20 Inexpensive Thank You Gift Ideas For Family

20 inexpensive thank you gift ideas for family

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Saying thank you through giving gifts have been an age long practice and it has come to stay forever. As good as this tradition may be it comes with a cost since we all have a couple of friends and good number of family members whom we need to celebrated on special days and seasons. However, this gift giving don’t have to cost you much or break your bank because there are many inexpensive thank you gift ideas and you will be seeing them today.

These thank you gifts are creative and unique. Trust me when I say whoever you will give it to will feel loved and truly appreciated. Also remember to budget for gifts too.

What is a good thank you gift?

A good thank you gift will definitely be a gift that is personalized for the receiver and screams thank you. The size doesn’t matter or the cost. All that matters is the message and feelings that comes with it.

Hence, when giving a gift that is expected to show gratitude to the person receiving it make sure the message is loud and clear even without words.

20 of the Best Inexpensive Thank You Gift Ideas

What makes this list of thank you gift ideas inexpensive is the fact that you can make some yourself and they are generally affordable yet unique with a strong message of love.

1. Hand painted/ custom mug

Mugs have always been unique and beautiful gifts. The best part about them is you can make them custom with unique messages so who ever is getting them get the message of appreciation.

I remember getting a mug form a friend in grade 3 and I loved it. My cousin gifted me a unique mug and for years I drank everything with it. Mugs are unique gifts that are used all the time and each time the person you gifted it to uses it they think of you.

2. Picture frames

Frames in general are beautiful gifts because they beautify any space we occupy. You can give an empty frame so the person could put what they want in it or your frame could come with a beautiful piece. Either way you can’t go wrong with frames.

3. Candles

Candles are one of the best thank you gifts any day anytime plus they are also inexpensive thank you gifts.

The best part about candles is that there are a wide range of varieties to choose a perfect gift from.

4. Scarf

Be it for winter or just a perfect finish to a simple outfit. Everyone needs a scarf which makes it a perfect thank you gift.

You can personalized it by buying it in the favorite colour of who you are gifting it to.

5. Bead bracelets

The special thing about bead bracelets is this, they are easy to customize. So personalizing for that special person won’t be a hard thing to do.

Beads bracelets are easy to make if you want to d.i.y and even if you want to buy them they are affordable because they come in different grades.

6. Custom cheese board

Nothing says thank you more than a custom made cheese board for a cheese lover. Instead of gifting what you think someone might like be bold and give what you know they will definitely love.

7. Laptop Case

Don’t we all own a laptop, well if not all I would guess 90% of the worlds working population does. My statistic is absolutely wrong but what I’m right about is that a laptop cover/case is a unique thank you gift.

8. Throw pillows

Pillows not only beautify a room but warm it up and can warm up a heart if given as gift. Next time when you are thinking of an inexpensive thank you gift that you can customize or make yourself a throw pillow should make the cut.

9. Mini pallet coaster

I will keep saying this anything constantly in use will always make a perfect gift. Just like how a mug is a perfect gift because we always take coffee and other hot beverages. So is a coaster a perfect inexpensive thank you gift. Plus, you can’t go wrong with it.

10. Jewelry dish

We all need a jewelry dish, don’t we? Hence, a beautiful and creative one is a perfect gift. It also has no gender attached to it in case you begin to think it’s only for women.

Everyone uses jewelries, so a nice dish at the bed side to take them off before sleep is a good thank you gift.

11. Spa gift set

You don’t have to go to the spa to get a good spa treatment. With a nice spa set you can give yourself a nice treatment and you can give a friend that treatment too.

Next time you want to give your home girl a threat, remember a spa gift set will say thank you for being a good friend please give yourself a treat.

12. Box of Chocolate

Any day and anytime a box of chocolate is a perfect thank you gift. You can’t go wrong with it because if it’s not eaten as it is, it could be baked with. So get that chocolate box delivered with a thank you note.

13. Personalized notebook(journal)

Journaling is the new selfcare and selflove idea. Therefore getting a journal or personalized not book as a gift says, “thank you, I want you to live your best life ever”.

14. Arts

A perfect art gift could be a painting, drawing, picture or a sculpture. Something unique and beautiful but you must make sure you are giving it to an arts lover so the work is appreciated.

15. Wine tumbler

Like a mug and coaster, a wine tumbler is a must have and a thank you gift that will be loved and used very often.

16. Passport holder

Passports are valuable documents, a little something to put it in is definitely a good gift. The best part about giving a passport holder as a gift is that the person receiving never thought about it. They will be excited and remember this unique gift can be custom made.

17. Nice pastry

We all might not be food lovers but we do have sweet tooth. Instead of a regular “last long” gift. How about an edible pastry that will pass the same thank you message.

Something like a beautiful designed cup cake or a nice fruit cake or a pie. It can be any threat good enough to qualify as a thank you gift.

18. Fun salt shakers

What I love about salt shakers is that they come in different forms and design and even if they are not constantly used they add beauty to the table.

Gift a fun salt shaker today and show some gratitude to a love one.

19. Homemade Salsa/Jam/Mayonnaise

A nicely done homemade salsa will definitely taste better than what you get on the shelves. Hence, it makes the cut for inexpensive thank you gift that sends out all the positive message.

If you can make a good sauce, jam or mayonnaise go ahead and make it a gift from your heart.

20. Radio shout out

As local as this might sound, a radio shout out is a unique thank you gift. Personally, I would like the whole world to know I appreciate my mother. So if a radio can do that for me, then why not go for it.

A gift must not always be something physical we can hold on to but can also be a gesture that pass a message.

Wrong thank you gift idea

Some gifts are a big no even though we often find ourselves gifting them.


A perfume might sund as a perfect gift but it’s not. Except you are very sure of the kind of smell an individual like a perfume is risky.

It might smell good to you but not to the person you are giving it to. What will be the point of giving a gift that ends up not been used or given out again.


If you are okay with asking awkward questions before getting someone a gift then you can go ahead and buy under wears as gift. But if you are not okay with such questions then you might want to keep away from them because you can’t just assume a persons size by mere looking at them.


Except if you are giving a gift card or taking a person to shop as a gift. Just shopping for clothes without knowing a persons size can be a disaster. I’ve received clothes that couldn’t fit me and I ended up giving it to who it could fit.


You just went through an entire list of unique inexpensive thank you gift ideas for family or friends. These thank you gifts are creative and you can save more by doing some yourself.

Feel free to drop a comment on the one that is unique to you and stands out from the rest. We would like to know.

inexpensive thank you gift ideas for family
20 inexpensive thank you gift for family
20 inexpensive thank you gift for family
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