27 Easy Passive Income Money Making Ideas for 2024

passive income money making ideas for 2024

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Creating a passive income money making stream is all about taking your finances to the next level with ideas. With or without a global pandemic threatening our economy, personal income, and household earnings there is a need to have more than one source of income. For many reasons like to get out of debt, live debt-free, become financially free, and live that dream life. Hence, the need for more passive income streams arises.

However, not every income stream is passive, some are active. With an active income stream, much work is needed and you might have to be available most time to make money. But whatever, way you decide to make extra cash in 2024 make sure the paycheck is worth it at the end of the day.

27 passive income money making ideas

Every passive income idea I’m going to be sharing with you is super easy and can pay you well. It’s something you can do alongside your full-time job until you grow it and decide it can replace your job. For instance, I own this blog, is it earning me a few hundred boxes? Yes, but I haven’t grown it to the level where it can be my full-time job. It is still a side hustle for me so are all the ideas you are about to see.

1. Monetize your hobby

We all have what we are passionate about and those hobbies we just do for fun in our free time. But what if you could turn it into a source of extra income. Nothing tasking just something you do when you have time and you could make money from it.

Even though not all hobbies can be monetized a lot can be which yours could be. Photography, crafting, writing, and arts are just a few examples of the many hobbies that can be monetized.

2. Selling crafts

Selling crafts alone is a hot cake in the online market. People own online stores purposely just to sell their crafts and even if you can’t create one from scratch online platforms like Etsy make it easy for people who want to sell their crafts online.

Hence, if you are good with creating crafts of all forms and you don’t mind making it another source of extra money then you can do it. However, if you want to make it a full-time business it involves a lot of hard work.

3. online courses

Before I will say anything about online course creation something needs to be made clear. Course creation is not only for bloggers or for people who own a website. It’s for anyone who has good enough knowledge on an area of need and would love to share what they know with a targeted audience.

Hence, all you need to be an online course creator is a platform to create your courses then you promote it to your targeted audience on any social media platform of your choice or through targeted ads.

4. YouTube videos

YouTube is a good source of extra income with little but strategic efforts your channel can start making you some extra cash. It allows different types of video content and even quality to thrive. So it’s not always about high quality but demand.

So your videos can be a comedy, travel, food, tutorial, beauty, fashion, entertainment, gossip, and The list can go on. You can grow your subscribers on Facebook or any other platform you think will work for you.

5. Publishing e-books

Just like creating online courses, you can self-publish an e-book and sell it on any platform of your choice and through targeted ads.

You will need a platform to keep up with some legal online policies and even to be more professional and trustworthy. But all this is not time-consuming or money-consuming. Coming up with the right and quality e-book for your audience is a big task.

6. Selling videos

Another unique passive income idea is selling videos. It is different from YouTube. This works like selling photos which we will be seeing next but instead of photos this time you are creating videos to sell it.

Hence, if you are good at making videos all you need is a platform like Vimeo, Unscreen, and Amazon to sell it and make some extra cash on the side.

7. Selling licensed photos

There is a growing demand for photos online as content creation keeps taking a new dimension and so can your income too. People are willing to spend a few good dollars for unique photos and there are businesses dedicated to making those photos available.

Don’t leave your photography skills to waste even if it’s just a passion or hobby, there are places you can sell them and make money.

8. Create an app

This one is definitely for the tech-savvy ones with software programming skills and all that. But it doesn’t change it from being a passive income stream.

Thousands of apps are created every year and people are making more than a decent amount of income from it and you too can.

9. Dropshipping

The idea behind drop shipping is you create an e-commerce website, you display merchant’s products on your online store with your price. Someone sees a product in your store, they place an order, you get your cut and the merchant gets theirs too. The best part about drop shipping is that you don’t handle the orders or deliveries.

10. Coaching/consulting

This requires expertise as people are in desperate need of coaching in different areas of life. But before you can make this a business or a side hustle you need to be a professional in the field you hope to coach people in.

They will trust you and do as you say so you must make sure you are giving what works not what you hope will work. They see you as an expert and you have to meet up with expectations.

You book clients at a convenient time for you and they pay for your services. That’s basically what makes this an easy passive income stream.

11. Start a Business

Do you have any small business Idea you are not sure if you should go ahead with it? You feel it is not unique enough for you to put it out there. Well, you are wrong except if you don’t need the extra money that comes from it. Perhaps you need concrete reasons why you should start a business.

Even though a business is a lot different from side hustles, there are businesses you can run alongside a full-time job.

12. Graphic designing

Graphic designers are making so much money that calling it an extra income will be undermining. All the cool images you love and animations are graphic designs and if you have any of that skill it can make you money.

