My Pinterest Strategies to 100k Viewers Every Week

My Pinterest Strategies to 100k Viewers Every Week

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Pinterest is the home to many bloggers, is how best I can describe it. However, not everyone is comfortable in it yet, neither are they finding figuring it out easy. I understand I have been up and down the ladder of understanding Pinterest. Now that I have figured it out to a big extent I want to share my easy Pinterest strategies to how I have been able to grow my monthly viewers by 100k every week.

This post consists of tiny details I advise you to read every little thing I write if you want to get the results I did or more. Pinterest is all about doing little things that paint a bigger picture, therefore do not miss out or skip anything I write.

easy Pinterest strategies to 100k viewers

Why your Pinterest monthly viewers matter

As a blogger, you are on Pinterest for the traffic and perhaps you are wondering how do the monthly views matter. These are the reasons why you should take growing your Pinterest monthly viewers seriously

  • Your monthly viewers show the number of people who saw your pins and engaged with them throughout the month. They are not your followers.
  • The more monthly viewers your account gets the more your pins are seen.
  • These viewers become followers and followers are those who continuously see your pin.
  • The more monthly viewers you get the more you can drive traffic to your blog using Pinterest.

The easy Pinterest strategies I used to gain 100k viewers every week

The truth is I did not do anything you are probably not doing already. I pinned consistently like you did and was obsessed with Pinterest. The truth is I am still obsessed with Pinterest. However, just consistently Pinning gave me a normal growth. But Pinning strategically gave me a 100k boost in new viewers every week and this is what I will be sharing with you.

In no particular order, these are the Pinterest strategies that gained me more views and you can do the same.

Boosting personal boards

Group boards sound like the gold mine on Pinterest and everyone seems not to focus on their own personal boards.

However, if you have not noticed I have. The Pinterest algorithm has changed to favor personal boards now. I get more impressions, engagements, saves, and clicks from my own boards. Hence, before I save my pins to other group boards, I make sure it was first saved on my own board.

How do you boost your own boards? The answer is simple, by pinning quality pins to it. In this context quality pins are not based on design or how clear it looks. Quality pins are the ones with over 100 saves.

When pins have lots of saves it means two things. The owner is promoting it well and people are interested in the topic. Hence, you do not want to have pins on your boards nobody wants. I have had pins that are not mine go viral on my board which increased my impressions and viewers.

Have a total number of pins you plan on pinning every week

It is no new news that Pinterest wants you to keep pinning every day. And some will say at least 30 pins a day I agree. However, I want to make it much easier for you because I know not every day is the same. Some days you have a lot of time some days you cannot pin at all.

Hence, Have a weekly target. For me I find myself pinning at least 500 to 1200 pins a week. So it does not matter what days get a lot of pins. I know it sounds like a lot. But you will soon see why and how it is that much.

Maintain the number of pins

If you do not maintain the pace which you started with, you will watch your hard work go down the drain. That is how harsh Pinterest can be. I will give you an example with me using the screenshots below.

my easy pinterest strategies to 100k viewers every week

In the screenshot above you can see that in the first week of August I was already at 540k viewers. The following week I got so busy and I only pinned about 300+ pins. To cut the long story short my viewers dropped back to 400k. See in the screenshot below.

pinterest strategies

Hence, when it comes to Pinterest you cannot stop pinning. Pinterest is hungry for more and more pins and you have to keep feeding it.

Upload fresh pins every day is number 1 on my Pinterest strategies

For me, this is where the bulk of the work is and it is the secret to the massive growth in viewers every week. When I just kept pinning my growth was slow and steady and in two months I went from 25k to 190k. But when I started pining new pins every day I had 10k increase daily.

whether you are on Pinterest for traffic or to sell your products, the only way to reach more people is by pinning your own fresh pins every day. If you are no graphic designer like me this could be a huge task because you have to be designing pins and putting them out there.

How does pinning fresh pins help me gain more viewers? The answer is simple and not only will I break it down for you but show you how to make it effective.

Here we go…

1. Number of new pins

One new pin every day is good and can give you the same result. However, two new pins are great especially if you hope to get traffic from them.

2. Pin to group boards

This is not new but very important. Group boards get you noticed and seen more. Also, group boards are the reason I have loads of pin saved at the end of the week. Why because every pin you saved to group boards also counts and adds to the number of your pins.

Do this exercise

  • Write down the number of your current pins in total
  • Pin a new pin to your personal board
  • Pin that same pin to all the relevant group boards you are in
  • Now go back and see the number of pins you currently have. You will see it have increased by the number of boards you save to.

That is how I end up with a thousand plus pins at the end of the week. If you are in 30 groups and you pin two pins to all this group you have already gone above the minimum of 30 pins a day.

As I said this is the number one thing that gave me 100k viewers every week. How? because the more new pins you share in your group boards the more people see your pins. Remember group boards have hundreds to thousands of members and every week new members join. Now you know how it works.

3. Time to pin your new pins is an essential Pinterest strategy

I pin all day long when ever I can but when it comes to my personal pins and new pins I choose a time when Pinterest users are active.

You will not want to spend so much designing a pin and no one sees it. Hence, time is a key factor.

Even though the majority of Pinterest users are from the US, there are a good number of users from around the world. Therefore, I do not want to assume only people from there are reading this post now. So I will give you a time then you can see when that is in your region.

4pm to 7pm USA

10pm to 1am West Africa

pinterest strategies to thousands of views weekly

Taking my headlines serious

The more people save your fresh pins to their boards the more people see them and the number one thing that attracts people to your pins is not only the designs but your headlines. Read about the types of headlines that go viral on Pinterest even if the pin design is crappy.

Remember people are saving your pins to read them or to grow their accounts. Hence, make your headlines click-worthy and save worthy. Let it contain good information in few words. Because your headlines are essential you might want to consider investing a little money to learn about it here.

Tools and resources for this Pinterest strategies to work

I always recommend cheap resources that give results because I believe blogging cheap is possible.

Creating new pins is always a challenge for me and I am guessing it will be for you. Except if you are an expert in that field well I am not.

If you have been following closely you will see that you need to be creating 7 to 14 plus new images weekly. And one thing I know is this, time is not a bloggers friend because we have so much to get done.

Hence, here are some tools and resources to save you time and make your life easy.

When I started creating images I used Stencil because it is easy to make designs with for beginners. It is very user friendly, you can watch and learn how to use it here.

I use a lot of templates to save my time and you can do the same. As long as you change the image and the headline Pinterest counts it a new pin.

  • If you use Canva and you do not like your designs, get the viral pin templates which you can edit within a few seconds with your headlines and a new picture.
  • Last and the best if you want to get the type of results I did, this Pinterest strategy course that will show not only how to grow your monthly viewers but how to get hundreds of thousand pageviews to your blog is what you need.

In Conclusion…

Pinterest works differently for everyone, you will not believe how many post I had to read before I found the Pinterest strategies that will work for me.

However, I am certain this will work for anyone willing to put in this much work. I believe to grow as a blogger or business owner trying to leverage Pinterest it is okay to want to invest in some resources. Hence, take my recommendation serious, they have helped me and they will do same for you. Thank me later.

Drop a comment with your questions if you are not clear on anything I mentioned.

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