How I Made My First Money Blogging

how i made my first money blogging

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It’s 2021 and the blogging world is getting more and more competitive. Which makes you wonder if you can succeed or not and if you can make money blogging. I am not here to tell you if you can or not because your success is entirely up to you. The hard work you plan to put in and how you plan to channel your energy determine your success. However, this post is designed to show you how to make money blogging as a new blogger and to do it easily.

What I will be sharing is my personal experience as a blogger and how I made my first money blogging. Was it easy yes I will say, but it wasn’t a one-day job. It was a result of days upon days of work paying off and knowing what works and what isn’t working. Before I started making money on my blog I managed to make money on Pinterest and you can see exactly how I did it. And it’s the same way I made money on this blog.

Can I make money blogging?

If you are a new blogger seeing all, the competition and wondering when will your blog start making money? I want to tell you that there is still money in blogging and bloggers are still cashing out big. Even if you are just new to blogging and you feel your audience isn’t good enough to monetize then I have good news for you.

You can make money blogging even with a small blog with less than 500 page views. You are just missing out on something and I will show you what that is short.

Different ways to make money as a blogger

There are many ways to make money blogging but we focus on the popular ones because they are easy to achieve depending on what your earning goals are.

Hence, as a blogger, you can make money with ads, affiliate marketing, course creation, and product sales (yours precisely). Ads are easy to get running on your blog and it’s the perfect example of passive income when it comes to blogging. However, the best ad networks with good/high rates of payment have strict acceptance rules such as minimum monthly page views. Also to make a good income from ads your pageviews have to be high and consistent.

Selling your own product is one of the best and very lucrative. But it needs you to have established a good relationship with your audience. So they can trust your services. So it’s not the fastest way.

The best and I would like to say the easiest when it comes to monetizing a new blog with a very low page view is affiliate marketing. And that’s how I made my first $250 blogging. Even when it comes to making money on Pinterest as earlier mentioned affiliate sales were what made it possible.

Now, let’s look at how to make affiliate marketing work for you even with a small blog. it’s your best bet to making money soon.

screenshot on blog income. How I made my first money blogging
I know we love to see prove when bloggers talk about making money online.

How to make money blogging with affiliate marketing

You will be seeing a simple yet practical way to make affiliate sales on your blog. I will be sharing how I was able to do it with a single blog post that got less than 200 page views.

What is affiliate marketing?

Not to assume you know what affiliate marketing is I will like to simply say what it is.

Affiliate marketing is when you promote a product through a blog post, email, or social media and get a commission for every successful sale. These products are not yours and you don’t have to purchase and sell with your own added profit. You sell it at its normal price and get a percentage of that price when sold.

What affiliate products are best to sell?

From my experience, the best are digital products or best known as software. Why are they the best? They are the best because they have the best commission earned. They always come with a good percentage and depending on the product and what the owner has to offer. You can get as high as a 70% commission.

My favorite products to promote are courses and ebooks from bloggers alike in niches I have audience for. The least commission percentage I have recieved is 35% which is still good.

So, how did I make my first money as a blogger?

I made my first money blogging or online as I would like to generalise through affiliate marketing. Which I have clearly stated already. But the question is how did I do it with a blog post that got less than 200 page views.

After trying simple ways like casually mentioning a product in a post without getting results. I decided to try two methods that worked. You need to know that one of the best ways to successfully sell a digital product is by using it. People can feel the energy that yes this person is recommending something that truly works.

Method #1

Write a good review about a product you have used or are using. This should be easy as you have enrolled for a course, bought an ebook, or currently using a tool that is giving you results.

Write about it, make sure you say the pros and cons, and above all why you think your audience needs it. As long as your review is well written I assure you, you will make sales.

I enrolled in a course and I loved everything it opened my eyes to concerning blogging. The author is amazing and the content was good. I wrote a review about it and with less than 100 page views within two days, I made $60 in affiliate commission. Still with little views to this particular post I made $200.

Method #2

In this method you share your success story then at the end of that story you mention or recommend the resource or tool that helped you out.

For instance, you write about how you went from 0 to 20,000 page views in one month as a brand new blogger. Already you have a success story everyone would love to read. There are thousands of new bloggers every day depending on such stories for motivation. Then at the end of saying it all you mentioned a course that made it possible or a tool that helped.

Two things will happen here, you either make affiliate sales or gain subscribers if you have a form for sign-up. Since this post is created for affiliate marketing alone. Let me not bring email marketing into this. The point I am making is yes, you will make sales with this method.

More on affiliate marketing

Even though my method may revolve around selling products you’ve only used. I assure you you can make affiliate sales without using a product but you will have to learn from the best.

Also, not only digital products sell out there. I made it clear from the beginning this is just a simple method that worked for me and it can for you. However, affiliate marketing is broad, with big earning potential and you can choose to learn it all.

There are many other effective ways to make money blogging using affiliate links and there is a perfect course to show you how. You will learn how to master affiliate marketing in your own niche and learn what works. You are leaving money on the table as a blogger if you are not putting affiliate links in your content yet.

Tools and Resources that will help you make money blogging

I am a frugal blogger to the core and I will never advise a newbie to spend so much from the beginning. I make that clear all the time and you can learn how to run a blog cheaply until you start making some income. Then you can start investing to grow your blog business.

Hence I only recommend free or cheap resources to help you see results.

  • Pinterest: I am recommending Pinterest for free traffic. To make affiliate sales you need some traffic coming your way and Pinterest can make that possible for you free. I am not saying Pinterest is easy but when you do some things right you will see quick results. Feel free to grab my free easy guide on Pinterest at the end of this post.
  • Facebook: Join groups relevant to your niche on Facebook or general blogging groups and get some traffic coming your way. Before Pinterest started working for me Facebook gave me some traffic.
  • Courses: There are many courses on affiliate marketing but I am bringing the best to you and affordable. It’s by Carly a successful mom blogger making a full-time income blogging with affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing for bloggers will show you how to place affiliate links on your blog that convert as mine did. Like I said compared to other courses out there this course is cheap and others can testify to this. I reached out to Carly and with my special coupon code: RACHEL20 you get 20% off

In Conclusion…

Even though there are many other effective ways to make money with affiliate marketing. I am only bringing what I have practice and seen work for me with a very low page view and my small blog.

Bloggers make a lot just with affiliate marketing and you can learn how to make it work for you even if you are a newbie with little or no fan base at all.

As I said you are leaving money on the table by not monetizing your blog with affiliate links even if you just started blogging. Hence, with affiliate marketing, you can start making money with your small blog.

Don’t forget to grab my special offer while it lasts. Grab affiliate marketing for bloggers now with my special coupon code RACHEL20 made just for you.

how to make money blogging
how I made my first money blogging with little pageviews
how i made my first money blogging .
how to make your fist money blogging with affiliate marketing

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