How to make Money on Pinterest (ebook)


How to make money on Pinterest is an eBook designed to show you exactly how to make money online using Pinterest. This book is designed to guide you towards making an extra $100 a minimum with Pinterest every month. The tips in this book are the secrets I have used to make massive sales directly on Pinterest. 50% off regular price offer last till the end of November. Walk into 2022 ready to make Pinterest make you money.

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What if you could make an extra $100 or more every month on Pinterest no blogging involved?

Wouldn’t that be amazing? And what if I told you it is very much possible and you are about to learn exactly how to do it.

What Pinterest is all about might not be new to you and even the concept of making affiliate sales on Pinterest might not be new too. However, you might doubt if it truly is a side hustle that pays.

I once was like you doubting if it could work, until I gave it a try, saw that it works, kept on trying different methods and never stopped ever since. Finally my obsession for Pinterest turned into money.

However, this eBook is not for everyone.

Who is this book for?

This book is for those who want to get the stress off blogging. 

I would like to emphasise here again that this eBook is for those who want to give up on making money online because they find blogging frustrating. For those who are frustrated and wondering if they can ever make money online. While you are trying to figure out that blogging thingy this book will help you ease out the stress by helping you make money with Pinterest because that was exactly what making money on Pinterest did for me.

I was starting to get tired of putting so much work on my blog and no money was coming yet. When I made that first affiliate income on Pinterest I got motivated over again. At that moment I knew making money online was possible and I could do it. I kept going and now I can’t complain. I only keep putting in that hard work that keeps paying. Both on my blog and on Pinterest.


Hence, while you wait to figure out blogging because trust me blogging is a lot. You can start making money with Pinterest and this book is for those who want that.

Making money on Pinterest is awesome because…

  • You don’t need to write an entire blog post of a thousand word plus to review a product you want to promote
  • It is less stressful compared to blogging. As a matter of fact, it is not stressful
  • You can make $100+ every month just by promoting affiliate links
  • You can sell almost any type of digital product on Pinterest
  • It becomes another passive income stream as you understand it better
  • It takes away the stress you get from blogging and gives you the motivation to keep trying
  • You learn basic marketing skills making money on Pinterest
  • It will open your eyes to seeing the endless possibilities of Pinterest. Like how you can even grow your email list directly on Pinterest.

Introducing…How to make money with Pinterest

Making money on Pinterest is fun and one of the things you will remain forever grateful you gave it a try. It doesn’t cost you a thing other than your usual routine of actively pinning on Pinterest.

This eBook will show you how to:

  • create a pin directly on Pinterest
  • write titles that convert
  • design pins that work
  • choose the best price and the method for it
  • make $100 and more monthly on Pinterest
  • turn Pinterest into another passive income stream


If ready, you know what to do. Offer for 50% off regular price last till ending of the month. Don’t miss it, work into 2022 ready to make Pinterest make you some money.


how to make money on Pinterest


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