How to spend less money on clothes

Spend less money on clothes and still look good

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Looking good is good business there is no doubt about that. However, it doesn’t have to be a business that costs you too much. You can spend less money on clothes and still look stunning. like all you ever had in your closets were designers.

The thing is you need to know how to make it work for you and this post will show you those tiny secrets. You might be doing some of them or it could be all new to you. But in the end, you will know how to be frugal even in fashion.

In the end, you will see that looking good doesn’t have to break your bank and with less money, you can look like a fashionista yourself.

1. have a mix

Having a mix simply means mixing up your closet with cheap and expensive things at the same time. Whether we like to admit it or not quality lasts long and quality is not cheap.

However to spend less money and still look good you need to know what should be expensive in your closet. The number on my list is a quality shoe. The only way to have a shoe that will last long so you don’t keep buying footwear every now and then then you need to have 2 and more quality shoes.

You don’t have to have many jackets as to blouses and gowns. Hence it’s important to invest a little more into jackets. They are seasonal outfits which with good maintenance they should last you a while.

Expensive bags or purses are optional, you don’t even need too many of them. Every other thing that makes up your closet can be cheap and you will still look good. Just know where you get good deals and we will soon talk about important factors too.

2. Take care of what you have

Spending less money on clothes includes you taking care of what you already have. If you want your present closet to last you a little longer then you need to take care of it. I’ve personally lost good clothes too quickly because I didn’t know how to take care of them.

It’s okay to be a neat freak but not every outfit wants to be washed all the time. so maybe you watch out before you buy.

3. Your closet your lifestyle

This is very important and you might want to watch out or you will end up having clothes in your closet you will never use. Don’t go shopping life on a beach outfit when you don’t own a beach house and probably live in the city.

Or you spend so much money buying an expensive dinner party dress when you are most likely going to use it once and never again. I’ve been in that situation before and it doesn’t feel good.

Feel your closet with the outfits that fit your lifestyle. You hardly go to dinner parties don’t spend too much on a dress. even if you plan on having a beach house in the future. Well, why don’t you wait until you get it then change your wardrobe?

4. All trends are not for you

I’ve never owned a jumpsuit and I’m not sure if I’ll ever own any. In as much as it’s a classy and a girl must-have trend. I just can’t find the type that fits my body.

To spend less money on clothes and still look good with trends, you need to know not all trends are for you. you might end up wasting $50 that could have gone into something better.

5. Have your colour

When you know what color fits your skin and your personality and saves you the stress of buying a beautiful outfit you may later see it doesn’t fit you that much.

You can be terrible with colors and not know what fits you best as for opinions and don’t go shopping alone. or a better option is finding out what colors fit your skin tone and hair color.

6. shop out of season

shopping winter jackets when it’s winter is just you spending more money not less. The truth is things for a season gets expensive as that season. it’s simple psychology. they know you will buy it at whatever price because it is a most have.

if you really want to spend less money and still look good in all the popular seasons. shop before they show up. That’s the only way you can save money.

7. Go thrift shopping

As a broke girl trying to fix her life thrift shopping has always been a way to mix things up for me closet wise. And it has served me well.

I know this might not be a welcomed idea as the though of using used clothes might not sound appealing. But you need to know not all thrift items where used. some are just really old stock that found themselves in a thrift shop. You can’t tell the good and new outfits you can find there.

to spend less money and still look amazing you should consider thrift shopping. you won’t regret.

8. Rent or borrow

Instead of spending so much on that beautiful dinner dress which you are going to use just once. how about you consider renting. What about the expensive accessories you want to go along side the dress and that designer purse. Just rent it.

This are frugal tips and you would agree with me that this tip makes a lot of sense if you are frugal as well. If your lifestyle doesn’t include dinner parties here and there or beach and sea side living don’t be stupid to have a wardrobe consisting a lot of those outfits.

Rent for the lifestyle that is not yours and buy for the lifestyle that is yours.

9. Leave items in your cart

Leaving items in cart is just you hording an item and probably waiting for when it will be on sales. and you know good sales comes with good deals.

So a perfecting way of spending less money is probably waiting for when that $100 heels will be sold at $50 or less only if it’s an old stock.

10. Wear good hair

Just like how holding a good purse or bag can transform you looks. So does always trying your best to have your hair look good and fit the occasion.

your face is what will be interacted with make sure it’s a pretty face. With a nice hair and make-up to compliment it. Just a god hair alone is enough to boost your confidence and make you want to go anywhere even when not invited.

These is how I try my best to spend less money on my wardrobe and still come out looking fab. That’s whenever I can leave my computer. I would like to know which is your favorite and what frugal way have you saved on fashion and still looked trendy.

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