How To Create Pinterest Titles That Get Clicked

How to create Pinterest titles that get clicked

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One of the major factors that make a pin drive massive traffic to your blog is its Titles. To make your pins convert to clicks to your blog you need to learn how to create Pinterest titles that get clicked. Hence, a major characteristic of a viral pin is its headlines.

Like, what is the point of taking your time and designing a beautiful pin, promoting it so well yet no one clicks? Shortly you will learn exactly how to create Pinterest titles that get clicked.

Before we dive into knowing what get clicked on Pinterest, you should know some facts about Pinterest.

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Some Important Facts about Pinterest.

  1. Pinterest is a search engine, not social media. Hence, if you can rank high on Pinterest you can show up high on other search engines like google.
  2. Not only is it a search engine but a visual search engine. Meaning unique images and designs get noticed quickly.
  3. It is the home for bloggers looking out to get traffic to there blogs hence very competitive.
  4. The majority of its users are from the USA.
  5. Pinterest is not as easy as they say it is because its algorithm changes. Today this is working and tomorrow it is not.
  6. All niches perform differently on Pinterest. So before you see yourself toiling day and night without results make sure Pinterest is the home for your niche.
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Simple Guide to Create Pinterest Title That Get clicked

Now that you know some facts about Pinterest it is time you see how easy it is to create Pinterest titles that get clicked. In no particular other this is how you do it.

User Intent

When you get to the point where you understand what your viewers want on Pinterest. Not only will you write headlines that get clicked but you will drive massive traffic to your blog without headache.

Why is user intent Important. It is important because everyone is on Pinterest for different reasons.

We might have a lot of bloggers on Pinterest but it doesn’t change the fact that there are people using it to get ideas for fashion, recipe, skin care, makeup, budgeting, saving money, self-care, personal development, motivation, and the list can go on.

Hence, do not be carried away by what you think is viral but rather what your viewers want.

An easy way to know what your Pinterest audience want

  • Your boards with the highest impression, engagement, saves and clicks. For me, Personal Finance is what my viewers want to read more from me because my boards on finance get so many views. So instead of wasting so much time writing about blogging just because I see many viral pins from that niche will get me nowhere.
  • Another is by observing every pin you put out there. Which is still giving you some traffic even long after you put it.

However, with all the guidelines I am about to share with you. You can write titles for any topic and still get people clicking. I might write much on finance, business, and self-development. But I still get traffic writing on other topics, like beauty, fashion, blogging, and Pinterest strategy.

Use a Headline Analyzer to create Pinterest titles

These is easy to do because you do not have to do the thinking and figuring out what headlines or titles are great.

I use CoSchedule Headline Analyzer to create titles for my blog post and use it to try many other headlines that will be great for a blog post. It only takes seconds for your headline to be analyzed and you get a result.

CoSchedule also gives you keywords ideas and what you can add to the title to make it better. Aim for a score of 70 upward. The best part about it is this, it is free.

Write titles different from your blog post

That I can write titles different from my blog post topic is my favorite part of writing Pinterest titles. But the tricky part of it.

Hence, do not write misleading titles. It will give you a high bounce rate and that will be tagged spammy.

It is very ok to transform your titles to fit Pinterest as you might have written it differently for SEO in your blog post. But as I will emphasize do not go out of context. No one would like to click a pin for fashion and end up reading about beauty products.

For me, I needed help with this because I found myself going off sometimes and the resource that helped me was Pinterest title traffic hacks for bloggers.

Research and use words that convert

In case you have no idea what words that converts are, this is what they mean: Emotional words that trigger people to take any action or want to read more.

These emotions could be happy, curious, anxious, excited, relaxed, and even sad. Hence when you use the right words it will get people clicking your pins.

I will not let you keep wondering what those words could be so I will give you a few examples and you can build up from there.

Example of converting words:

  • Best
  • Easy
  • Simple
  • Cheap
  • Popular
  • Hacks
  • Famous
  • Affordable
  • Limited
  • Unique
  • Benefits
  • Fast

The truth is I have given you a good amount of words you do not need to research more. So titles like this “5 easy ways to rank higher on Google” will do better than just “5 ways to rank higher on Google”

Use your Keywords to create Pinterest titles that get clicked

Remember Pinterest is a search engine too, if you missed that please go back to the top and read some facts about Pinterest.

Hence, there is something called Pinterest SEO. Therefore, you should use keywords on Pinterest too.

For basics, just make sure the keyword for your blog post is in your Pinterest pin title. If possible pin them to boards with similar titles. Join group boards relevant to your niche and even keywords you want to rank for. You can learn in-depth about this in Pinteresting strategies.

Pay attention to design

As I mentioned in the fact above Pinterest is a visual search engine. Hence, being unique and outstanding with your design is a great way to get saves and clicks.

But do not get too worked up if you are not good with designs. I am not and many are not. What I do is I just see a design I like and try to make a replica of it or think deeply and come up with my unique designs.

Better still you can use templates for a start and there are places to get good ones for free.


With the numerous strategies out there on Pinterest for Pinterest. You have to keep trying until you get what works best for you.

Try new pin designs to see what works, change titles to see which get more clicks, and even change the time you share your pins. So much you can keep trying every day.

Use these helpful resources

I am a frugal girl, hence I am a frugal blogger too because I believe blogging cheap is possible. What this means is that I only recommend free resources that give result or resources that are extremely cheap that gives so much value.

Here are some:

Pinterest title traffic hacks for bloggers: If you are reading this it means my title got you clicking. Hence, if you want to learn more about how To create Pinterest titles that get clicked and see results like I do this is the resource you need. I am recommending it because it is incredibly cheap and through this link, you get it at $17 instead of $27. You might want to see how writing unique titles make me money on Pinterest without a blog post.

CoSchedule: This is a free headline analyzer as mentioned earlier. Use it to try various titles and see the scores you get. Use the best with higher scores.

Canva or Stencil: To succeed on Pinterest you have to create lots of images to promote your post, grow your viewers, and get massive traffic. Hence, you need an easy place to constantly create pins. Stencil, is easy for newbies and Canva is great. You can use these tools free and upgrade in the future whenever you see the need to.

Templates: Here are free templates you can use on Canva and customize to fit your blog design and brand.


Pinterest is a lot of things but one things that matters most is your pins and what make those pins convert to traffic is your titles.

Hence, do not take them for granted or else you will waste precious time without seeing results.

One thing is also sure about Pinterest. When you do the right things you always get results. So if you are struggling with growing your viewers on Pinterest you can read and learn exactly what I do to grow mine by 100,000 every week.

Drop a comment to ask a question or tell us about the unique strategies you use to create Pinterest titles that get clicked.

create pinterest titles that get clicked
Pinterest titles that get clicked

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