1 Instagram Growth Mistake You Should Avoid

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This year, this week to be precise I decided my blog and everything that comes along with it needs to be rebranded. And the number one was my Instagram page. I have made a lot of Instagram mistake and it’s about time I fix it.

It has been asleep for a while and it was time it woke up and helped me achieve my goals. Then I realized a lot of things wrong with the page which didn’t help me grow.

We all know that in any business we need help to grow. Be it on social media or in the blogging community or offline where physical transactions take place. There is a need for help so growth can take place.

Instagram is Full of Itself

But you see Instagram doesn’t work that way. You know where there are tons of free tools for blog growth and hundreds of bloggers giving very helpful freebies that work. Well, Instagram is full of itself. There is no free help there. Every help comes with a price tag. I have nothing against that but this is only a build-up to what you would be learning today.

The big guns on Instagram don’t follow back which could actually help you grow if only they did. Unlike Twitter where there is a lot of humility. You see Instagramers if there is any word like that, loves to keep gaining followers and not follow back

Which is the mistake I made and I am sure you are also making that same mistake.

The one Instagram mistake you must avoid

Are you following high profiled pages, with hundreds of thousand following just because those pages are big? Please don’t get me wrong, I follow some myself. However, in the beginning, I was doing it all wrong. I decided to do the right thing and unfollow over 200 pages.

This is how you are doing it wrong, perhaps, you should start fixing it now.

You created this brand new page, you want to grow it and you think the best way is to start following people or pages. You end up following lots of people and your page will be like 10 followers 300 followings. But you see Instagram gives you the tools to grow your followers and following lots of high profile pages is not one of them.

What I didn’t check was if these pages I am following are in my niche. And if I would find content ideas from them. And if I could repost their post and eventually grow my page.

Just like me, you would be following a lot of good pages which can’t be useful to you neither are you to them.

Simply Fix the Problem

1. When you create your page the first thing to do is creating your unique contents. This will give you a unique audience. Don’t just start following a lot of “good” pages

2. Use the right hashtags. Hashtags are one of the most effective tools on Instagram and they are free and easy. Hashtags help you reach more audience and grow your followers.

3. Follow the right pages, base on your niche. Because when you run out of ideas or content you can get them from this “bigger” pages.

4. Lastly, brand your account because everything branded gains attraction. You should consider having a business account for analytics.

As short as this post might be I hope you found it helpful. Drop a comment if you need a better understanding of anything related to this topic( Instagram 😉 ) xoxo

Feel free to check my account, to see my content. I have 98 followers which I am proud of because I grew them from zero without help. Also, follow if you like my content.

1 Instagram growth mistake you must avoid. Secret Instagram growth tips and hacks.

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  1. This is so important, considering social media kind of defines in the internet now days. With Instagram being huge, it is crucial and everything you said I agree with. I haven’t used Instagram in two years and do miss it. I think your blog post is a sign I should start posting again.

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