How Saving Money Saved Me: 5 Easy Money saving Ideas.

how my saving saved me, it can save you too only if you start.

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I kept thinking about how i’ll make this post very clear and direct because I am not a good story teller. However I need to tell this short story because it might just help someone start saving.

My savings saved me some times back in march. It wasn’t long I started saving for the year. That’s to say it wasn’t much however it stopped me from going into debt after just clearing a long pending debt. Which in my next post I will tell you how I cleared the debt.

Before going any further, what do you understand as a savings?

What does saving money means?

To me a savings is money you keep away that won’t be spent any time soon. It keeps accumulating over time. You get a savings through constant saving. Without making it a habit to keep money away weekly or monthly depending on when your paycheck comes, it’s impossible to have a savings.

Before telling you exactly how my savings saved me I’ll tell you how to save. The truth is the aim of this post is to encourage someone out there to start keeping some few bucks away.

How my savings saved me.

Easy money saving ideas you can try now

1 Saving is not all about keeping huge sums of money. Those small bucks will amount to big amounts. You know the quote that says “little drops of water makes an ocean” ? That’s how it works.

2 Consistently keep money that’s the only way your little drops gonna make an ocean. It could be daily, weekly or monthly don’t just miss out on any.

A simple example to show you a little on how to go about saving your income.
Daily saving
Everyday = 5 bucks, 30 days = 150 bucks , 12 months = 1800 bucks
Weekly saving
Every week = 20 buck, 4 weeks = 80 bucks, 48 weeks = 960 bucks
Monthly saving
Every month = 100 bucks, 12 months = 1200 bucks

Before saving first consider your income. The example above is not exactly how much you must save. It could be less or more, just be consistent.

3 There are so many ways to save and I wrote a post about it. 3 ways to save your income that works. Therefore save with the easiest method for you. The one that could help you achieve your goals.

This is how my savings saved me

We are finally here, where I will tell you how my piggy bank saved me. Heck no it wasn’t some huge sum of money in my bank account that saved me. It was some little amount of money in my piggy bank.

Before I continue with the gist, purchase a piggy bank right now. In case you don’t know, notes also can go into it. Forget the pictures always showing coins going into it.

So let’s go on….I had just cleared a long pending debt in February and I became debt free. Yes it felt amazing. Then BOOM! something came up and I had no money to solve the problem. It was a due payment I had forgotten about since I was so busy trying to clear my debts.

My mind started thinking of where I could get a debt. So typical of me. The saying of “once a debtor always a debtor” could refer to me at that moment. Then the idea bulb came up in my head. I remembered I had a piggy bank. However, I was not willing to break it as it was a saving plan for a whole year. The year wasn’t far gone and I had only started putting little money into it. On another thought I wasn’t ready to go into debts again.

I broke the bank and it was exactly the amount I needed to settle the bill. A matter of fact some change was left for me to spend for the week.

No one told me what to do, I went and bought another bank.

And that was how my piggy bank saved me.

Your savings can save you from going into debt too. All you have to do is to start.

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