5 Easy Ways To Build Backlinks For Your Blog

5 Easy Ways To Build Backlinks For Your Blog

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If you have been blogging for a while then you must be familiar with SEO. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. Which simply means making your blog search engine friendly. As friendly as it may sound getting search engines such as Google or Bing to love you is not easy. Even though there is a lot to SEO, in my opinion, to build high-quality backlinks free is the most tasking aspect. I want to show you some easy ways to build backlinks free for your blog if you just started giving SEO a try like me.

Hence, my aim is to make this post simple and straight to the point. I will explain the basics to you and show you what can start working for you really quick.

What are backlink?

In my simplified words, a backlink is when another website or blog links to a page/post on your blog. Let us get a more professional definition of the word.

Moz.com says a backlink is a link created when one website links to another. Backlinks are also called “inbound links” or “incoming links”.

Hence, when you link to a post from another you create a backlink for that post. When another blog links to your blog you get a backlink too.

To simplify this the more, when any link from your blog be it a page or a post, appears on any website it qualifies as a backlink. So the idea to build backlinks is to have your website links on many other websites.

However, as a newbie to blogging and any other thing related to it such as SEO. This post is designed to show you the way around it with ease.

the best seo tips: easy ways to build backlinks to your new blog

Why is building quality backlinks important?

Before we look into what the professionals have to say about the importance of building backlinks. I would like to tell you how I understand its importance and I hope you get it too.

The more other websites link to your website your domain strength increases. It is more like your dominance increases. Google loves that because it sends a message and the message is this. You must be having some good or quality content for other websites to keep referring to you. So…

1. Backlinks are important because they are a key part of SEO which can boost your rankings

2. More links to your site means more traffic.

However, in the current online world where we have millions of websites and hundreds of thousand writing about the same thing you do. It is not so easy to find someone linking to you. Especially if you are new. Hence, we will be looking at some easy ways to build backlinks shortly.

You might want to read what the pros have to say about why it is so important to build backlinks for your blog.

Easy ways to build quality backlinks free to your blog now

The simple concept behind building backlinks is having a link from your website be it a page or a post appear on another website. So here are some easy backlinks building hacks that you can start now and see results soon.

Dropping comments on a post to get backlinks

Are you surprised that dropping a comment counts as a backlink? You should not be. If you have been paying attention to every detail I have written then you will not be surprised.

However, just dropping a comment and leaving does not count. You have to include your URL. Even though that field does not count as important and you can post your comment without filling it. It is important to fill it because it counts as a backlink too.

Though it might no be a high-quality backlink, the bottom line is that it counts as one.

You should not underestimate the ability of a comment to bring you some traffic. I have had two situations where a comment got me some traffic to my blog. When I did not have much traffic and I could trace where a view came from.

Have you not come across a comment where someone is selling something? That is because the person knows if by chance anybody needs such services and comes across that comment. There is a possibility of a click.

This does not mean you go about just dropping comments. Well you can do that if you have so much time to waste. However, when you read a content you enjoyed and have something meaningful to tell the writer or to add more value to the content. Drop a comment and do not forget to include your URL.

That is how you get backlinks easy without stress.

Social Media is an easy way to build high-quality backlinks free

Building quality backlinks through social media is not only easy but the most effective when it comes to creating backlinks free.

Every link to your blog on any social media counts as a backlink. If your website has pages on Facebook, Instagram, twitter, linked, Tumblr, etc. And your URL is in your bio it counts as backlinks.

Social media are websites too, they are on the world wide web like yours. The only difference between them and your kinda website is they are very large with millions of users and obviously with a very large database too.

My point is this, with the concept of backlinks which are clearly stated at the beginning. Your links on social media is a backlink. In case you do not know, there are many blogs who post went viral on Facebook and drove tons of traffic.

A good way to have your links more on places like Facebook is by joining groups. It has been months since I have not shared my post on Facebook. However, I still get traffic from there. That is how effective social media can be

You can use forums to build backlinks free

Forums are websites for discussion with millions of users and thousands of active users per hour. Forums are great places to ask questions, answer questions, and even create your post.

Because of its many users, you can share a brief answer to a question and include a link to a more in-depth answer. That link could be to your own blog post which counts as a backlink.

Some of these forums need you to have an account where you put all your information. You can include your URL.

I hope you are not lost on what forums are examples are reddit and quora.

Directories: Get backlinks easy there.

There are platforms just like Pinterest which accept blog post submission. Bloggers use it to drive traffic to their blogs

They are not like social media but they are the second most effective easy way of building backlinks that I know.

What I like about these platforms is they do not need you to build loads of following before your content gets seen. All you need do is submit your post and it gets approved. On some of the platforms it gets voted for, the more votes the more your content gets seen.

However, this post is not about traffic but building backlinks. Hence, your contents appear on another website which automatically counts as a backlink.

There are a lot, however, I will list the three I know and have worked well for me.


Mix, it used to be Stumbledupon


Get Backlinks by Writing Guest post

Writing a guest post is one of the easiest ways to build backlinks and the most effective. However, it is not the simplest and so not my favorite.

If you are not a writer just like me and you struggle with creating content for your blog then you will understand why I do not like guest posting. However, if you are a writer then guest posting is for you. As a matter of fact, you can ditch the rest and stick to it as your way of building backlinks. As I said it is the most effective.

Just because you think guest posting is stressful like I do doesn’t mean you should not do it. A matter of fact is I do it. For a start just two a month is okay. Get others to write on your blog and you do the same on theirs.

Getting who to guest post for is easy as long as you are on Facebook groups for bloggers. It is a perfect place to connect. I just created a new Facebook group to help bloggers with SEO tips. Feel free to join.


No matter how hard SEO maybe there is always an easy way to start and go about it. I am no expert in this field, but a newbie like you trying my best. Hence, I found these strategies easy and effective and I thought I should share.

So here are my easy ways to build backlinks free for your blog. I would love it if you share with us another way you use to build quality backlinks to your blog.

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