How To Stay Positive In Difficult Times

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When nothing seems to be going well and you feel like your life is about to crumble. Is it possible to stay positive in difficult times?

You have tried your best and you wake up hoping for the best every day but you just cannot see the light at the end of the tunnel. No one knows how you feel or understand your struggle and you feel all alone.

The truth is it is ok, to be honest about your emotions. Do not fake your happiness so that when true happiness comes you get to enjoy it to the fullest.

However, do not let the storm around you consume you. Nothing is permanent in life and better days are yet to come, You just have to remain focused no matter what because it is possible to stay positive in difficult times.

Here are some easy ways to achieve that…

How to stay positive in difficult times

Daily Affirmation Helps you stay Positive

Affirmations are words of encouragement or motivation. On a normal day, I would have told you to say all the nice affirmative words to yourself but sometimes it is difficult to be positive when life seems to be unfair.

Hence, find things that could help you out because you need a daily dose of positivity. Find pages on social media that give quotes that can cheer up a person. I believe our phones are something we have all the time. Instead of spending time going through all the toxic stuff. We can use it for the best.

However, you can find the courage to affirm yourself. Start with gratitude. Be thankful for all the things you have such as health and life. Life is a priceless gift so be grateful for it. Be hopeful that with life all your struggles shall pass and better days awaits you.

Morning Rituals will help you stay positive in difficult times

Morning rituals are activities that set you up to a good start every morning. When you have healthy morning rituals you become more productive and the best is you stay positive.

Your morning rituals could be anything that can clear your mind and keep you refreshed. You could do them for 30 minutes to 1 hour.

Examples of good and simple morning rituals are meditation, exercise, yoga, reading, and listening to soft music. Let the books you read be motivational also the music you listen to. Things that will lift your spirit high and help you stay positive.

For meditation and for rituals that work and will help you stay positive. Use LSW mind cards. These mind cards come with a lot of daily activities that are healthy for your mind. Above all, they help you stay positive in difficult times and they are cheap.

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Self-care Routine

Self-care is not selfish because your mental health is important. Hence, having a self-care routine is a necessity.

Do whatever you can to pamper yourself. And the first thing I will recommend for self-care is sleep. Get a good amount of sleep. Just because life is hard does not mean you should stay up all night thinking. Truly that will not help out.

Drink a lot of water because water helps with stress. If you are hydrated you will feel good.

Talking a walk every day or exercising is a good self-care routine. While walking you can think stretch and be able to sleep well at night.

Maybe your finances are the difficulty in your life now and you cannot afford a lot of luxury. However, it is important, hence save up and have a spa trip. It might not be for all the services but a massage will be good. Just something to calm you dow.

If your environment is what is stressing you plan a cheap weekend getaway to somewhere new and different. Where you smile at new faces and feel free for a while.

Self-care involves a lot of things just do the ones you can to help you stay positive.

Eating Right and Staying Healthy

When your mind is not sound your body need to sound. Do not make it worst by treating your body like it does not matter

Eat right, find food that is healthy, and will boost your energy level and even productivity. Here are 20+ cheap food that can give you healthy meals and a proper diet.

Staying healthy does not have to cost you much as you are not in the best financial position. However, there are cheap ways to stay healthy every day.

Being aware all will pass

Nothing last forever, most especially bad times. As long as you are working towards a better tomorrow all will be well soon. Be hopeful because hope is the only thing that can make you smile when nothings is going well.

Instead of constantly focusing on the storms around you. Why do you not focus on the tiny light at the end of the tunnel?

Your finances will not remain the same. Just make sure you are saving, budgeting, and managing it well. You will soon come out of the situation.

Even if it is a toxic relationship that just ended and you feel you never might find the right person for you. That is not true. It will pass and love will find you again.

Whatever negativity life throws at you be positive and remember it will pass. If you let all the negativity swallow you, you will not come out if. Hence, you miss the chance to be happy when true happiness comes.


Staying positive in difficult times is possible. Everything might look like there is no end and the world is closing in. But if you try your best and do the right things. You will find yourself able to put a smile on even when your situation does not permit you.

Affirm yourself daily, do not wait for it to come from someone. Use gratitude to reflect back and see some of the things that are still good. Have a ritual that fills you with only positive thoughts. Life is too short to waste it on all the things that do not bring happiness.

Even if your finances are down. Find a way to take care of yourself. You can eat healthily even with little money. A good exercise like walking and running comes with no cost.

Always remember all this will not last forever. Focus on that tiny light showing at the end of the tunnel. Happiness is good for your health, hence take it seriously. Hope for a better day is the one thing that can help you stay positive in difficult times.

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