If you have that skills or a natural ability put it to use and let it make some money for you.

13. Rent a room

It can be a room, a barn, a warehouse, or even your garage. Renting out space to me is one of the easiest passive income money making ideas anyone can try as long as you have an available place.

Aside from maintenance and trying to get the word out there, there is less work in making this a passive income stream as rent payment comes in monthly.

14. Freelance writing

Whether you are a writer by expertise or just passionate about writing. You can get paid to write. Freelance writers can make up to or even over $200 with one good-written article.

There are websites constantly in need of content and are willing to pay a good amount for it. Hence, freelance writing is one of the best passive income money making ideas for writers like yourself.

15. Virtual assistance

My simple guide to becoming a virtual assistant is to list your services on social media and platforms like Fiverr. Virtual assisting might sound like a lot of work but it is not because you get to choose the number of clients you worked with at a time.

The best thing about this side hustle is that you get paid hourly and you work with the time that works best for you. Plus you determine your rates.

16. Investing

There are so many ways to make money be it online or offline and one good way is through investments. In today’s world, there is so much to invest in that can grow your income gradually but steadily.

There is the stock market, real estate, foreign exchange, cryptocurrency, business investment, gold, oil, and the list can go on. Find the market you are comfortable with and put your money to work.

17. Rent out equipment

Just like renting out a room, renting equipment is an easy passive income stream. If you have tools, gadgets, or pieces of machinery you use but others are also in need of, you can rent them out.

This might not bring a steady monthly income but it will bring in extra cash from time to time. Remember to have your policies for use so you don’t end up using the money made on maintenance again.

18. Affiliate marketing

As a blogger the first $200 I made was with affiliate marketing and the best part about this source of passive income is that you don’t need a blog/website to make it work for you. I make money directly on Pinterest using affiliate marketing without writing a single blog post.

So can you too, join affiliate programs or networks and promote your unique links on your social media accounts? All you might need is a sales funnel that converts.

19. Savings account

As far as making passive income is concerned this is the simplest but the slowest in returns. You open a savings account and start saving a little money in it and as the money grows your interest grows. But we all know how the banks are not generous when it comes to adding interest.

The idea behind having a savings account as a passive income stream is that you get to save money and you can put the money to good use in the future.

20. Start a website

If there is one thing that makes starting a website or blogging as it’s commonly known to appear on every list of passive income money making ideas. Is the fact that you can monetize it in so many ways. You can monetize it with ads, affiliate links, sponsored posts, and selling your products. Those are just the major ones but there are many other ways to make money from your website.

Yes, it takes a lot of work at the beginning but the hard work pays. If you want to blog alongside a full-time job then all you need is the $1k blogger. It set me up for blogging success and it can do the same for you.

21. Virtual reality property tours

Virtual reality is a new trend that just keeps growing bigger and you can cash out with it this year. Create and offer VR tours for real estate agents or property sellers. By creating a platform or service where agents can upload property photos/videos and convert them into virtual reality tours, you can charge for each conversion or a subscription plan.

22. Airbnb hosting

Just as the travel business is blooming so will hosting too. So rent out a room or your entire home to guests for short stays. This often generates more income than traditional long-term renting.

23. Vending Machines

Get vending machines and place them in strategic locations. Earn money every time someone buys a snack or drink. This is easy money and passive.

24. Music royalties

The world is evolving business-wise and income-wise. You don’t have to be a big shot in music to make some cool cash. Even If you’re an upcoming musician, with the right publicity you can earn royalties whenever your music is purchased, used, or aired.

25. House sit

People get paid to sit in a house when the owner is away and that person can be you. This screams easy money and a side hustle to try.

26. Invest in Farmland

An option for land investment is crowdfunded land ownership. Platforms such as AcreTrader give you the ability to purchase shares in farmland. The company manages all administrative and property responsibilities. Earnings come from the lease of the farmland, with the rental fee paid upfront, mitigating potential losses from crop failures.

27. Set up an Amazon shop

Let Amazon handle product shipments for you. With Fulfillment by Amazon, you send your products to Amazon’s fulfillment centers. Amazon then stores, packs, and ships the products for you. The retailer also handles customer service and returns.

Conclusion on top passive income money making ideas

There are endless possibilities of making money out there and anyone can become financially stable if they are ready to put in the hard work.

These are just but a list of passive income money making ideas to guide you and give you ideas. When you find what works for you dig in and do more research. I would like to know what passive income stream has made the most money for you, or that you might want to try.

27 passive income money making ideas for 2024

passive income money making ideas

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