhere and spending outrageously. Get whatever you need from the store and have a relaxing time at home.

1. Home Spa Day

  • Facial Mask: Use ingredients like honey, yogurt, and oatmeal for a soothing face mask.
  • Foot Soak: Soak your feet in warm water with Epsom salts and a few drops of essential oil.
  • Bubble Bath: Relax in a bath with your favorite bubble bath or bath bomb.

2. Reading and Entertainment

  • Read a Book: Pick up a book you’ve been meaning to read.
  • Watch a Feel-Good Movie: Choose a movie that makes you happy and relaxed.
  • Listen to Music or Podcasts: Enjoy your favorite music or listen to an interesting podcast.

3. Mindfulness and Meditation

  • Breathing Exercises: Practice deep breathing exercises for a few minutes.
  • Guided Meditation: Use a meditation app or listen to a guided meditation on YouTube.
  • Journaling: Write down your thoughts, feelings, and things you’re grateful for.

4. Creative Outlets

  • Adult Coloring Books: Spend time coloring intricate designs in an adult coloring book.
  • Crafting: Try a simple DIY craft like making friendship bracelets or painting rocks.
  • Drawing or Painting: Grab some paper and drawing tools to sketch or paint whatever comes to mind.

5. Disconnect to Reconnect

  • Digital Detox: Spend some time away from screens and social media.
  • Nature Walk: Enjoy a walk in a local park or nature trail without any digital distractions.

6. Pampering Yourself

  • Manicure/Pedicure: Give yourself a home manicure or pedicure.
  • Hair Mask: Use ingredients like coconut oil or avocado to apply a nourishing hair mask.

7. Gardening

  • Plant Care: Tend to your houseplants or start a small herb garden.
  • Create a Terrarium: Make a mini garden in a glass container.


These DIY self-care activities for moms don’t have to be planned out by a mom herself. You can do it for your mom or any mother you want to appreciate.

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