Get More Pageviews By Changing Your Pin Titles

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Pinterest works in a lot of ways when it comes to getting traffic to your blog. You might have read many resources and have tried many strategies but you don’t see the results. I know how you feel I’ve been there too. To be honest there is no one way to get more pageviews on Pinterest because different startegies work for everyone different with factors like niche influence.

However, there are Pinterest hacks that will never fail regardless of your niche or even the strategy you use. Pinterest is my major source of traffic and despite growing my account by 100k viewers every week on some good days some pins don’t perform well. Even though I have successfully increased my pageviews to 20,000 in less than two months (6 weeks precisely). Bad pins can ruin the day.

Why I’m I sharing this?

I am sharing this with you today because Pinterest is where I get 90% of my traffic from. Pinterest traffic allows me to monetize my blog with affiliate marketing and grow my email list. So when a pin I thought will do well end up doing bad it ruins traffic for the day or even a whole week. It can be that bad.

However, what I do subsequently is what makes a difference. Which is changing my pin title or headline which ever word you best understand.

Basic Pin design rules

There is a lot that goes into designing pin images, such as niche, pin size, titles, colors, and fonts. But I am not going to bore you will all the tiny details because this post is not all about pin designs

However, Pinterest has a standard size of 1000x1500px, which you might want to stick to. If you are just starting out it’s okay to see a design and try to imitate it. I try to design my own unique pins but I still look at others for ideas.

Difference between post title and pin title

A post title is the headline 1 of your blog post while pin title is the headline on your pin image. Even though some post titles do well as they are on Pinterest some don’t. Which I will show you an example shortly.

Hence, you have to understand how to dabble with your blog post titles and pin titles. It is okay to change your post title to something more catchy as a pin headline but it must not be misleading.

Examples of blog post titles that did well without a change

blog post titles that do great on their own
screenshot of Pinterest pins that performed well

Above are screenshots of pins I didn’t change a word from the blog post titles. I used the same titles for the blog post and pin images. Bad spending habits pins alone give me over 4,000 pageviews and the pin for Secret to a stylish wardrobe gave me over 2,000 pageviews. However, this is not applicable to every blog post headline.

Examples of blog post titles that did bad I had to change them

I thought this blog post title will do great because it had a high headline score but it didn’t and I had to do something about it quickly.

screenshot of pins I had to change the titles for it to perform well

The first pin did so bad I almost cried. I had a target of the pageviews I needed within a given time and I knew one bad pin could ruin that. It’s not like I haven’t had bad pins in the past, but this pin doing well was important at that time. I created a new pin for the same post, changed the title, and boomed this pin to over 2,000 pageviews.

I can give many examples of blog post titles I thought will do well as pin titles but didn’t. However, I chose this one because it had the worst failures and a great turnaround when I changed the pin title.

How to know when a title will perform badly

Honestly you can never know or have a perfect guess. Or you can choose to keep trying if you are ready to keep having ups and downs with your blog traffic. Which believe me will be overwhelming and very frustrating.

OR you can choose to learn how you can change your titles to get more pageviews from Pinterest. With Pinterest traffic title hacks for bloggers, you learn not only how to write pin titles that get clicked but titles that convert and will allow you to make money on Pinterest with or without a blog.

The best part about this hacks for bloggers is that it gives results regardless of your niche or even the Pinterest methods you use.

In Conclusion

Just changing your pin titles is not a guarantee that you will get lots of click. However, learning how and what types of titles that will get people clicking is the only to be sure the chnages you will make will give results.

To get more pageviews using Pinterest is a lot of doing this and that that will eventually pay. One of which is creating pin titles that will make people want to read. This hack works all the time even with a terrible pin design.

get more pageviews by changing your pin titles
get more pageviews by changing your pin titles

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