Money Saving Tricks for when you are tight on Money

money saving tricks for when you are tight on money

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If you are reading this post it means one thing, you don’t want to give up on saving money no matter how tight things are for you financially. I am excited to be writing this post because just like you I never give up on trying to save money even when I don’t have enough money. Finding ways to cut costs and save money has been my thing. Today we will be seeing practical money-saving tricks, that will keep you moving close to your saving goals even when you are tight on cash. Without wasting any more time as time is money let’s see these simple saving tricks.

save loosed change

We often take loosed change for granted and a lot of time end up spending them wrongly. This also happens because we don’t track our spending. So the first way to successfully save loose change is to track your daily expenditures. I’ve written about how to manage your money aside from budgeting, in the post steps to tracking your spending were talked about in details.

The next step is knowing how to efficiently save your change. Not every saving method works for certain money. Since we are talking about loosed change we are going to be dealing with coins and the lowest denomination. Hence, get a piggy bank and drop every loose change.

Once you have a piggy bank you can save your change effectively. When you come back from the market or are done with the day and you have some change in your purse put them into your piggy bank. Make it a habit.

Stop food wastage

If you can stop food wastage as an individual or an entire family, you will be able to save money. Food is a basic need and extremely needed for survival. However, we often time waste money on food and a lot of money for that matter.

How do you stop food wastage? It is very easy as long as you make sure you eat most of what’s in the refrigerator before you go grocery shopping. As a matter of fact, eat everything in your fridge even the frozen foods. Find a way to make it new and eat it.

When you go shopping, shop with a list. Don’t buy what you think you might need but definitely what you are sure will be eaten. If you won’t use a fresh ingredient for your meals right away don’t buy and keep. Time runs fast, days will pass and you will end up throwing them away.

Do a no-spend challenge and save from it

There are different types of no-spend challenges and whichever you decide to give a try will definitely help you save money when you don’t have money. A no-spend challenge simply means you challenge yourself to not spend money. It is not a difficult thing to do. As a matter of fact, if you really want to save money when you are tight on it. A no-spend challenge is the fastest way to do it.

All you have to do is have your saving goals or plan. As in how much you want to save within a period of time then you choose the type of no-spend challenge that can help you succeed.

What is that thing you consume every day and it is a want, not a need? You can do a no-spend challenge to not consume it for a whole week, 2 weeks or even a month. Then you save the money for it. This is another very effective way to save money.

Stop some subscriptions and save the money

Taking your finances to the next level depends on you knowing the absolute difference between wants and needs. Needs are the things you need for survival. While wants most of the time are luxuries that won’t affect your standard of living. Hence, if that subscription is not for survival then you can pause it for a while and save that money.

Especially if your subscription or member that is expensive like golfing or crafting what you don’t sell. You can definitely pause it for a while and achieve your saving goals.


Saving money is not the easiest thing to do, however, it is the best thing you can do for yourself and your finances. That is why it is very important to save at all costs.

These money-saving tricks are designed to not only help you save but manage your money as you work towards financial freedom. So take them seriously and see how you become good with money within a short while and how your savings will drastically increase.

I would like to know which of these tricks have helped you save money in the past or currently. Just drop a comment to share. We want to know what has been working for you.

money saving tricks for when you don't have money
money saving tricks when tight on money
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