The Hidden Difficulties Of Blogging No One Says

The Hidden Difficulties Of Blogging No One Says

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If you are a new blogger coming across this article, it’s not meant to scare you. It will only enlighten you about the ins and out of blogging and the hidden difficulties of blogging no one says because everyone is too busy talking about the good part.

I’ve had my fair share of the difficulties, even though I am understanding it better than when I started. It will be a lie for me to tell you it is easy. This post is only going to help you gear up for what you signed up for because, in the end, blogging pays.

In no particular order, here are some hidden difficulties in blogging no one has time to tell you.

Running out of ideas

Creating new, fresh, quality and valuable contents constantly as a blogger is not easy. Knowing that the more content you put out there the more your blog gets noticed. This could be a challenge.

However, there are thousands of post out there giving you ideas on what you could write about. Hence, whenever you get stocked it is not a bad idea to find inspiration elsewhere.

Tons of time

Blogging needs monetary investments but the most investment your blog needs is your time. No wonder companies offering automated services to bloggers are making lots of profit because everyone needs to save time to get other stuff done.

Therefore, you have to work out ways for creating a good amount of time to your blog that could get something done. There is a lot that needs to be done for your blog to make you money.

hidden difficulties of blogging
We can see grace a successful blogger admitting to being sleep deprived

The more money you want your blog to make, the more work you put into it which is time.

Getting Traffic is one hidden difficulties of blogging

Ranking on search engines doesn’t come easy and the competition is high because we have thousands of people starting a blog every day. They are writing the same thing as you and every idea seems to be taken by someone already.

Traffic is very important. Why? because without traffic coming to your blog no one will see your content no matter how good it is. No one will sign up for your newsletter and no one will buy your products. This is because no one is seeing it, period.

My advice is always like this, don’t wait till you understand SEO. Once you hit publish on your post. Share them on every social media platform you are on. If you are just starting out Facebook groups are amazing places to share your content and get traffic. I made a list of some very good groups here.

Paid Resources

If you are starting out as a new blogger, you will realize that the free training on blog growth doesn’t show you much. Then you end up getting tons of email encouraging you to buy resources that will make you grow. This can be very frustrating because you don’t have that much money to spend on a blog you just started as a side hustle. I’ve been there and I know how it feels.

However, when you want to see results within a short while get paid resources from trusted bloggers. The thing about this resources is this, the creator makes sure they include tools in it that will give you results so you get value for your money. Here are a guide and list of blogging resources that will make you money.

Don’t get me wrong, free resources can be very helpful. That’s if you are lucky to get a good one from a blogger really out to help fellow bloggers and I’ve come across very useful free resources.

Please, don’t just buy whatever you see. Invest only in the products your blog needs. Meaning if what you need in your blog right now is traffic, buy resources that will teach you how. If you buy a resource showing you how to make affiliate sales and yet your blog traffic is poor then it’s a wrong investment.


You get excited about applying to an ad network or affiliate network. You take out time to fill out the forms with brain-draining questions. Just to get an email three days later telling you your application got denied. I can’t explain how it feels, but you feel backward. Personally I had to challenge some networks before I got accepted.

Even when I create content and no one sees it or my bounce rate goes up I feel rejected. I know the effort I put into it and it’s not the best feeling. As bloggers, we can relate to this. It took courage to click publish and share and no one reads it, it awful right.

However, you can’t stop. Not everyone will like your content and not every program will accept you. Keep creating and you will find your audience soon. This is one hidden difficulty of blogging no one says how it feels like. Blogging is not for quitters hence, keep pushing.

Losing Focus

Every blogger at the beginning of their journey struggled with staying focus. Especially if you use Pinterest a lot and you see lots of bloggers giving their six figure reports. Then you read it and you are tempted to start blogging about what they are blogging about so you can make money blogging.

This can be a struggle because you probably started your blog for the money and you are just trying to find the fastest way to get there. For me, I was distracted by taking surveys, when I read post on how someone made $2000 just doing surveys. It started taking much of my time and my blog was neglected. That was a bad move and I am not happy about it.

Blogging needs you to stay focus and build your unique audience. Hence, if your niche is food find the best ways to monetize a food blog and stick to it.

In summary…

Blogging is a business, a unique entity of its own and the only way to max through its challenges is by never giving up.Never the hidden difficulties of blogging stop you. In the end, you will smile because blogging pays.

hidden difficulties of blogging no one says

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