Secret blogging tips: for new bloggers

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Some of the best blog post I enjoyed reading where the ones that made blogging look like a piece of cake. I decided to do same for you with this simple secret blogging tips I learnt as a blogger. Blogging can be a little tasking, time taking or even impossible to achieve some goals. However I know this post will relax your mind and open your eyes to better understanding.

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A run down of  the most important blogging tips 

Make the best use of Pinterest

If you can thrive on Pinterst you can thrive anywhere. The reason is this, Blogging on Pinterest is a competition. In an hour on your homepage you can come across over 100 pins of different bloggers writing about the same thing. You can only observe this if you are an active pinner. Therefore if your blog is getting visitors through Pinterest then you are doing a good job.

Leverage Instagram

Instagram is one of the fastest place to grow your followers. I did an experiment with twitter and Instagram. I actively tweeted, followed more people, used hashtags and @s for a whole week. Ended with only two new followers. I did the same with Instagram, within two day I was up with 15 followers and in a week my followers doubled. This is how Instagram works, follow the type of people you want following you. Hashtag what your interest is and learn to follow back. For a start your following will be higher than your followers but with time there will be a balance. Maybe I’m tweeting wrongly but Instagram is fast.

Build your email list by giving freebies

However little the numbers are, they are your best chance in making sales because they trust your recommendation.

Let search engines know you exist

List your blog on search engines like google, yahoo and bing. Make your presence know on the world wide web. Have you done that? if no head over to search console and get known.

Create business accounts for your blog

Have a business account on every social media you find yourself if those social media makes it possible. This is because business accounts give you analytics. Every blogger needs analytics. Its your eyes out there, telling you how you are doing and when you need to put in more effort. secret tips for new bloggers

Market more of software

When it comes to making money as an affiliate marketer, selling software brings in more cash. Some companies gives 50% to 70% commission on just one product. Now you know why some bloggers boast about making so much with little traffic. First they have an email list no matter how small the number and second they sold software.

Engage your followers

Keep your followers engaged as often as you can. That way they know you are with them. I hope you have a page on facebook if you don’t create one now. This blogging tips only work when you try them out, so take action.

Select your plugins wisely

I don’t know why I can’t get myself to stop talking about plugins. That’s because they come in handy for every “technical” thing I want to get done. At this moment I recommend you read this post WordPress plugins: top 7 for new bloggers

Don’t forget SEO

Yeah yeah! pinterest is good for blog traffic growth but have you tried SEO. Getting ranked on search engines like google. Meaning when users search for topics related to what you have written about, that 10000 results found in 0.8 seconds one is yours. Isn’t that sweet? words can’t describe. Work on your SEO and nothing can stop you. Hurry sign up for google analytics

Instagram again

More on instagram, it is also my top traffic source after pinterest. Therefore take IG serious

Lastly on this blogging tips

I tried to simplify this blogging tips the best way I could. It’s OK to have questions just don’t keep them to yourself because I will be so excited to answer them. Drop a comment. However if you want more directly to your inbox sign up for a weekly blogging tips on things I discover.

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Are you a new blogger? Here are some secret blogging tips just for you