(video) How To Create Amazing Images with Stencil

How to create amazing photos with stencil

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Ever since I started blogging, Stencil has been the only image design software I use. I can’t remember exactly how I discovered it but I think it was recommended in a blog post.

After one or two designs, I figured out how to work my way through it. I started creating amazing images with Stencil and today I will show you how to create amazing images with Stencil too.

An Introduction to what Stencil is

As earlier mentioned, Stencil is a software application for creating beautiful and unique image designs. It’s an easy-to-use graphic design tool. With over 245,000 users.

There are over 2 million stock photos to use, 1000+ templates, 3000 Google web fonts, 100,000+ quotes to customize and make yours, browser extension( my favourite), 2 million-plus icons & graphics, 75+ custom sizes to pick from and you can create your own templates.

Stencil works perfectly well on any modern browser and it has extensions which makes accessing it easy.

4 Reasons why you will love Stencil

1. Stencil is very easy to use. It didn’t take me long before I knew how to navigate around the entire app.

It’s not one of those apps you crack your brain figuring out where all the features are. They are visible and boldly written.

I have tried using some software to design images and none was as easy as Stencil. Perhaps I’m the one who couldn’t figure it out but I assure you you need little brain work to get Stencil working for you.

2. You can use it for free for as long as you want. For a beginner trying to understand it it’s okay starting free.

However, there are limitations to a free account. Like having just 10 images every month. What! It is too small if you need to create lots of images to share on all the social media platforms you’re on.

Hence, upgrade your account as soon as you are done learning how to use it because it is very affordable. You can upgrade with $9/month.

3. It has a WordPress Plugin which allows you to create your photos while writing your post which makes work faster. Read how to install the plugin and use it on WordPress

As a content creator, the last thing you want is an app difficult to navigate. Time is never our friend hence, we need to save it. Stencil helps you with that. I spend little time creating images and once I am done imagining how the design will be, I go straight to work.

4. This post is created to save you tons of time. I will be showing you everything about stencil and you don’t have to spend too much time navigating. All you will do is go straight to work.

How to Navigate Stencil for Beginners

Below is how stencil looks like once you log in. However, if you don’t have an account this tutorial is useless. Why don’t you go ahead and create one here? I am using a free account for this tutorial.

create amazing images with stencil

I believe your account is set now so let’s move on.

At the left side menu where Stencil is boldly written, you will see photos, templates, quotes, uploads, logos/watermarks and saved images.

Besides the menu, are the featured photos. Where you have thousands of photos to choose from. Above is a search bar, where you can search for the type of photo you want.

Not too far from the left in the middle to your right is the canvas. That’s where the magic happens. Below the canvas is where you choose the size and shape of it.

How to create Pinterest Images with Stencil

As bloggers creating Images for Pinterest is a necessity. Pinterest Images are unique compared to other social images as they are expected to be vertically long.

Beneath your canvas click on “default” then select the canvas size you want. Whatever design you do for your images what qualifies it to be a Pinterest image is the vertical structure of the canvas.

Pinterest image sizes are 600×900, 1000×1500 or 600×1260 (for tall pins). Pinterest favours vertical pins with bold fonts and clear image too. Although there is more to going viral on Pinterest, image size is an important factor too.

Now that the image size is out of the way you can start adding text and images to your canvas area. The best way to go about creating the best Pinterest pins is by following the design pattern of popular pins you see on Pinterest. Except if you are an expert graphic designer then you can go ahead and do your thing.

However, if you are new to creating your own designs then there is nothing wrong from getting ideas from other pins. To create amazing images with Stencil doesn’t mean it must be something never seen before. Just what will gain lost of impression, saves and clicks.

Double click on any photo to make it a background image. At the side of the canva you can click on the bold A button to add text to your photo or just double click on the background and text will show. When it appears, you can see where to add colours to fonts and change font size.

To save you the stress of figuring it out all be yourself watch this video on how to create unique Pinterest photos with Stencil.

How to create free templates with Stencil

A template is an image design that is easy to customize. All you do with a template is make some few changes like colour, fonts and background image to suit what you want.

Even though Stencil has a variety of templates you can pick from. You can create your own unique one to go with your brand design.

The whole of Stencil is easy to use so is creating a template. All you have to do is save any design you love or performed well on Pinterest as a template and keep editing whenever you write a new blog post.

A summary of how to create amazing images with Stencil

Yes, Stencil is the simplest tool for graphic design you can use to create photos. It is very affordable as you can use it for 9$/month. The support is great and trusts me you won ‘t have to use it because you will encounter no difficulties. If you haven’t created an account and started using Stencil, I wonder what you are waiting for. Start here and see for yourself.

how to create amazing photos with Stencil
how to create Pinterest images with stencil
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