Why Paid Blogging Resources Are The Best

Why Paid Blogging Resources Are The Best

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Blogging is not the easiest thing to do without needing help at some point in time. Every blogger at one point in time got stocked with trying to figure out how a particular thing is done. And if you often find yourself in that position it is normal because we cannot be experts in every aspect. That is why there are thousands of tools and blogging resources to help you out and the best is paid blogging resources.

I am sure by now you know that setting up a blog is not the same as blogging itself. So yes, you can create a blog in minutes. However, to run the blog and grow it till it reaches success is not a day’s job. Learning SEO alone can be a headache, how about consistency in creating fresh contents. The list of all the so much work can go on.

This is where blogging resources come in to play, not only the paid blogging resources but the free ones too. However, as a blogger, you need to know what you need and how to get it. I created a guide to help you when you want to invest in a resource.

However, the best resources that can give you result and make your investment worth it are paid blogging resources. Let us see why it is so:

why paid blogging resources are the best

Free blogging resources do not solve the problems

The free ones have shallow information and solve no problem. As a matter of fact, they only tell you the problems and some few tips which you already know and are probably doing.

Another matter of fact is this, free resources are mainly used as lead magnets to get you to sign up to an email list and that is where the real resources that can solve your problems are offered to you.

The truth is there is nothing wrong with all of that and sometimes you might come across a very good free resource that has valuable tips and guides. If you have been blogging for some while you know that that is how things are done in the online business world. It is called a funnel and everyone uses it. You too will have to somewhere along the line.

You can even see a clear difference. While a free e-book might just have 10 pages the one for sale offering the same solution to the free one will have 30 pages. We will see why it is like that shortly.

If I will give my honest advice to any blogger starting out I will say learn all you can from free resources and many blog post. When you have grown to some certain level and have a better understanding of how everything works. Then you can start investing in some resources.

However, it does not matter at what point you decide to buy a paid blogging resource. All you need to do is make sure it will solve your problem.

Paid blogging resources will solve your problem

while free resources are like summaries, paid blogging resources have a lot of in-depth information that will definitely solve your problem. They are result driven and built to solve a problem.

While a free e-book might just have 10 pages the one for sale offering the same solution to the free one will have 30 pages. The reason for this is simple, free resources are lead magnets, while paid blogging resources are designed to solve your problem.

Creators put in tons of hours of work, which comes with some expenses and even knowledge from years of experience. There is no how you are going to get that for free. Think about it, will you give that out for free? I do not know about you but I will not.

The in-depths of paid blogging resources points out the exact problem and even make you see the root course of the problem in the first place. Then it starts giving you solutions that actually works. Not only does it work but you start seeing results within the shortest time possible.

These resources break down everything to a minimal level for easy comprehension. Then it puts you through actionable steps. With daily or even weekly tasks. The best part about these resources is this they always come with a secret sauce and we will talk about that shortly.

A creator is fully aware you will be investing your money in his/her resources. For that reason alone they have to make sure it delivers. You trust them enough to purchase their products therefore their reputation is on the line if there are no results.

This reason alone makes paid blogging resources the best.

Authors and creators make sure you succeed

The in-depth nature of paid blogging resources is not the only reason why you succeed when you get them. Neither is it because the authors put in all their best from years of experience but a secret sauce.

I said something earlier on and I want to repeat it again so you understand. A creator’s reputation is on the line if a resource does not give results. Except it is some sort of scam. But any online entrepreneur who plans to make a living with course creation will not want a bad review. Therefore will go the extra mile because one happy client could mean 10 more new clients.

This is where that secret tips, advice, or best said sauce will come into play. It could be a variety of things.

Examples of Secret sauce

  • Free one-month coaching can be a secret sauce. How would it feel having a successful blogger coach you? You know it means one thing you would see results in no time.
  • Another secret sauce could be access to a master class. You know well a master class is filled with successful bloggers sharing result proof tips.
  • Access to a library of resources that could cost you a lot is another secret sauce.
  • A personal tip or trick which will never be published on a blog post is the best secret sauce to me.

In Conclusion…

Paid blogging resources are created to give you results. Hence, as a blogger who wants to grow anb be successful blogging. You need to at some point get resources that will help you see great results.

However, you have to be wise and know what resources could help you out. I created a simple guide for any blogger not sure when, where, and how to buy resources that will give results.

Also, I am a frugal blogger and I use a lot of free and cheap resources. I believe blogging cheap is possible. Hence, here is a list of cheap blogging resources that will give you results and value for your money.

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