How To Make Money on Pinterest Without a Blog

How To Make Money on Pinterest Without a Blog

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Have you ever wondered if it is possible to make money on Pinterest without a blog? An how will it feel if your obsession with Pinterest can make you some extra money without the stress of blogging. Knowing that all that other bloggers talk about on Pinterest is how to drive massive traffic to a blog.

If you have beign on Pinterest for a while now you will see that every pin you click talking about how to make money on Pinterest only talks about blogging on Pinterest and getting lots of traffic that will eventually help you make affiliate sales and boost ad income.

However, the answer to the question I asked above is YES! As a matter of fact, the first affiliate sales I ever made was on Pinterest without a blog post. And the truth is this, making money on Pinterest without a blog is very easy.

Though there is nothing like Pinterest affiliate programs. You can promote anything but with caution. You will see how soon.

So, you can make money on Pinterest without a blog. Even though there are so many ways on how to make money on Pinterest, I will only be sharing what worked for me and how I made $22 with one pin in one day.

how to make money on Pinterest without a blog post

How is it possible to make Money on Pinterest without a blog?

The number one answer to this question is this, Pinterest allows you to share affiliate links directly to their platform.

Secondly, you can create and publish pin directly on Pinterest without a blog.

Some rules to follow

  • Not all affiliate networks allow you to share their links directly on Pinterest. So know the rules guiding your affiliate links
  • Do not use a link shortener, Pinterest does not like it
  • If you overdo it, you might be tagged spammy. Hence, be strategic with how you try to make money on Pinterest.
  • Some group boards do not like direct affiliate links, so be careful so you don’t get thrown out.

How to publish a pin directly on Pinterest

Go to your Pinterest dashboard click on create or a red plus button. Then click on create pin.

make money on Pinterest without a blog

Then you insert your image, your title, description and affiliate link. Select your board and click publish.

Pinterest marketing

Write Titles that convert to make money on Pinterest

When designing the pin you plan to use write Pinterest titles that convert. Remember your pin is not linking people to a blog post that will talk in-depth about a product, therefore write a click-worthy headline.

Why people click your pins is not because they look beautiful but because the pin title attracts them to want to read more.

This applies to the pin you want to use for your affiliate sales. You cannot promote a title that will not convert. Hence, you have to take your pin titles seriously.

The pin above is what I used to promote my affiliate link and you can see it is for a course. Obviously the design is plain but what made it convert is the title. This pin made me $21.60 in commission in less than 24hr

You can promote anything, I promote Affiliate links different from my niche like beauty products, outfits, and ebooks hence, every title varies depending on the product you want to promote.

Hence, you have to learn how to create Pinterest titles that convert either for traffic to your blog or to make an affiliate sale as I did. I know the perfect course that can teach you how. Remember I only recommend products that give results that are free or extremely cheap because I am a frugal blogger. Keep reading to see my recommendations.

Write a description too..

Affiliate marketing on Pinterest is different from affiliate marketing done through blogging.

Use valuable keywords in your description and talk a little bit more about the product you are promoting. People do read descriptions too.

Indicate it is an affiliate product by writing affiliate links or #affiliatelinks or #afflink.

Promote your pin

Start pinning your pin to relevant boards and group boards. Like I mentioned in the rules above, try not to be spammy and follow the rules in the group boards you plan on promoting your affiliate pins.

Do not force a pin by sharing the same thing over and over it will give you the same results. Rather create a new pin with a new title and try again.

Helpful resources

I repeat, I only recommend free or extremely cheap resources I use that gives me results because I am a frugal solopreneur. So here are resources that help me stay productive on Pinterest

You have to keep creating new pins to promote products on Pinterest. There are two ways to do it. 1. Learn how to create viral pins for just $17 or 2. Get viral pin templates.

  • Canva to create images for Pinterest. It is free. With your templates creating new pins become extremely easy and time-saving.
  • I use Stencil to create images too. I find it easy to use and it is free.
  • For your titles get Pinterest TitleTraffic Hacks. To learn about the kinds of titles that get clicked on Pinterest. It is usually at a higher price of $27 but because I am a cheapskate I am recommending it now at a discount price of $17. If you are reading this now it means my title got you clicking, you are just one among the hundreds clicking every day and these are all that you stand to gain from purchasing this cheap course.

Update: Just so you know since writing this I have made some more affiliate sales directly on Pinterest. See for yourself below and do not hesitate to get the Pinterest title traffic hacks.

affiliate marketing on Pinterest without a blog

The big secret to earn money from Pinterest.

I saved the best for last because this is one of the major things that could help you make sales directly on Pinterest aside from your titles.

This big secret is your price.

If you really want to make money on Pinterest without a blog post giving so much convincing details. Then you have to promote products with affordable price tags.

Put yourself in the buyer’s shoes. Are you most likely going to buy a product directly from a landing page with a high price or a cheap affordable price? The answer is obvious, isn’t it?

In conclusion…

Making money on Pinterest without a blog is possible. Though you need a blog to get approved to most affiliate networks. You do not have to go through the stress of always creating content every time you want to promote an affiliate product in Pinterest.

Give it a try and watch your income grow aside your blog income.

Not only have I sold products directly on Pinterest. But I use Pinterest to drive traffic to my blog which in turn makes it possible for me to make affiliate sales on my small blog. Read how I went from 300 to 5,000 page views in 1 month using Pinterest.

If you are struggling with Pinterest read how I successfully grow my Pinterest viewers by 100,000 every week.

how to make money on Pinterest without a blog
make money on Pinterest
making money online is possible without blogging. Learn how to make money on Pinterest with no experience or blogging needed.

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