How to focus as a new blogger

How to focus as a new blogger

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Trust me when I say you need to focus as a new blogger. Especially if you started blogging as a side hustle. I tell you the truth there is a thousand and one distraction out there. That could take your mind off blogging. Then you would be making a mistake.

Blogging needs consistency. Meaning you have to be on it very often. It doesn’t need 24 hours but it needs you to do a lot in the few hours you dedicate to it.

Work at home is good and earning money from surveys is good. However, nothing pays better than a blog you own and made it your business because your income just keeps growing.

Focus before booting your system

I know you are excited, it’s a new blog right and you can’t wait to boot your system and get to work. Yes, you can succeed with getting your system on hence fail with getting much done.

Before you on that computer know exactly what you want to get done. Be it a new blog post or some editing to your blog appearance know what you want to get done for the few hours you have to work on your blog.

I call it the Planning stage. Plan on what you want to do at the moment because the truth is there is a lot to be done but you can’t do them all at once. The only way to achieve a lot in blogging is doing one task after another.

This is how you make a simple plan as a blogger.

Today I only have two hours to work on my blog and I decided to write this blog post. There is a lot to do however, this blog post is a task I have to achieve for this week. Now that it is out of the way, I can focus on other things like my email list, social media, affiliate marketing and some online courses I registered for. As a blogger, you have to keep learning new things.

Have a task for every day that’s a way to focus as a new blogger. This blog post is a task. social media is a task, sending emails or creating them is a task, fixing a little problem is a task e.t.c. Whichever task you need to work write it down.

Write down your task it is an effective measure for focus

Having it all in your head is not good enough because you can forget. The importance of writing it down is for priority. Every task is important but there is the one you need to do before another. There is the one that could wait for Wednesday and the one you have to do right away. write down your task so there won’t be a misplacement of priority.

Long term goals are very important to Focus as a New Blogger

Unlike the daily or weekly tasks or plans. Having a long term goal helps you focus as a new blogger. You started the blog for a reason and I’m sure you would like to achieve it very soon.

90 days plans are perfect for blogging. Give yourself three months to get bigger things done.

Your 90 days plan should be for goals like 50000 monthly page views or 1000 email subscribers or 1000 followers on social media or first blog income.

What this means is that for every little daily or weekly task you try to do will gear you towards achieving the goals you set out for 90 days.

It doesn’t mean that you will achieve everything in those 90 days but you are way closer to achieving your blogging goals than when you started. Set another goal and work towards it. I did a 90-day plan and of all, I set out to achieve I was only able to get an e-book off the list.

The way you use your computer will help you focus as a new blogger.

Too many opened tabs will slow you down. Don’t forget that the little task you achieve every day is what makes your blog grow. However, when you want to do so many things at ones you often get lost or distracted.

I’ve been there and I would be honest to say I still struggle with this. But right now working on this post I only have 1 tab open because I need to get done with it.

How to use your computer and focus as a new blogger
As you can see I have one tab opened.

Don’t think that by having many tabs running you’d be achieving much. Hours will pass, then, you will realize you haven’t done much. That’s why it is important to plan as I mentioned from the beginning of this post. Write down what task you need to get done before the other.

You are excited and you just want to do a lot within a short while. I get that. The good news is, blogging doesn’t work like that. Be patient, be consistent and learn every day.

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Have fun while blogging

It’s the only way you can truly remain focus. When you hate your job, you are most likely not going to be focused on it or be success-driven towards it. Hence pick a niche that interests you and you would enjoy working on it. You would wake up every day wanting to achieve more and more.

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