How To Get Out Of Debt Fast

how to get out of debt

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Whether you got into debt for the right reason such as student loans or medical bills or the wrong reasons like living way above your means. Debt is still debt and it sucks. I have no doubt you want to get out of it like yesterday. Living in times where credit cards are so available makes it harder to stay debt-free. However, I would like you to know that no matter how big your debt is you can pay it off. You can get out of debt and live debt-free.

People have done it, people are still doing it and you can do it. You just need some dedication, hard work, and saying goodbye to bad money habits. In no distant time, because time literally flies, you will get out of debt fast and start planning toward having a financially stable life.

I have once buried in debts myself and life wasn’t the best at that time. I set off to settle my debt fast. I made lots of sacrifices, which looking back I’m glad I did. Now I am debt-free and looking forward to becoming financially free in no distant time.

get out of debt

5 Simple ways to get out of debt fast

I know getting out of debt can’t be tagged as “simple”. However, I am sharing paying off debt tips that are easy to practice. You can put them into action right away and start seeing your debt go away faster than you imagined.

1. Stop that bad money habit

If you got into debt for unavoidable reasons then this might not apply to you. However, we sometimes have bad spending habits or in general bad money habits that might be putting us deeply into debt. And you can’t get out of debt without dealing with those habits.

Hence, you start by asking yourself questions about how you manage your finances. Do you feel you are doing a good job so far or do you need to work on some things?

There are good spending habits everyone including you needs to practice to be able to manage their finances properly. Habits like budgeting, planning, and saving.

And the spending habits you should avoid is the opposite of the ones you should practice. Learn to live according to your means or below your means, make extra income, save, always budget before spending, cut down some utility bills, set money goals and work towards and try to have a good credit card score.

All of this will go a long way in helping you get out of debt fast.

2. Pay above minimum payout

Paying above the minimum payout when settling debts is not a most or necessary. However, you are trying to get out of debt fast so you have to try everything possible to achieve that.

Hence, when you can pay above the minimum payout. Doing this have many advantages such as reducing your interest rates over time. And we all know what accumulates even over the main debt itself is the interest.

The bottom line without too much emphasis is this if you really want to be debt-free as soon as you can then you have to consider paying above the minimum amount you are to remit every month.

3. Adopt a frugal lifestyle

The idea behind living frugally is that you learn how to live below your means. Cut down your expenses, budget aggressively, cut down utility bills, no food wastage, and do all the things that will allow you to save money.

When trying to pay off debt frugal living should be one of the first things you consider to make the process fast. It is easier said than done because adjusting to a lifestyle is not easy besides we live in a time where credit cards make it hard to stay away from debt. But it is a necessity to be frugal if your debts are getting out of hand.

However, adopting a frugal lifestyle is doable and will not only get you out of debt but will help you live debt-free, Allowing you to save money and eventually achieve financial freedom.

Personally, I love being frugal it helps me live a debt-free life and allows me to save money. It can do the same for you.

4. Put your extra income towards paying your debt

Paying off debts comes with making lots of sacrifices and some sacrifices include you using that extra income you have plans for towards paying it off.

However, you are a grown adult and no one is going to just gift you $100 for doing nothing. You might get a bonus at work, a tax refund or if you have a job that comes with getting tips you can dedicate all of that to settling your debt fast.

This means you have to go out and make that extra income just to pay off your debts if possible.

5. Earn extra income, get out of debt

Be it by starting a small business or getting a second job you need an additional source of income if you really want to get out of debt fast.

Even though starting a business might sound like a lot of money is needed which you don’t have. The business world is changing and there are businesses you can start with little or no money and still make a good profit. And a business, in the long run, will not only clear your debts but will make you financially free.

However, if this business thing is not just for you there are many passive income ideas you can try for extra money besides getting a second or third job. You can rent out a room or space, rent out equipment, and do some freelancing here and there not necessarily in your area of expertise but in any field, you have good knowledge.

Not only does making more money get you out of debt, but it also helps you stay out of debt too.

In conclusion…

Becoming debt-free might sound like a long road to walk, honestly, it is but you have to walk that road to reach your destination. Which is living your best life and debts are not a part of it.

It starts with a step in the right direction by doing all the things in this post and beyond. One thing is sure time flies and at no time you will find yourself living the dream life.

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  1. Not paying about the minimum was a hard lesson i learned. ALWAYS pay above the minimum. 2x or 3x if you can. Credit card companies love when you pay only the minimum = $$$ in their pockets

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