Secrets to a Stylish but Cheap Wardrobe

secrets to a stylish yet cheap wardrobe

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Have you ever wondered if it is possible to look good and stylish? But with a cheap wardrobe filled with just cheap outfits and not expensive clothes. With all the fashion trends and new look everyday by fashion bloggers, it is hard to want to look simple. I mean we all love fashion and who would not want to keep up with it?

The truth is we do not need designers and expensive brands to look good. Having one or two in your closet will definitely feel good. But right now you cannot have it. Hence, you can make do with what you have and what you can afford.

If you want to look good all the time and still leave below or according to your means. There are lots of ways to get that done. Trust me I know and I would like to share some secrets to a stylish but cheap wardrobe.

Buy Jackets with Neutral colours for a stylish but cheap wardrobe

neutral color for your jackets and after wear

Jackets are a must-have in a wardrobe. Be it a trench coat, a leather jacket, or just a winter jacket a girl needs them. They add so much class to every outfit and they are just what you need to turn a dress down to a dress-up.

However, they are not that cheap. It must not be a brand or a designer, a good jacket comes with a good price tag. I will not ask you to start looking for cheap ones no. However, I will tell you the secret and it is in how they come.

If you notice they come in colors like brown, grey, black and nude. They come in other colors too but not as much as the ones I mentioned. Jackets are designed to turn any casual outfit to sophisticated.

Forget your love for loud colors when it comes to jackets. You can’t go about buying different colors for different outfits. Rather stick to a neutral color that will fit any outfit.

Having one or two is ok since it is not what you wear every day. One should be black and the other any neutral color you can see yourself in.

Why you should go for neutral colored

Neutral colors go with any color or almost all colors. Remember jackets are after wears. They do not have to be in your outfit plan before you wear them. When you need a quick visit to the grocery store and the weather it a bit cold you can just throw one on. You want to look your best all the time, you never know who you will bump into at the store.

Hence, play it save with neutral colors. Anything out of that is selective. You can’t just throw any blue on green or yellow except if it is denim which we will talk about soon. Or you will have to consider changing the entire outfit so it goes with the color of your jacket and I do not think you will like that. Remember you want to have a stylish wardrobe on a budget so you should consider this.

For a Stylish but cheap Wardrobe you must have Denim Jeans

denim you key to a stylish yet cheap wardrobe

Denim is a fashionable outfit you cannot go wrong with. Well, you might but that chance is little. It might not have started as the most fashionable wear if you go through its history but over time it transformed and became a style plus fashion statement.

I cannot say everybody loves denim as we are different and unique individuals. However, you must not love it to wear it. The goal is to have a stylish but cheap wardrobe and denim jeans can give you that. In case you are wondering what is the difference between denim and jeans you can learn it here.

Why you should have denim in your wardrobe

Denim jeans are a very old fashion style and they are not about to stop trending. They just keep coming in different designs transforming over the years and vintage jeans are trending even in the 21st century.

It is not an outfit you have to keep buying be it jackets or trousers. Except if you lost weight or you gained more. So you can check it out of your shopping list for outfits in two to three years. Although there are brands and designers, you can get a very good jeans from unknown brands. The price is affordable, they are fashionable and will last you long.

I will not tell you how many denim jackets and trousers to have. But my opinion is this, two jackets will do and three to seven pair of trousers will do.

You can wear it in many ways and the best part is this, it does not choose colour that much. Like I mentioned earlier when talking about jackets. You can put a denim jacket on almost any outfit and you will look good. when wearing a denim trouser with a simple top all you need to transform it from casual to stylish is a heel and you are good to go.

Also, you do not need too much accessories to look good in denims.

Have a lot of tops, blouses or casual dresses in your wardrobe

While you do not need many denim jeans or jackets, you will be needing a lot of tops and blouses. Together with some few midi or maxi gowns. When it comes to tops they stop trending pretty quickly. Today peplum tops are trending, tomorrow crop tops are trending, the following month cold shoulders are trending.

Why you need a lot of tops is not because of the new trends every day but some interesting reasons we will soon talk about. How will you keep up with the trend? It is simple, keep buying them. Good blouses are not extremely cheap. As I will always say except if you want to go for bigger brands you can find beautiful trending outfits for a price tag as low as $5. But come on quality is good. You can keep the budget $10 and above for a quality top.

secrets to a stylish yet cheap wardrobe

Why you should have lots of tops in your wardrobe

You can repeat on or two pairs of jeans for a whole week and no one will notice. But when you repeat a blouse just twice, the whole world around you will notice. It is not because everyone is always looking at you but the blouses we wear, get noticed more. See it like this, jeans are always blue(blue jeans). However, our tops and blouses are not all the same colors. Even if a particular color is your favorite, I do not think your entire wardrobe will be the same color. Hence, when you wear that pink dress twice or more it will get noticed.

secrets to a stylist but cheap wardrobe

Secondly, the aim is too look stylish even when your wardrobe does not have all the outfit you would like to have. Hence, having as many tops as you can will allow you look stylish every day but with a cheap wardrobe.

Choosing a top that fits your body type is much easy than picking skirts or gowns. So you might not struggle with finding the best.

Quality shoes: your only way to a stylish but cheap wardrobe

quality shoes are the secrets to a stylish yet cheap wardrobe

Listen! When it comes to footwear quality is cheap. It is more economical to have strong quality shoes. Than 20 low quality shoes. For me it is the only thing I don’t try to be cheap about and it saves me money.

The thing about quality shoes is this, they do not get old or bad fast even if you wear them everyday. They look new anytime you decide to wear them no matter how many times.

In 2017 I had some good income, when shopping I bought high-quality shoes. Which affected my budget. Fast forward to 2018 through 2019, things got tough. I was not buying new shoes because I had quality ones and they still look new today.

So… why do you need quality shoes?

The answer is simple, you need quality shoes because they last longer and you do not have to keep buying new shoes because the low quality ones keep getting bad.

It is not wrong to have many cheap shoes if you can afford buying new ones every now and then. However, we are trying to be frugal right? To save some money, leave below/according to our means. Then you should consider what will last longer.


Looking stylish when you do not have enough money to spend on all the trending fashion is possible. While you are trying to grow your income and be financially stable. Use these helpful tips to stay fashionable.

Neutral colors will always be the best for your jackets and after wears. There is a reason they come mostly in those colors, make it work for you.

Denim jeans will never stop trending, do not doubt the need to have a good number in your wardrobe. Thank me later.

If you buy lots of tops and you decide to be simple yet trendy, having many tops can do that for you. Imagine going two weeks wearing different looks work all thanks to having a good number of blouses and dresses in your stylish but cheap wardrobe.

When it comes to everything in life quality is best and that includes your footwears. Here are my fashion tips on looking good without all the glamorous things in your wardrobe. Why don’t you drop your own tips to a stylish yet cheap wardrobe?

secrets to a stylish yet cheap wardrobe
frugal living tips for fashion
manage your money even when it comes to having a wardrobe change. Frugal living is effective in every area of our financial life until we gain that financial freedom. Hence, save money even when trying to look good.

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