How to install Stencil on WordPress

install stencil on WordPress

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Do you  need help on how to install stencil on your WordPress blog? The good news is i am here to help you out.

Stencil just launched a new plugin for WordPress and I find it extremely exciting. Other bloggers who use stencil will love it to.

This plugins will reduce work and save time. I mean I don’t have to start importing my pictures after creating them. Rather will make it here while working on a post.

A little about Stencil

As much as I want to belief you know what stencil is, however I won’t work on assumptions. Therefore I will tell you about stencil.

Stencil is an app or software made for image creation. Together with the likes of Canva and Picmonkey. Stencil is also used to create amazing images

If you happen to be reading this post from Pinterest and you found my picture good. Well it’s with the help of stencil.

It is very easy to use, no one thought me how to use it and it is very affordable. It is free too but you only get to have 10 images every month.

However before you can use stencil even as a plugin you need an account. Go ahead and create an account here.

Here is how you install Stencil on WordPress

Step 1

how to install stencil on wordpress

Go to your dashboard

On the left side of what is like a menu click on plugins. Plugins is right under appearance and above tools.

click plugins=> click add new


how to install stencil on wordpress

All you do here is search for stencil.

Type ‘stencil’ in the search plugins space.

Step 3

how to install stencil

And here it is, you’ve found Stencil. Just a few more steps and you are done.

Next is to click the ‘Install Now’ button

After installing then you’ activate’

how to install stencil

Here you have it your stencil is set and ready to use.

Next up is….

How to use stencil on your WordPress blog

Now that we are done installing and activating stencil on WordPress. We need to use it next and here is how to go about it

There are two ways to go about. Either you want to create an image to keep for future use or while you are working on a post.

While working on a post

how to install stencil on WordPress

You click on ‘Add Media’

how to install stencil

click ‘stencil’ which is after Media Library

install stencil

You made it. Start creating all the images you want at your comfort.

install stencil

Once you are done creating your image, click on ‘Add to Media Library’ and you are done.  You might want to download so you have it save on your PC too.

Your worries are over. You and I can write and create images in one place.

There are other great plugins for WordPress you can read this to know more about them WordPress plugins: top 7 for new bloggers

install stencil

P.S: I just made this right now on my blog. You can do same.

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