How to make money blogging with this blog course

how to make money blogging with this blogging course

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Are you a new blogger, ready to monetize your blog but overwhelmed with all the dos of blogging? That you have no idea what to do or how to make money blogging?

You know all the different ways to make money blogging but you are lost on where to start. Count today as your lucky day because I wrote this post just for you. Yes! Just for you reading this right now.

I was once in your shoes or maybe still in your shoes but trust me I am no longer lost or confused. I know exactly what to do and where I am heading toward monetising my blog.

I am making money blogging through affiliate sales even with few pageviews, my digital products are set for sales and release come 2021 and my email list is growing.

My blogging journey took a different dimension the day I came across the $1k blogger.

Not another sales pitch

I know you are thinking this is just another sales pitch. You are right it is. But not an ordinary one because you will be getting this course for a very low price for the value it gives compared to the prices of other courses offering the same result.

But before you make any decisions and conclusions I would like you to read this post to the end because this is not an ordinary sales pitch.

I have promoted this blogging course directly on Pinterest and I have a lot of people buying it. You can read how I make money on Pinterest without blogging. So I said to myself it’s about time I write about it here.

how to make money blogging with the $1k blogger

6 reasons you need the $1k blogger blogging course

Starting a blog is another thing but starting a blog to make money is a different ball game on its own.

There are many ways to make money blogging, however, not every way is the best for a new blog and this is one simple reason you need the $1k blogger.

However, let me break down these reasons for you.

1. Made by a successful blogger

$1k blogger is designed for bloggers by a blogger. The brain behind this blogging course is Lidiya k from Let’s Reach Success. A successful blogger who started from scratch and made her way through earning $5000 every month blogging.

Lidiya simplified this course it felt so easy to implement everything she is teaching. The best part about her is that she is so real about blogging and this is the number one reason you need this course.

Just like me, Lidiya believes every blogger should begin their journey without spending so much money until they have grown to a certain level.

And in this course, she gives many options for free and cheap resources you can use to get the results you need.

2. You learn the basics

Before you go too far in creating much content on your blog. You need to know how to set it up properly.

After taking this course I realised I made so many mistakes setting up my blog. It took me a week to fix all of those things. You can avoid that from happening to you.

There is a step by step guide to doing everything. Such as setting up the best free themes, creating a home page, site speed for SEO, necessary plugins, pages needed, and the list can go on.

3. SEO made easy

Lidiya gets over 50,000 monthly page views on her blog and 80% are from Google. She shares exactly how she does it.

That’s not the only thing but she makes it super easy. I never thought I could understand SEO until I took this course. Within two weeks of implementing some things, I saw my Google page ranking go from 60 to 38. And I started seeing more impressions on keywords and some once in a while clicks.

There are very expensive courses just on SEO but to find it in one course alongside many other valuable things is priceless for the money it goes for. I would be selfish if I do not share this with you.

4. The best ways to monetize your blog

Another thing I love about this blogging course is that it not only tells you how to make money blogging but how to start and see results.

My blog is still small in terms of traffic and domain authority but with the guide from the $1k blogger. I have made back my investment double. Through affiliate marketing.

As I have mentioned earlier my digital products will be set for 2021. This means more blog income for me so watch out.

Therefore, seize this opportunity and be a successful blogger come next year.

5. The blogging course is cheap for now

I believe to achieve success in blogging, you do not have to spend so much money you end up regretting it. However, to have good results and make money from your blog you need to make some investments.

A free blogging course will only show you how to do normal things. However, a paid blogging course will show you secrets you will never figure out by yourself or it will take you forever to figure out.

Hence, I reached out to Lidiya and she agreed not to take up the price for the course. I know what it means to start a side hustle with no money and all the good stuff out there comes with a huge price tag.

If you really want to make money blogging come next year you need the $1k blogger. You don’t need a special coupon code. Just click on my unique link.

6. Lidiya is always available to help

My favourite part of this course is how Lidiya is always ready to help me with simple ideas when I send her an email.

She shares free and easy tips that you can try and see results immediately. She is not all about you spending so much money.

Just like me, Lidiya believes every blogger should begin their journey without spending so much money until they have grown to a certain level.

I truly am yet to find a blogger who is not all about the profits like Lidiya. When you take this blogging course, you will see for yourself.

In Conclusion…

The $1k Blogger was a game-changer for me and it will be for you too.

I took my time to write this because I don’t want you to miss this opportunity of a lifetime as a blogger.

Do not wait for my blog income report to be out before you decide on taking this course. It will be late by then (in terms of the price).

See you next year on the list of new bloggers who went from zero to making $1000 blogging every month.

how to make money blogging with this blogging course
reasons you need the $1k blogger

the $1k blogger is still available

2 thoughts on “How to make money blogging with this blog course”

  1. Thank you so much for laying out the course, I just used your coupon code! I can’t wait to dig into this course, it looks so meaty. Exactly what I need. I’ve owned my blog for about a year but now I’ve decided to get serious about it but I’m so overwhelmed and confused.

    1. Hi Leslie, Seeing your comment just made me happier that I decided to write about this blogging course because I didn’t want to. It has helped me so much I know a new blogger will need it. You will learn a lot and be excited to try out everything. I know next year before this time you will have a different blogging story.

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