A simple a-z guide on buying blogging resources

A simple a-z guide on buying blogging resources

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Buying blogging resources are part of a blogger’s journey to success. It does not matter when, as a newbie or semi-pro and how you buy it or who you buy it from. All that matters is the necessity of the resources you are purchasing.

For you to grow as a blogger even if you are already earning something, you need blogging resources to help you grow. Blogging is not a self-made hustle you need help and advice from experienced bloggers. Sometimes these helpful tips come free. However, the best which are result driven are paid resources and there is a reason why.

As I mentioned buying blogging resources is a normal necessity for growth. However, it involves money and you would not want to waste your income no matter how little it is. Hence, this guide is created to help you make the right choice and spend your money wisely when purchasing blogging resources. The best part about this guide is you can apply this to buying paid resources online. Be it for blogging, growing social media followers, and engagement or marketing.

Buying paid blogging resources

This A-Z guide is more of a checklist not a selective guide. This means you have to check with all before buying a product and you will see why shortly. Hence, in no particular other of most important. Here is a guide on buying blogging resources.

Know what problem you need solution to before buying a resource

There are a lot of factors that determine the success of a blog. And my own understanding of a successful blog is when you start making some income out of it. Or if you did not start it for money but to pass a message across and it gets to the right audience.

This is where we get it wrong and end up investing in the wrong resources and eventually wasting our money. Growing a blog comes with a lot of step by step work. Gradually all the little pieces paint a big picture. You start by creating a blog, writing content, promoting your content, and monetizing it.

I have always written in my previous post that creating a blog is the simplest part of blogging. Anyone can do it with some little online tutorials and help in a few minutes. The bulk of the work lies in growing the blog and that is where a lot of people quit.

This is the point where you choose what help you need in other words the blogging resources you need to invest in.

How to know what blogging resources will solve your problems

Some of the things I know bloggers struggle with is consistent content creation, traffic, and monetization. Looking closely this is all there is to blogging. Hence, knowing what resources you need is based on what you cannot figure out yourself. let me break it down for you.

Read this break down carefully to understand

If you are blogging in a niche that you are an expert you might not struggle with coming up with content. However, you need an audience and this is where you get stocked. I think you already have an answer to what resource your blog needs. There are many ways to get traffic all are good but not all are easy. The most popular are social media, Pinterest, and Search Engines.

Permit me to say search engine is the best but Pinterest is quick with results. All this platform needs work. However, you see faster results with Pinterest. Search Engine is so good you can rank on google without spending a penny but it does not come easy. That is why bloggers are leveraging Pinterest for traffic and making quick money blogging. Even though I am learning SEO and I am seeing results already. Pinterest is my traffic source and if you want it to work for you this Pinterest Strategy e-book can help you out.

What if your content creation is on point and so is your traffic but you can’t just put your head around how to monetize your blog other than with ads. However, you might want to invest in courses that will teach you affiliate marketing for bloggers.

Or you can decide to invest in courses that teach you everything in one place including SEO and gaining financial freedom through blogging. They are the best if I must say but they come with a bigger price tag than the rest. See this one by Lidiya a blogger making $5000 every month blogging. She will show you exactly how to get there.

With the much, I have said you have understood what it means to understand your problem before you buy a resource. Head over and read this post where I grouped every resource base on what problem they can solve for you.

The price is not the determinant of the resource quality

Just because course A is $40 and course B offering the same thing is $30 does not mean A is better. Pricing is entirely a different ball game. Publishers or creators price their products differently, they might try to keep it below a price ceiling but not the same prices. This is not gasoline that a liter is the same price all over the country.

Hence, to judge a product based on price is wrong. Shortly we will talk about the best way to decide the quality of a good blogging resource.

Many times I hear bloggers complaining about how a product was a waste of money. It is true it could be a bad product marketed well. However, we cannot neglect the fact that it could be because the guide was not checked, the second one which we are on was not checked or the once we will soon look into was not checked.

