How I lose weight without a diet

How I lose weight without a diet. Burger on a plate.

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My audience knows me to be the cheap girl as the name of the blog implies broke girls get fixed. While I am trying to grow my income and become financially free, I find all the cheap ways to live my best life. First, because money cannot buy everything, secondly I cannot afford all the luxury I want and thirdly there is a cheap way to get everything done. This time around I found a cheap way to lose weight which is without a diet.

The best part of this journey is that I get to share it with you. From how to get healthy skin cheap, how to live healthily cheap, how to eat cheap, how to save from a low income, how to live debt-free, and how to look your best but with a cheap wardrobe. I even teach how to blog cheap.

Today I will show you how I lose weight without a diet and you can do it too.

how I lose weight

Why did I choose to lose weight without a diet?

  • I was trying something new, like an experiment to see if I did some things differently my weight will go down. The good news is it worked.
  • Not to sound too frugal even though I am a little bit. I could not wait until when I can afford a good diet before I lose weight.
  • Well, diets are expensive. Just feeding on only veggies, fruits, and white meat. With all the other many proteins, can break a girls bank. Hence, I had to find a way around it.

5 ways I lose weight without a diet

You will be surprised to see the simple things I did that helped me lose weight. These are probably the things you do not take seriously but are important. If it worked for me I have no doubt it will work for you. You can do all if they are new to you or just pick the one you have not given a try.

Drink a lot of water to lose weight without a diet.

Drinking lots of water has so many healths benefits, like detoxifying, stress relief, and healthy skin to mention a few.

Another important thing water does is keep us hydrated. The benefits of taking lots of water and staying hydrated are that you feel less hungry. If you feel hungry less you eat less.

This has nothing to do with starving yourself to lose weight. I did not starve myself, as a matter of fact, I ate my normal food. And I did not skip any meal either. I had three square meals every day.

Water will help you stay full longer and not to keep feeling hungry even when you had just eaten two hours ago. So that you will not find yourself eating between meals all the time. Except if you will be eating snacks like bananas and nuts as your in-between meals take a lot of water to avoid feeling hungry all the time.

Another way to make water work for you in trying to lose weight is by drinking some before eating your meals. It aids with digestion. The quantity of water you take affects the result you get. Hence, I will advise you to take 2 to 3 liters of water every day. Nothing less than 2 liters to be precise.


It is not the typical everyday appointment to the gym or having a personal trainer. It was nothing extreme.

Just a simple 30 minutes to 1-hour exercise and just three times a week. Some weeks may vary depending on how free I am.

Also, I do not have gym equipment and you do not need any. There are many exercises that can get you sweating within a short period of time.

I run around the house, I do sit-ups, push-ups, crunches, jump squats, planks, donkey kicks. Just to mention a few. You might want to get a dumbbell or you can create yours. Find anything heavy in the house that you can hold it well and use it as a weight lift.

When it comes to exercising to keep fit it is possible to spend nothing and still exercise regularly.

However, exercising was not the only thing I did that helped me lose weight without a diet. Let us look at another thing.

you can learn how to lose some kg without a diet

Eating only when you are hungry

This means you stick to just having three square meals. Do not miss your breakfast, have a good lunch, and have something light for dinner enough to keep you through the night. To be sincere, this is one of the most effective for me

You can only achieve this if you take drinking water seriously. I started becoming able to eat only three times a day without feeling hungry often two weeks into taking lots of water.

There is also self-discipline in achieving this. If you have a good heavy breakfast you will not feel hungry until the day is well spent. Which leaves you with just a good lunch then a simple dinner.

Another effective one is…

Stopping some bad eating habit. It will help you lose weight without a diet

I realize that I had some unhealthy eating habits that I needed to stop. You might not know they are bad. However, this post is created to enlighten you and I hope you can work on it.

Some bad habits I had to stop:

  • Skipping breakfast. If possible let your breakfast be the heaviest meal you eat, then lunch then little dinner.
  • Eating late at night. My brother calls it midnight snacking and who does not love a midnight snack? But it is hurting you, the bloating and big belly comes from all the midnight snacking. You should stop it, I did and my belly started going down.
  • Having late dinner. A doctor friend of mine said 8 pm is the perfect time to be done with dinner. Rather, be done eating for the day. Therefore, make it a habit to have your dinner early. For me, I try to stop at 7 pm.
  • I stopped eating just because there are all the snacks I want. As I mentioned earlier when talking about drinking water. I ate only when hungry and you should start practicing that too.
  • Cutting off soda consumption was one. I love coca-cola, but I had to give it up and stick to water.

You might not have all these bad habits like me. But you can walk on the one you are guilty of. As it helped me I am sure it can help you lose weight without a diet.

Stomach fat burning detox water

So I do not know what exactly to call it because so many name is given to it by different people. However, this water mixture does two things for me because of its ingredients. Which is burning my belly fats and detoxifying.

I cannot talk much about the detoxing part of it but I can talk about the results I get with my belly fats.


For a liter of water

  • half of a big cucumber(use the remaining half to make another the next day)
  • 1 lime
  • 1 lemon
  • 1 large ginger
  • mint leaves( twelve leaves)

slice the lime, lemon, and cucumber. You either pound the ginger to a past or grate it. Put everything in the water and leave it overnight. Take a glass of it first thing in the morning and the last before going to bed.

It can only be effective if you adopt the good eating habits I mentioned together with drinking a lot of water.

This water alone can give you the results you want when it comes to losing belly fats if you take it seriously.

In Conclusion…

This is not a lose weight quick scheme. I lost 6 kg (13.2 lbs) in 2 months. It was an experiment for me which I did not take seriously. However it worked, you can deliberately make it work for you.

Even if not for weight loss try some of the things I did for a healthy lifestyle.

Losing weight without a diet is possible. You can think of your own frugal way to do it. And if there is any that has worked for you and you would like to share please drop a comment.

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