15 ways to improve your self-esteem as a woman

15 unique ways to improve your self-esteem as a woman

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Living in a world where there is a predesigned standard for how things should be and how we should live our lives. It’s easy to get lost in it all and find yourself struggling to be you. You start to forget your self-value and even struggle with low self-esteem in the attempt to fit in. However, I have good news for you, it’s 2021 and the rules are changing and you don’t have to feel good about yourself based on how people want it. You can improve your self-esteem on your own terms and in your own way.

You can become the best version of yourself by doing the things you are comfortable with and fits into your plans and who you are as a person. Low self-confidence is not cool neither is high self-esteem. Hence, you will be seeing simple things you can work on that will keep you on the right track on your journey to self-growth and boosting your self-esteem.

Practical ways to improve self-esteem

Here is a list of simple things you can start practicing today that will add value to yourself and help you build self esteem.

1. Know who you are

What are your beliefs, principles, value and what do you stand for? These are questions to ask yourself when trying to find yourself. If you know who you are trust me when I say you will not struggle with poor selfesteem.

Knowing who you give you a direction in life. You will live your life the best you can and find purpose. You will be confident in the part you take and what you hope to achieve. No one will tell you who you are because you have discovered it for yourself and this is a sure way to improve your self-esteem.

2. Practice self-care

Have a self-care routine that fits into your life and your personality. Self-care isn’t selfish and I can say that over and over again. If you don’t love yourself enough to take care of you body, mind and soul then you can give what you don’t have.

Spoil yourself, give yourself a break, affirm daily don’t wait for it to come from people because it might not come, meditate and take life one step at a time.

There are so many self-care ideas to try but here are 33 self-care ideas for women.

3. Be comfortable in your body

Ladies if you don’t like the way you look change it. Do not allow something you can change to affect your confidence and make you live a timid life.

I am a little bit overweight, I don’t plan to be a skinny girl but I have a weight am most comfortable with so I work towards maintaining it and I advise you do the same about your body. It is very important to be comfortable in your skin and love yourself.

Besides our outward appearance is not who we really are but it affects how we see our self. Hence, know who you are as I’ve earlier said then work on what can be changed the right way.

4. Learn a new skill

There is something about adding more knowledge to what you have that positively affects your self-confidence. It’s like you keep improving yourself so every time you are a new updated version of who you are.

You don’t need appraisals or affirmation when you learn a new skill besides you are only adding to what you already have, you know you are valuable and just being aware of that can give you the right amount of boost to your self-esteem.

5. Find your creative self

Creativity is not only for big things or just artistic in nature. It’s simply challenging yourself to think outside the box and try things you would never imagine.

It could be in your business, at work, with friends, with your family, and other places you function. Don’t be the same person all the time, surprise yourself and even the people around you. Be unpredictable by finding your creative side of thinking.

Lack of self-confidence will make you believe creativity is only for some type of people but that is a lie. Put yourself to the test and discover there is so much about you you don’t just know yet.

6. Read what inspires you

When it comes to reading you can find inspiration in any genre of Literature or in any type of book. So you must not read only books that are tagged motivational.

Inspiration can come from a short poem, or a romance novel. However, you will never discover if you don’t read. Hence, challenge yourself to read books. You must not be a book lover before you find reading interesting.

7. Wear what looks good on you

One of the easiest ways to improve your self-esteem is by wearing what looks good on you. I understand there is so much trending out there and you would want to give them a try. It is totally ok to do that.

However, when you find that style that fits you and makes you comfortable don’t be afraid to rock it 70% of the time. When you are not confident in what you wear people notice and vice versa.

Therefore, when you look amazing in jeans and blouses and get the most comments about your looks stick to it. Just learn how to dress up or dress down with it.

It is also important to know your body shape and what style compliments it.

8. Be around positive people

Self value works hand in hand with the company we keep. You need to be around people that add value to you not those wo bring you down and you must be same to them.

If you really want to boost your self-esteem then a toxic relationship won’t do that for you. It is your life and you have the right to choose who is in it. Be around positive people that will build you and bring the best out of you.

9. Have a beauty routine to improve your self-esteem

our self-confidence lies in a lot of things and looking beautiful is definitely one of them. From skincare routines to hair, makeup pedicure, and manicure to all the things that complement our outwards appearance. Beauty routines are another aspect of self-care.

Hence, have a beauty routine that works well for you, so you can glow from the inside out. And if you are a frugal woman like I am you might want to see these frugal beauty tips.

10. Help Someone

If you want to add value to who you are take up the responsibilities of making the world around you better. You are giving out what many can’t and this adds value to your existence which indirectly boosts your self-esteem because you are making an impact.

Involve yourself in charity events, give your services for free in your local community and make donations of food, clothes, and money whenever you can. When you help people you don’t need anyone to give you a pat on the back before you know you have done well. The results of life touched and saved are your reward.

11. Embrace your uniqueness

We all have that one thing or many things that sets us apart as individuals and make us beautiful in our own way. Embrace whatever it is for you and use it to stand out and be who you are.

When you want to connect with unique individuals you have to be unique yourself. The bottom line is this our self-confidence depends a lot on our personality. When you embrace who you are and stay true to yourself it is easy to improve your self-esteem and people will connect easily to your positive energy.

12. Face your fairs

Our fears can stop us from living our best life and achieving a lot of things which includes self-esteem. Life is full of risk and our past wounds might not be healed completely. It can be seen through you, hence, you have to let go, heal and improve your self-esteem.

One thing is for sure life is never a straight part but we get to choose what path we walk and the part of fears shouldn’t be one. Facing your fears should be a challenge you take up because it might hinder you from doing a lot.

You fear of failure like we often do could be what is keeping you from starting a business or taking that bold step in your business.

13. Worry not, people will talk

Is the thing behind your poor self-esteem is that you worry too much about what people think or say about then I’m afraid you have no one to blame but yourself.

People will always talk and think whatever they want to and it shouldn’t affect you in any way. Everyone’s opinion cannot matter in your life just like how yours doesn’t matter in theirs.

Understand it now that you have your life to live and no matter how you want to live your life people will always want to tell you how to live it. Don’t let that get to you. Be yourself and never settle for less.

14. Challenge yourself

challenge yourself to be creative, be a productive, volunteer, look beautiful, practice self-care, face your fears, be yourself, choose the right company, wear your best, loose that weight, start that business and read books that motivate you.

Do whatever it takes to become the best version of yourself and be the person you always want to be. Let nothing stop you from living a life full of confidence.

15. Leave that comfort zone

To make progress in life, you must leave that shell or comfort zone. That place you are so comfortable with, that you become too blinded to see the endless possibilities out there.

Your comfort zone is what makes you feel it is ok to be a timid girl or that self-confidence isn’t important but that’s not true. It is an attribute for success and you need it.

Final Thoughts on Ways to Improve Your Self-esteem

Our self-esteem shouldn’t build on what people think or say but rather on how we want to live our lives. Change the things you can change and work towards building your confidence.

It won’t happen overnight but within a short while, you will start feeling good about yourself and who you are. Do you have any way you’ve walked on your self-esteem that you would like to share with us?

ways to improve your self-esteem as a woman
improve your self-esteem
ways to improve your self-esteem as a woman
ways to improve your self esteem as a woman

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