For instance, you can come across a course teaching you how to make your first $1000 blogging and an e-book that will teach you how to have a profitable blog. They are all going to teach you the same thing right? The course is $27 and the book $30. Somehow the e-book is expensive than the online course. I mean do you not think the course should be more expensive? Or vice versa.

Whatever is your answer to the question above will not be the same as mine or the other person reading this post. For this reason alone do not use a price to assess what blogging resource is the best.

By the way, if you are looking for a cheap course that will show you how to make your first $1000 blogging? Check it here, you would be glad you enrolled.

Be sure the paid blogging resources will give you results

Did you just ask yourself how is that possible without using the product?

Yes, it is possible and I am glad you asked yourself that question it means you are following. Knowing if a product can give you results before you buy it is possible.

I am not talking about reviews take that out of your mind. Reviews are legit and ok but why not you run a more in-depth check.

Let me quickly tell you something that happened. I came across this pin on Pinterest talking about a blogging loophole that can make me/you $10,000 every month. The link was to a landing page which is ok and normal on Pinterest. It leads me to another page with some very good reviews and charts on a massive traffic growth plus daily PayPal notification. I cannot doubt it yet because it can be possible.

I downloaded the e-book and when I started reading it only talked about the usual things, list building, and affiliate marketing. Here is what I did and you should do the same when about to sink in your money.

Run a background check when buying blogging resources

The tool I used is Ubersuggest. It will not show you for sure how much a blogger earns but it will guide you on some things.

If you want to buy an SEO resource, for instance, you can check to see if the author has achieved what he is assuring you to get from his/her resources.

So when I checked the domain name of the e-book I downloaded. It did not have hundreds of thousand page views as the chart showed. It was an upcoming blog doing well so far, 700+ organic keywords that are good but no organic traffic yet. Just a little over 2000 page views from Pinterest. Ubersuggest shows a blog traffic source. Be it social media, Pinterest, or Google. So if that author’s blog was really getting that much traffic it should show.

Traffic reveals a lot of things and you can only guess an income with it. Nothing is accurate just an assumption.

I just started learning SEO a month ago with Neil Patel and you can see how my dashboard looks on Ubersuggest.

have a check before buying any blogging resource

I still have no organic traffic but I started learning Pinterest and I went from 90k views to 300k views in 3 weeks which brings me 100 to 300 page views every day. Hence, if you want Pinterest to work for you get enrol for this Pinterest strategy course.

SEO check on ubersuggest for website authenticity for buying blogging resources

You can see my keywords went up by 10, backlinks by 13 and referring domain by 1.

Use Pinterest for evaluation

If you are wanting to pay for a Pinterest course or an e-book check the person on Pinterest and see if their pins are doing as good as what they said you will achieve on your blog. Check their monthly Pinterest views because it can give you an idea of their success so far.

Still, yet use Ubersuggest, it shows you traffic the blog gets from Pinterest.

Find Authentic income Report

This is easy to do, simply go to the author’s blog and search for income reports. Every blogger does that. They might stop when it becomes very big and only share it with subscribers. However, you will be able to find the previous ones which are still good.

If you want to go further. you can search the screenshots with Google image to be sure it is authentic. However, if you follow every guideline above you do not really need to check images anywhere.

In Conclusion…

I am sure you can see that no one of this guide is superior to the other. Just knowing your problem is not enough. You need to be sure it can give you a result. If you know a resource can give you result but you do not know the actual problem that needs to be solved first. You can still end up making the wrong investment.

When it comes to investing your money online, be it a resource or tool you have to take it seriously. It is your income, hence, no matter how little or big you should make it work for you and be accountable for it.

Do not be on the complaining side of buying many blogging resources that never gave you results. Let every investment work for you.

It might seem like a lot of work but it is not. These are all guides you can check within a few minutes and move to the next step.

Here is my simple guide on helping bloggers buy resources that will help them succeed at blogging. If you think I did not mention any important guide please drop a comment.

a simple a-z guide on buying blogging resources

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