Good Spending Habits You Should Start Now

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Spending money is a good thing. We wake up every day trying to make money so we can spend it is not a new development. However, frugality the new trend behind living below means to save money and become financially stable might have made spending money look like a bad thing. While all you need to know is the good spending habits you need to develop.

Money is created for spending but there is a thin line between spending it well and spending it wrong. Which one can help you become financially stable and the other put you off balance financially.

Today you would be learning about the good spending habits you need to start practicing right away that will set you up for financial success. However, do yourself a favor by learning about the bad spending habit you have that you didn’t know. And is probably putting you in financial problems.

good spending habits to start

1. Spending according to your means

With the availability of credit cards spending money according to one, income becomes difficult. Taking debts becomes easy and spending money you don’t have is simplified.

However, if you want to stay debt-free and practice spending habits that will give you financial freedom. Then you have to learn how to start living according to your means.

This simply means adopting a frugal lifestyle. Buy food you can afford, wear clothes you can afford, and find ways to cut down your utility bills. You can achieve this through budgeting and setting money goals.

2. Budgeting is a good money habit

Budgeting simply means making a list of your income stream and estimated expenditure.

Hence, when you budget you are very much aware of how much you earn and how much you can spend out of that income.

So spending money without a budget is a reckless money habit. You won’t be able to know when you have gone overboard with your spendings.

Making a budget is not always about making a list of all the big stuff you need to purchase. For me budgeting comes down to the list you make before you go grocery shopping.

3. Saving habits

Saving money is the best spending habit I know and whenever I write on personal finance even on non-related topics. I find a way of chipping it in.

Every good spending habits must include deliberately keeping money away for future use. When you save money, you create room for income growth and financial freedom.

Personally saving money has helped me paid off debts and stay debt-free. Hence, anybody looking to achieve financial stability must have a saving plan.

You do not need to keep huge sum of money before you succeed at saving money. All you need is to be consistent with the pattern of saving you plan on using. With whatever amount of money you are comfortable to save.

4. Planning

Planning might not sound like a direct spending habit when it comes to money. However, it is a very important money habit.

When you plan how to spend your money and what to achieve with your money you become a guru in managing your finances.

Planning gives room for growth and establishment. Plan to cut down some expenses, plan to save a certain amount of money within a period of time and plan to start a business.

When you spend your money without a plan, your a bound to have money problems.

5. Do research before buying anything

If you were doing good with money I bet you won’t be reading this now. Hence, I say this meaning no offense. When you are buying a product especially the one that will cost you much, do some research.

You can’t afford to lose money buying substandard products.

Another thing is making sure you really need the service or good you are about to spend so much on. So you will not end up regretting your decision.

6. Being accountable is a good spending habit

Been able to account for every money you spend is a money habit you need to start practicing.

When you go out with some change in your purse, be able to remember what you used them for. You would be surprised how much you ended up spending within a short while.

Money is slow to come by but quick to go

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Yes, money literally flies. You spend a whole month working for a paycheck and when it shows up. You can literally spend it in one day.

Hence, if you don’t take accountability seriously when spending money. Money won’t work for you.

7. Evaluate your income and expenditure

If you take planning your spendings and budgeting seriously then evaluation comes easy.

Good financial habits are deliberate and consistent practices. Hence, do an evaluation weekly or monthly.

This will allow you to know what to stop spending on or reduce how much of your income goes to it. Or you would keep spending or what there could be a frugal option.

Evaluating your income will make you see that perhaps it’s time to grow it.


Good spending habit are not nature or gifts you were born with. You practice them to be in control of your money and finances.

Remember spending money is a good thing, we sweat all through the year just to make money and spend it.

However, when you spend money the right way it works for you. No matter how big or small your income is.

good spending habits you need to start
good spending habits to practice
good spending habits to start now
good spending habits to start

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