How To Be Happy With A Low Income

how to be happy with a low income

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Being happy with less money is possible. Having a low income is not a sentence for living a sad life. You can be happy with a low income and no one would know how low your paycheck is. However, living a happy life without money comes with you allowing yourself to be happy no matter how everything is not ok πŸ™‚

Being sad about your low income not only makes you unhappy but blinds you from seeing greater days and opportunity. Life is all about making the most of what you have and this post is going to help you out on that.

You are going to see why it is so important to be happy with the little now. Why your happiness matters and how it affects your future. In the end life is too short to be worried about the things you can fix.

Before we go further can we talk about all the things money can’t buy? So you can decide for yourself if your low paycheck should determine your happiness.

low income

The Things Money Cannot buy

Money can’t buy you happiness

I also don’t know who said it πŸ˜‰

Money cannot buy everything and one important thing is this, it cannot buy happiness. I truly don’t know who said it LOL but it is very true. Happiness comes from within, from the things that can’t be touched. From the things, money can’t buy. So if you are not happy with less today even when you are having much you won’t be happy. Because the truth about money is this, it comes to pay bills not to be a friend you can cry to.

The only way you could be happy is by being thankful for that which you have. Because there are a lot of things money can’t buy and first on the list is



True Friends

Faithful partners


Sound mind

Money Cannot buy life, if not all the billionaires are gonna live forever. If you know what it means to have a family that truly cares for you through thick and thin then you know money can’t buy you happiness.

In a world of hate, envy, and anger but yet you still have friends who care for you and pay the bills when you chilling out. Whenever you call them they show up. That is priceless and no money can give you that. Hence, you already have many reasons to be happy even when your income is low.

How to live a happy life with a low income

Frequent money questions people often ask

These are how to be happy without money kind of questions that people often ask. You might have asked yourself these same questions and here are some answers to your questions

1. Can you be happy if you are poor?

This is not less money more happiness type of situation. It does not work like that. This is a type of situation where you can see a poor homeless man putting on a smile with half of his teeth missing.

Yes! You can be happy if you are poor. Gratitude for having all the things money cannot buy is enough to make you happy.

2. How can I live happy with less income?

Being happy with less money is possible by doing some not so simple but doable things like learning how to manage your finances. You will get a better answer to this money question soon.

3. What income level is the happiest?

I am one hundred percent sure you have heard, read, or seen the news about wealthy people committing suicide.

I am sorry the above example might not be the best. But I just have to put it out there. Some people have it all and are not happy. While some do not have much but are living their best lives.

No income level is the happiest. It is up to you to create your own happiness.

4. How do you deal with low income?

This is a money management question, hence, I will give you a money management answer.

The first and easy way to deal with low income is by planning. You cannot afford to spend without directions. A simple step to planning is making a budget.

How to be Happy without money

How to live a happy life without money, might sound a bit extreme since you have some income coming in. So, you are not completely without money. However, you might be in so much debt you have no money. Well, here are some easy ways you can be happy with a low income. These are things you can start putting into practice right away

1. Live according to your means

Spend according to your income, make a budget and plan. In these two articles, how I live a debt-free life and 5 easy ways to live a debt-free life, I talked about a lot of practices I adopted which got me out of debt and kept me debt-free.

2. Change your perspective about money

Learn how to spend it or you will end up wasting it. Avoid some bad habits you have when spending money. They can drain your income and make you feel miserable.

3. Plan for better days ahead

I mean if you don’t plan or see a better future for yourself then you can’t be happy. Manage your finances well and adopt healthy habits like budgeting and saving.

Plan to make an investment or start a small business.

4. Save from the little you have

There is this joy I get when I keep money away no matter how little. It gives me a little sense of relief because I kinda have a backup. Why don’t you give it a try?

Saving money is your guarantee for a better life because you can do a lot with it. Like paying off debts, making an investment, or starting a business.

This is why you Should be Happy with your Low Income

At least you got an income, it might not pay every bill but it gets to pay some. Can you imagine not having any income at all? That’s terrifying.

You get to grow your income. See you can only grow when you have something. You can learn how to save from a low income, so you could start a small business and grow it big or start making small investments.

A lot of people wish they have your job and could earn a little something. Try quitting and in the next hour that vacancy becomes an answered prayer to another.

If you are choosing and sticking to your career part. How about you learn how to grow your income through your career too.


Having a low income should rather be a motivation for you to see all the things money cannot give and happiness is one of them. Instead of being sad how about, you try to grow your income.

At the end of it, all I want you to see is that being happy with less money is possible. Your income is better than a lot out there. However, it is a good thing you are not comfortable with it which means you want a better life. But let is not determine your joy. You can absolutely be happy with a low income.

how to be happy with a low income

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    Thank you for posting this. I hear so many cussing about their bosses/jobs instead of being grateful to have jobs at all and using the experiences to grow and move upward with their aspirations. I am 70 and on a fixed income and I plan to start a back yard nursery to bring in extra income. It’s never too soon or too late to change your path in life.

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